Requested Themes

The Naughty Book Box is dedicated to publishing requested theme posts.

There are multiple requests a week for various post topics.  In order to maintain a semblance of order, the current request list is presented. 

I’ve included a link to posts similar to the request where possible.

A side note: I do have Kindle Unlimited; I’ve found that the majority of  books I read are available through that program. If you do not have KU, I recommend checking your library, I have found quite a few books on overdrive/hoopla.

  1. Slow build/slow burn
  2. Motorcycle Club 
  3. Dark/Horror/Crime 
    • Hunting down the FMC 
    • Dark Psychological RH with sweet MCs (no bully/insta-love) 
    • Psycho MMC 
    • Crime – FBI/CIA/Serial Killer/Criminals 
  4. Science Fiction 
    • Aliens in the harem 
    • MMC is a ghost  

Grouped Requests 

  1. Goddess-Like FMC 
    • FMC has healing powers and is good at them (no mm or ff) 
    • FMC comes back to life (like a phoenix) 
    • Goddess-like MC, self-sacrificing for loved ones 
    • FMC focused on task while harem is focused on her (no m/m or f/f) 
    • Already fully developed FMC (already at peek) while harem is more reliant/less knowledgeable (no m/m or f/f)Badass & Independent FMC (+5) -Include standalones & contemporary) 
  2. Villains 
    1. FMC is villain – MMC are not 
    2. Villian in harem -> no m/m [+1]

All About FMC 

  1. Dominant FMC (no m/m or f/f) 
  2. workaholic – MMCs help her find balance (no mm or ff) 
  3. Undercover girl 

 All About the Harem 

  1. Don’t Poke the Bear – quiet giant until he needs to protect MC. 
  2. Where the harem or harem member grovels->FMC leaves/runs away at some point (after meeting the MMCs) because she’s upset, and the MMCs work to regain her trust/love. (No m/m and no f/f) [+2] 
    • Jealousy in harem -> no m/m 
  3. MMCs act such and such because they are what they are (vampires->blood, succubus->sex etc.) 
    • Harem group pre-formed knows they’ll share a mate 
  4. Virgin MMC – Eyes only for FMC 
    • Male Chastity 
  5. Harem on the run from abusive parents/foster care 
    • Harem & FMC are together on the run from abuse/foster care/law etc.
  6. Harem trying to get FMC pregnant for whatever reason


  1. FMC magics harem into existence via writing 
    • Dreams to reality – Harem meets FMC in her dreams. Bonus if FMC has dream based magic. (No MM/FF) 
  2. Exploring Kinks (like being degraded, spanking, dom/sub – no mm or ff) 
  3. Language barrier between harem & FMC -> bonus if this is a prolonged time period (no mm or ff) 
  4. FMC or Harem loses money – regain later (no MM/FF) 
  5. Regency [+1] 
  6. Time Travel {+1}
  7. Spins-off Series 
  8. The Bachelor style or contest for lover
  9. Babies
  10. FMC going through a hardship
  11. Standalones

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