RH Villain Re-tellings Where They Get Their Happily Ever After

You’re going to want to keep your eyes peeled for these 6 Contemporary Villain reverse harem Retelling(s). The best part…they might add more!!! Look at this sexiness. Seriously, I can’t wait! Sometimes the anti-hero has a better story than the hero.

When: “Coming This Fall 2019”

Authors participating: K.B. Everly, Brandy Slaven, Katie May, Lacey Carter Anderson, TL Reeve, & Mary Martel.

The Villains: Cruel Ella, Arsuilla, Malle Facent, Jade Fahr, Scarlet Leon, Saston.


The devil is in the details…


The tough choices are what makes life…


The wicked never truly sleep…


The truth isn’t always what it seems…


The bravest never go looking for trouble…


The beautiful does well to hide the beast…


Stay tuned for release dates, synopsis, and links to these beauties. As soon as I have them, you’ll have them! As always, Happy Reading! -Quare Eligere

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