Reverse Harem Academy Books – Part 5


The theme of the week is Academy Reverse Harems. I selected a variety of genres, and by that I mean fantasy and contemporary, for you all to peruse. I hope you are able to find a delightful new read! 

Be well, and happy reading!

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

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At Silverton University, the Alpha Gods don’t just rule the school, they dominate it. Before I even enrolled, my best friend Rue warned me about the Alpha Gods, the mysterious group in charge of Silverton that he claims could even get away with murder. I don’t care about all that, I just need to keep my head down and get through my time. It’s the only way to keep my family safe. But when the ring leader goes after my best friend, I have no choice but to interfere, even if it means painting a target on myself instead. Now I have to figure out how to survive these four men and endure their rules if I want to keep my brother alive. A slow-burn why choose paranormal romance. Warning, cliff-hanger ahead

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My ex kicked me out on the night we were supposed to move in together.So now I’m crashing with my big bro and his trio of football titans.

I’ve been Jason’s nerdy little sister since forever.
He’s the quarterback heartthrob, and I’m the resident book hermit.
But hold tight, ’cause life just threw a Hail Mary—I’m the new roomie.
And in a lightning-fast 24 hours, I caught all three of Jason’s BFFs in their birthday suits.

Axel Fitzgerald is tall, dangerously flirty, and built for football.
With his smooth Irish lilt, he has probably melted half the panties on St. Ida’s campus.
He has also been my brother’s best friend throughout his entire college career.
That’s about to change now that he’s been sneaking into my shower every morning.

Hudson Dupont is a hot-as-sin rich boy, whose last name graces all the buildings at our school.
He’s used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it.
I just never imagined that the thing he wanted most was for me to wear nothing but his numbered jersey.

Ryder Tuff, the team’s bad boy, has always regarded me with disdain.
He insists he wants nothing to do with me, even as he pulls me closer against his wall of muscles in the dark.
But when his tough exterior crumbles and he starts calling me his “little kitten,”
I know we are ALL in a world of trouble.

Getting involved with these three football Gods is the last thing I ever wanted.
And when they promise me that this is NOT just another game to them,
I’m terrified that this scandal might break my heart all over again.

Besides, they ALL might hate me when they find out that sleeping with my brother’s best friends isn’t the only secret that I am keeping…

18+ only. This is a standalone college football reverse harem romance with no cheating and an HEA.

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She’s the only human on campus. Four paranormal guys all want a taste. But now a killer might beat them to it. When Cecilia moves to New Nebraska, she must brush shoulders with the dangerous paranormals forcibly relocated there. Taking a job at the college she attends to support her ailing mother, she figures keeping her head down will be easy. Instead, her unusual ordinariness turns heads all around town. Her professor, Aaron, hides both a shy sweetheart and a colossal grizzly beneath his hulking exterior. Despite their student – teacher relationship, neither he nor his territorial beast can stay away or let her go. Jaxon carries the weight of his wolf pack on his large, footballer shoulders. Pressure from his father to step up as alpha makes each day a chore, until delicate, kind Cecilia brings light into his life. Xander’s obsession with the new human’s blood soon transforms into a yearning to cherish and protect her that shatters his playboy instincts. But how can this hotshot vampire convince her his feelings are real for the first time in his very long life? Osric doesn’t give a f*ck about the ordinary human girl or the infatuation she’s stirred within his best friend, Aaron. As a Fae prince, he has far more important things to worry about, like the human-hunting serial killer stirring up old but unresolved tensions between humans and paranormals. But what happens when he starts to see a special spark in Cecilia and comes to dread the killer will spot it, too? New Nebraska Lessons is a slow burn, why choose romance. Multi POVs, multiple love interests, and smoldering with detailed, spicy scenes. This book is the first of the New Nebraska series, standalone romances set in the same world. Check out this paranormal, new adult RH romance today!

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When the biggest audition of Emma’s college career is rudely interrupted by a hockey player, she’ll do anything to fix it. Including, fake dating that hockey player. She never expects it will mean spending so much time with him and his sexy roommates. They’re always there flirting, teasing, and bringing her into their tight knit fold. It’s dangerous when her feelings keep growing for all of them. Alec is on thin ice with his coach and needs to convince him he’s settling down or risk losing his spot on the team. The solution comes to him in the form of a music major asking for something crazy. When Alec’s roomates and fellow hockey players, JD and Luka meet Emma, sparks fly quickly leading to jealousy. The boys can’t agree on what to do. It’s not the first time, but this decision is make or break. Every single one of them is obsessed with Emma and every second together makes their feelings grow stronger. *This is a full length contemporary standalone why choose hockey romance with lots of spice and a guaranteed happily ever after*

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What would you do if you found yourself inside the book you were writing?

Tanith just wanted an escape. Away from the mean girls on campus, away from her cheating ex-boyfriend, and away from her ordinary, humdrum life.

A why-choose fantasy romance with five different men, all equally interested in her, provided the perfect diversion… until the day one of the characters shows up at her door. The next thing she knows, she’s inside the world she created, where nothing is exactly as she imagined it. The feelings are deeper, the men are more unpredictable and the dangers more real.

Can they figure out what’s happening before they reach the end of the story?

Out of My Depth is a light-hearted, standalone, why-choose fantasy romance, suitable for readers over the age of 18.

Amazon Description

Ironside is more than a regular academy. It’s also the biggest reality TV show in the world … and a very elaborate, very luxurious prison. Their hallowed halls are ruled by the powerful Betas and the middling Omegas, with the plentiful Deltas as their main targets, but this year, the officials are stirring things up. Isobel Carter—the only rare Sigma to be accepted—is the first sign. But there are others. Many others. A sudden influx of precious Alphas will turn academy life, and Isobel’s life, upside down. She might be the lowest rung on the ladder, but in order to survive Ironside, where social media is king and consequences are deadly, she will need to make her mark. She will need to climb. This isn’t a game for the faint of heart, and those who rise should be prepared for a beautiful, brutal fall. Beware the pretty posers, because this social media game just got dangerous. The Hunger Games collides with America’s Got Talent, and you’ve just been invited to binge it all in high definition. But here’s some viewer discretion before you continue: This book is a “why choose” romance with as many book boyfriends as enemies, so expect a slow-to-medium burn. If you like your omegaverse, reverse harem, and academy troupes twisted and defiled to stretch your imagination, then this is the book for you! Now it’s time to grab some popcorn and dive right in!

Amazon Description

My first year of college is already off to a bad start.

My boyfriend of three years betrayed me at the end of summer party. He said I wasn’t enough anymore, along with some other things that hurt to hear.


I might be socially shy at times, but I’m not stupid, II know now what was really happening.


Wanting to prove him wrong, to make him eat his words, I took my friend’s suggestion and hired the Kings of the Kingston Academy Host club to bring me out of my awkward shell.


And if it makes my ex jealous, that’s a bonus.


But, it turns out, I can’t afford their prices. Thankfully they take pity on me and make me a deal.


I have to work for them, do whatever they want when they want it to work off my debt and they will take me on as a client.


Only this club isn’t exactly what I expected.


Declan, Preston and Grayson aren’t the hosts of your typical host club. Despite what they want you to think, there’s nothing innocent about them.


They are a part of something much darker and sinfully tempting behind closed doors.


And Collin, the school’s guidance counselor and someone from my past, seems to be more than their teacher advisor.


They open me up to a whole new world, healing parts of my soul. They test my limits and bring me to new experiences.


I’m starting to wonder, will I ever go back to the old Sadie once I discover the vixen within?


And do the Kings want me, or is it all just a part of their job?


Who knew just how much my life would change by walking through those red and gold doors.


Boys Of Kingston Academy is a Reverse harem. This book is intended for a mature audience due to its sexu@l nature. Any BDSM in this book should not be recreated because it is not the proper practice.

Amazon Description

Release will be brought forward to late summer 23 Three hot hockey players to take me on dates. This is my sister’s recipe to help me rebound from a broken heart. The kicker? She bought those dates for me at an auction. There’s the left winger playboy prince, followed everywhere by gaggles of adoring puck bunnies. The scholarship goaltender who has as much ambition as he has muscles. The friendly enforcer, scary on the ice but the life of the party outside the rink. These elite athletes are hot and very competitive and I’m the new prize they’re determined to win. I’m caught in a whirlwind of hot dates as it becomes clear that the stakes are much higher than just their pride. I’m no puck bunny and I call the shots in this game. Can I even choose just one? The beginning of the seasaround the corner and the fight is on for a place in the draft and for a shot at my heart. Attention: this is the first book of a hockey college romance duet and ends in a cliffhanger. The heroine won’t have to choose between her different love interests. This story has hot athletes and scenes and it’s intended for readers 18+.

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The Academy of the Profane has been a dream for my twin and myself for ages. I’m a young god pretending to be a witch and she’s a Hellhound. We’re twins, but we have different fathers. There’s not really a curriculum for either of us, but after hearing my mom and aunt’s stories, we can’t wait to go as a rite of passage. The headmaster hates me and personally sued me when I was a teenager for inheriting something she thought she was owed. Her daughter is now in class with us and she’s completely terrible. Something is also very wrong here. The God of Death is my history teacher. They said they made a promise to my mother years before i was born to tutor me in all the god things my dad might not know, but that’s not why they are here. The God of Death is here teaching history because they have a bad feeling. They said every few decades or so, they get a bad feeling surrounding the Academy of the Profane, but by the time they get here, students have already died before their time. And if it’s been going on this long. it means a fellow god has gone bad

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What if it takes a monster to save a kingdom? I’ll never forget the sight of my little sister’s lifeless body—or that my rogue magic killed her. Sorcery like mine is punishable by death. So I live in the shadows, stealing from the corrupt to give to the needy. Maybe a little good can wash the blood from my hands. It seems like a decent plan… until I try to help a dying noblewoman and somehow steal her soul instead. Now her ghost is demanding I take up the quest that got her killed: exposing a conspiracy at the royal college to unleash a deadly power on the entire kingdom. Do I want to infiltrate the cutthroat world of haughty elites? Gods, no. But if I can save the kingdom, I could save my own soul too. So I’ll pose as a refined lady, attending their classes and fancy balls, sneaking and spying like I learned on the streets. But I can’t tackle this threat alone. I’ll need to win the trust of the dead woman’s allies: four arrogant noblemen. Four damaged yet dangerously enticing men. No matter what they stir in my heart, I can’t afford to let them get too close. Because if they discover the monstrous things I’m capable of, saving my soul will be the least of my worries… *Thief of Silver and Souls is the first in a new fantasy romance series full of forbidden magic, impossible love, hot damaged men, and a rebellious heroine who’s so much more than she imagines.*

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