Fairytale Re-tellings Reverse Harem

Reverse Harems – Rapunzel Style

Friends!!! I have missed you!!!

My poor, poor computer had to visit Apple for repair. Unfortunately, I may or may not have spilled a jar of cherries on it. Thank goodness for apple care!!

I have it back; it just got delivered via the most affable lady from FedEx. She even gave my puppers doggie biscuits. So nice!

Now that I have my laptop back, I feel a bit like Gollum…my preciousssss

At any rate, I was bemoaning that I couldn’t post the best-sellers list on Sunday; it was so sad. I use that list personally to find new books to read, which hurt me just as much as it did you.

Never fear! Today is a 2-for-1 special. I want to refrain from inundating you all with emails so I’m not pushing out the best-seller post. Instead, you can view it here.

The requested themed post of the day is fractured fairy tales – specifically Rapunzel.

I ended up reading a few of these; some are short. Unfortunately, these titles aren’t all on KU, but if you check your local library, they may have some of these titles.

Be well, and happy reading!

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