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This blog is entirely devoted to Reverse Harem novels. With a sprinkling of poly-focused novels and books with MM and FF, we focus on the MC and those who love them.

Who is Paige?

I love to learn. Over the last couple of years, I learned how to quilt, watched bob-ross videos, found a love of painting with my kiddo, and took up a ton of artsy hobbies. I’m addicted to lists and schedules, and I have post-it notes everywhere. I love to read, and Reverse Harems are my favorite genres.

My Hubs is apparently more knowledgeable regarding sexual terms and positions than I am. So I’ve started asking him questions about reader requests or phrases, which have led to many interesting conversations!

Affiliate Status

I am an Amazon Associate. As such, each time you access Amazon through an affiliate link on my blog, I may earn a commission (if it qualifies).

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