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I randomly selected the theme today since nothing is really calling my name. So the theme of the day is… Academy! There were two requests, one was for Academy books in general, and one was for Academy books with a large harem. So I’ve included harems of all sizes.

The below books are a mixed bag; some I’ve liked, and others aren’t my cup of tea. However, appear well-written and has good reviews. I hope you can find something new to you to read!

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

Amazon Description

I’m ecstatic to go to university this fall for my magical education, but everything changes when my parents decide it’s best if Bennett and I attend separate colleges. Not only that, but Mekhi, the witch my family took in, won’t be attending with me, either. I’ve had a crush on him since the moment I laid eyes on him.
My bullies come in the form of witches and fae at my new school, where I’m supposed to be taken seriously as a princess. But it’s hard to focus on that when the hottest guy here is not only my biggest bully, but he’s also my roommate. Did I mention we have co-ed rooms?

As a first-year student at Bedlam Academy, I can’t fight back with magic yet. I’ll have to find a way to fit in and survive among my fellow students—all while navigating my enemies, my attraction to my roommate, and the secrets my family is keeping from me.

Bedlam Academy follows the story of Lana’s daughter and is set in the fae realm of Bedlam. If you enjoyed reading the Bedlam Moon Trilogy, then you’ll love this spinoff!

Amazon Description

What do you get when you add one witch and five demons? An unexpected pregnancy.
Three weeks before I came to Blackwood Academy, I made a mistake. Some would say I made five. But what happens on the other side of the portal, stays on the other side of the portal.

Until my five mistakes show up on the first day of class. Everybody at Blackwood already hates witches, but no one quite like them. Vale is a bully, intent on taking my power little by little. Nicodemus is a charming, handsome Devil that doesn’t know how to channel his dark energy for good. Ares and Slade, well, they’re twins—the sweet one and the sadistic one. And to top it all off, Zephyrus Storm is my professor.

I didn’t just make five mistakes across the portal, I crossbred two worlds that were never meant to intertwine. When the Blackwood Five find out I’m pregnant, everything changes. And when the students find out, all hell breaks loose.

This baby will change the world; if it doesn’t kill me first.

Thoughts from Paige

This appears to have five MMCs, so technically I think this qualifies as a large harem.  I felt very uncomfortable with the scenes from the past, but I did like the small enough to download the book.  I am currently reading it.

Amazon Description

In a small and prosperous town called Coventry, lies a secret society so dark you can taste it in the air like the rotted sweetness of decay, after finding out her father is part of a dangerous society, Valeria Calavera, finds herself forced to move to Coventry to live with her estranged father in order to fulfill her mother’s debt.

Family secrets are revealed and her once happy – though broken – home becomes corroded in Val’s eyes, but she’s determined to push through the pain.

With her best friend, Noah, at her side, Val fights to survive the trial of the next three months… just long enough for her eighteenth birthday to arrive.

She and Noah enroll for college at Coventry’s private university where political bigwigs have earned their names, but the heaviness of the dark academia is difficult to ignore.

It’s made even more difficult when her new stepbrother, Rey, the embodiment of her father’s betrayal, insists on interfering with her life. With his glinting eyes and brooding personality, Val finds it difficult to shake both her attraction and her hatred for him.

Friends become enemies and rivals become allies, all in the name of the Calavera Society.

It’s survival of the fittest in this charming town, it’s a good thing Val has never been a nice girl.

**This book is intended for mature readers. Please read the trigger warning.**

Thoughts from Paige

I did not read the sample for this.  I’m not a dark romance reader, although I have read some thanks to all the reader requests! But typically, I steer clear of em. There is a review on Amazon urging you to read the trigger warning before reading the book, so I highly recommend taking their advice.  That said, it sounds like this is a harem of three men, and it is highly rated on Amazon.

Amazon Description

As chaos swirls, she must find her allies…
Prescilla just wanted a normal University life and a chance to meet the guys next door. But when dark, unnatural events occur, she’s going to need help to survive…

The first of a five book series, Death & Chaos introduces Prescilla, her men, and her instructors, not all of whom are what they appear to be…

The series is a slow-burn paranormal reverse harem romance intended for readers over 18. If you like swirling mysteries in an academy setting, you’ll enjoy Death & Chaos.

Amazon Description

Just because I’m new to the dark doesn’t mean I can’t embrace it…
I used to have a decent life. A normal life. Then my mother decided to marry into the Irish mafia and everything changed.

Suddenly, normal was in my rearview and I was stuck in the uppity hell known as Brooke Hollow Academy. The only upside I found was the brutally hot guy I met on day one.

Dylan Blackthorne.

He was sexy, demanding, and dominant. He made me feel things I’d never felt before.

Then I found out he’s my future stepbrother.

Now, Dylan and his equally cocky, brutal friends, Colton, Maverick and Phoenix, think of me as theirs. Their enemy, that is. Bullying and tormenting me is apparently their top priority.

But they’ve underestimated me. They have no idea how strong I am. I’ll survive this academy. I’ll survive my mother marrying an infamous mobster.

And I’ll survive them.

Because they might’ve started this little game of cat and mouse with me, but I intend to finish it. Even if I have to fight dirty to do it…

Dylan, book 1 in the Boys of Brooke Hollow Academy series, is a dark, forced proximity, why choose romance. Happily ever after guaranteed (eventually). Download today and get ready to fall for the bully book boyfriends of your wildest, kinky, smutty fantasies

Amazon Description

Growing up in a sheltered religious environment, Sade finds herself in a place she never expected to be. She’s in college with a world full of new people and new opportunities. A secret admirer wants to keep her for himself but when three new guys catch her eye what choice will she make? Will she stay with the safe world she grew up in or will she go for the unfamiliar, but exciting world?This is a dark reverse harem, why choose, romance with a pre-existing MM relationship. There are themes such as stalking and religious trauma in this book. Read carefully.

Thoughts from Paige

This is listed as a dark, but from the synopsis and what reviewers are indicating, I’m not sure that it will be too dark for me.  I didn’t read the sample, but I have added this to my TBR pile to give it a shot.  I’m interested in reading about escaping a cult.  There is MM in this, and it sounds like the harem is comprised of 3 men.

Amazon Description

★ A new Enemies story in the Amazon Top 5 Bestselling Series ★
*This book can be read on its own. It’s the 4th Book in the cruel shifterverse and Aran’s story. It is recommended, but not required, to read the first three books.

Fight like a man…or a girl disguised as one.

I’m a princess disguised as a boy at a supernatural academy. But this isn’t any normal school, we’re training to be assassins.

All I have to do is survive.

I didn’t count on the 7 foot tall warriors who call themselves Kings. Covered in strange tattoos, gorgeous, and powerful, they’re like no men I’ve ever seen.

They think I’m a pretty boy.
They think I’m pampered.
They don’t think I’m strong enough.

I’m about to prove them wrong.

The Kings are going to devastated when they discover just who they’ve been toying with…but that’s their problem. Not mine. My life might be going up in flames, but I’m bringing everyone down with me.

Amazon Description

Humans are not at the top of the food chain anymore.
After the Revelation, priest academies and stations were put into place to help us defend ourselves from the vampires that rose. But their numbers grew, changing any human insight to complete their reign.

Pushed towards the city’s outskirts, the Ashbourne citizens have lost all hope. Crime and violence wreak havoc, and that’s where the vampires like to feed. With Ashbourne’s people forced to protect themselves from the vampires, they stopped trying to become the people that won’t save them. The Forsaken Oracles.

Until me.

Behind the closed doors of the academy, there’s evil lurking. Will it be too late to uncover the evils, or will I be the catalyst of its fall?

Thoughts from Paige

I read the sample, but haven’t downloaded the full book.  This appears to be a series with a large harem, and it is currently rated 4.5 starts on Amazon, so reviewers are liking it.

Amazon Description

I’m a vampire-witch hybrid with a fondness for necromancy.Excuse me if I’m a little dead inside.

I tried to attend a human school, but they didn’t appreciate my behavior. Personally, I found biology class more interesting when the dissected animals fought back. The school didn’t.

My parents searched for somewhere new to send their deviant daughter, and doors open when your father is Dorian Blackwood. Then they close firmly behind once he dumps you inside an exclusive supernatural academy, along with instructions to become ‘a touch more amiable’.

Says the guy who spent his teen years tearing throats out. Luckily, I’ve inherited my father’s sociopathic tendencies and my mother’s magical skills, a lethal yet useful combination when navigating academy life.

Thornwood Academy. Home to the elite who strive to excel—and now me, who strives to leave. Since the supernaturals revealed themselves to the world, the unluckiest human kids join the vampires, witches, and shifters at Thornwood. Hopefully, the humans aren’t dissected in this biology class.

I don’t care that nobody trusts me, but when the headmaster’s son is found unalived, fingers point at Dorian’s darkling daughter. Ridiculous. The human guy once attempted to bully me—I would’ve reanimated the asshole and demanded he perform tricks. Such a wasted opportunity.

If I want help clearing my name, I need to become ‘a touch more amiable’ to the three guys who seem oddly fascinated by me. Somebody doesn’t want the accords between humans and supes to last, and I’m not taking the blame just because I’m a Blackwood.

Looking for an academy series where the girl has Wednesday vibes? Meet Violet Blackwood: half-vampire, half-witch, smart, sarcastic and slightly unhinged.

Never Say Die is the first in a new supernatural academy series from LJ Swallow,author of the Nightworld Academy books.
The Thornwood Academy series features a girl who isn’t afraid to use her dark side, a magic school where humans mix with vampires, witches, and shifters, and the three guys who she’d like to keep alive.

Thornwood Academy is a slow-burn romance… almost as glacial as our slightly psychotic heroine.

Scroll up and preorder today!

Thoughts from Paige

I am reading this at the moment and liking it so far.

Amazon Description

After a horrific accident stole my life, I found myself adrift.
Until one night a crazed man, if you can even call him a man, attacked me.

Who’d have thought that random event would set my new life in motion?

Because it seems I am not fully human myself. I have powers that will either grant me an amazing future—or destroy me and everyone I have grown to care about.

So I land on the doorstep of the Shades Academy, and it feels like home—a place where I belong.

The only problem is, to stay, I need to discover the power hidden within me. Not an easy thing when I’m surrounded by gorgeous men and cagey beasts. But which is which? And what will happen if I fail to embrace my talent?

The Warrior Hearts Academy Seriesmasters a blend of romance, adventure, and mystery into a fantastical read. It is a fated-mates, reverse-harem love story.
Be warned:
1. Don’t expect all sunshine and roses.
2. Book one ends on a captivating cliffhanger, but the next books aren’t far behind.
3. Suitable for mature readers only.

The trilogy will be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

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