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What's in a...Theme?

I love getting post requests.  It expands my own reading, and I enjoy digging through reviews and reading samples to find books I think are well written and fit the request. 

There is a bit of a backlog at the moment, so check back here to see what has been requested.  I’ll also provide links to similar post types so you aren’t left hanging too long. 

Current Theme Stats

27 % Comedy

22% Contemporary

24% Fantasy

19% Dark

Requested Themes

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Completed Series

  • Hunting down the FMC 
  • Dark Psychological RH with sweet MCs (no bully/insta-love) 
  • Psycho MMC 
  • Crime – FBI/CIA/Serial Killer/Criminals 

Current Dark Themed Posts

  • Aliens in the harem 
  • MMC is a ghost

Current Posts


All About the Harem

Harem group pre-formed knows they’ll share a mate 

MMCs act such and such because they are what they are (vampires->blood, succubus->sex etc.) 

  • Eyes only for FMC 
  • Male Chastity 
  • Harem on the run from abusive parents/foster care 
  • Harem & FMC are together on the run from abuse/foster care/law etc.

Harem trying to get FMC pregnant for whatever reason

Large harems (more than 5)


  1. FMC magics harem into existence via writing 
    • Dreams to reality – Harem meets FMC in her dreams. Bonus if FMC has dream based magic. (No MM/FF) 
  2. Exploring Kinks (like being degraded, spanking, dom/sub – no mm or ff) 
  3. Language barrier between harem & FMC -> bonus if this is a prolonged time period (no mm or ff) 
  4. FMC or Harem loses money – regain later (no MM/FF) 
  5. Time Travel {+1}
  6. Spins-off Series 
  7. The Bachelor style or contest for lover
  8. Babies
  9. FMC going through a hardship
  10. Standalones
  11. Bully/ Revenge – Any book like Charming Devils by Katie May
  12. Reluctant fated mates
  13. abused/traumatised FMC where the boys help her overcome her trauma
  14. Omegaverse ->Dark  or Horror or Bully (compound where they take away female and male omegas. I need stories about these omegas do they get rescued are they fully damaged can they love and find mates. I like the idea of a special team who goes into these compounds and breaks out the omegas, they meet one omega who is different from the rest (some kind of Lycian hybrid)

Standard Story Archetype

  1. Rags to riches
  2. Enemies to Lovers -> With f/f (mystery/suspense, fantasy, dark)


  1. Omegaverse
  2. Spy/Assassin training like tv show Nikita/Alias
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