Villa of Villains – Reverse Harem Storybook Re-tellings

Once upon a time, there were Heroes and Villains. The Heroes of our childhood stories “conquered evil” and lived happily ever after. The Villains suffered ill fates, were forgotten, and/or received a not so happily ever after. Well, in the Disney versions they did. Except for this time the Villains get the happily ever afters they deserve, and they don’t have to choose. I like to root for the bad guys anyway. Here’s your Villainous forecast for November:

6 – Contemporary Reverse Harem Standalones

6 – Different Authors (If you are unfamiliar with these particular ones, you’re going to flove them.)

6 – Well deserved Happily Ever Afters for our Villains.


666, + Villains…coincidence?? 😂



In order of their release date. Hakuna your tata’s and root for these bad girls. ❤ Can you tell which character is which, and from what story?

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Ferocity (A Villainously Romantic Retelling Book 1) by TL Reeve
Amazon Description

The bravest never go looking for trouble Hearts and Paws Sanctuary has been in Scarlett Leon’s family for generations. When her grandfather wasn't running the day to day activities, her father had been. Then, ten years ago, in a tragic accident, her family perished leaving Maisie and Scarlett to run the day to day operations and care for their residents. Together they have saved countless injured and malnourished animals and domesticated big cats. However, two months ago, her sister set out to destroy their haven. Well, not on Scarlett’s watch. With the help of Edward (Ed for short), Dave, and Kenny, she’ll do whatever it takes to keep their animals safe. Scarlett might have been the ugly, anti-social daughter no one talked about, but she won’t let her legacy go waste. Her ancestors built Hearts and Paws Sanctuary for a reason, and she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure her sister doesn’t turn it into a wasteland. Maisie might be the King of the Leon family, but come hell or high water, Scarlett will be the Queen of their legacy.
Cruelty: A Reverse Harem Contemporary Standalone by K.B. Everly
Amazon Description

The devil is in the details.At least, that’s what I, alternative clothing store owner and animal activist, Ella Devlin, have always believed.What should’ve been a simple B&E into the corrupt kill shelter to release all the animals, turns out to be not as simple as I imagined. Everything becomes a bit spotty.Not only do I now have a pregnant Dalmatian refusing to leave my side, but I’m also facing the wrath of the shelters owners, Nita and Robert Darling, who will stop at nothing to retrieve every last animal released.I can’t let that happen. I may have grown up with the label of the heartless bitch, since I’ve never had the best of attitudes and tended to avoid people like the plague. But no one has ever gotten to see the real me hiding beneath.With the help of my hot—yet womanizing—partner in crime, Theo, and my sinfully, sexy exs, Luca and Rollins, who run the animal sanctuary that’s aiding me, maybe I can succeed in stopping them. And in the process, show the world that just because the word Cruel is on my clothes, doesn’t mean it’s on my heart.*This is a Villainously Romantic WhyChoose Retelling with tons of laughs, lots of lust, and quite a few spots*
Identity by Brandy Slaven
Amazon Description

the tough choices are what makes life Years ago, I was the scape goat for a very powerful man and his six sons. I managed to escape and build a quiet life for myself. When the opportunity arose to help others in similar situations, I took it. Now, I’m known in the streets for my talented hand in forgery among other things. Almost anybody a person wishes to become, I can make it happen, well, with the help of my two best friends. Arsuilla. Survivor. Savior. I answer to them all. Oh, and voice stealer. I swear, throat punch a guy one time and it’ll stick with you for a lifetime. Life is looking up until the six sons find me. At first I fear they’ve been sent by their father to drag me kicking and screaming back to him. But I soon come to realize, I’ve got more to fear from Anderson, Alejandro, Abraham, Atlas, Alek, and Aric. Like losing my heart to the six brothers. This is a Villainously Romantic WhyChoose Retelling with some chuckles, several fearless stunts, and enough determination to rival the sea.
Toxicity: A Reverse Harem Contemporary Stand-alone by Katie May
Amazon Description

For the first few years of my life, I have been nothing but a Dragon's Girl - someone paid for hire. Until I'm propositioned an offer I can't refuse. Now married, I finally believe I'll get a fairytale happily-ever-after. Jokes on me, right? When my abusive husband turns up dead and my step-daughter finds herself in the hospital, I become the prime suspect in a murder case. The thing is...I didn't murder my husband. Nor did I harm my bratty step-daughter (who happens to be the same age as me). And I think the real murderer is going to come after me next. With the help of my sexy-as-sin law professor, my kind neighbor, the quiet and dangerous Phillip, and an energetic police detective, I might just uncover the truth of my husband's murder. If I don't get killed first. Toxicity is a reverse harem contemporary stand-alone novel, meaning the FMC won't have to choose between her love interests. It contains strong language, sexual themes, and violence. Reader's discretion is advised. *Warning: This book contains scenes some readers might find triggering. Please read the Foreword for more details*
Vanity by Mary Martel
Amazon Description

The beautiful does well to hide the beast. Nova Crimson was absolutely beautiful, and she knew it. Not only was she beautiful but she was smart, filthy rich, had a fabulous wardrobe, a great house, on paper she seemed to have it all going for her. Well, what’s the problem with all of this, you want to know? The interior didn’t match the exterior, or so the saying goes. Nova Crimson was a cold, ruthless bitch who got what she wanted when she wanted it and wasn’t afraid of the casualties who might get trampled in her wake. There’d only ever been one person in her life who she’d allowed to see past the beautifully cold mask she hid behind, and that had been a boy named Olliver who’d been everything Nova had not. They’d become friends, of a sort, after Nova stood up to protect him. Unfortunately, the very next day, Olliver and his useless drunk of a father disappeared without a trace. And Nova had been forced to go about her life as if a piece of her hadn’t gone missing right along with Olliver. The very best piece of her, the piece that held any time of compassion or love she might have ever had. Now, all grown up and on her own in the world, Nova still can’t let the ghost of that boy go. The hunter in her wants to track him down and find him herself. But hunting men had only ever ended in one way with Nova and that was with their death. Something she made a great deal of money off of and was very, very good at. One thing Nova had learned in life was that if you couldn’t do it yourself you needed the best of the best to get the job done for you. That’s when River, Vega, and Talin walked into her life. That’s also when things took a drastic turn in Nova Crimson’s life because in order to embrace love one had to take off the beautiful mask that hid the beast and embrace the ugly on the inside.

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