Paige’s Reverse Harem Picks — Apr 7

Happy Friday!

I hope you all had a lovely week.

I had a massive reading week this week. The hubs was out of town, so I read whenever I wasn’t working or with my kiddo. I’m in a bit of a book hangover at the moment. 🙂

I mostly read reverse harems, but I occasionally cheat and read an F/M book. Do ya’ll want me to include those as a sidebar when I make my Friday post? I’m not going to start including F/M stories in our theme picks, I don’t have the interest or the time, but if ya’ll want me to include the book, I can in these posts.

That’s all for me this week; I hope you read some delicious books yourselves.

Be well, and happy reading!

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Amazon Description

I’m a bunny shifter who has been claimed by the wolf shifters.Things are going to get hot…or dead.

I’m determined to honor the memory of my family by respecting the rabbit shifter community’s traditions. That is right up until I’m slapped in the face with an unexpected betrayal. The Elders are offering me up on a silver platter to the five male rabbit shifters whose favorite pastime is tormenting me.

I can either be the rabbits’ plaything or run from the Burrows and the only home I’ve ever known.

I’m sick and tired of being the docile bunny I was brought up to be. It is time that people learn this bunny can bite, because I’m not taking anything from anybody from now on… Not even from the wolves that are breathing down my neck.

Sure, the bunnies are under the wolves’ protection, but these guys seem to have a taste for getting me all hot and bothered. Rabbit shifters and wolves will do business together, but personal relationships just aren’t possible… Right?

And to make matters worse, my spring heat is happening. Like, now. A female rabbit can’t survive going through a heat alone, but can I trust these wolves to care for me when I’m at my most vulnerable? And what about afterwards?

These predators are going to eat me alive…and I’m looking forward to it.

Better-Off Bunny is a standalone with a HEA. This book contains some bullying, but not from Monroe’s mates.
This book will likely release early.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: Pre-ordered the next one

Positives: Really sweet book, I loved how supportive the harem is.

Problems: I'm totally biased, Sedona Ashe is one of my favorite authors and I totally overlook anything that could be problematic.  Although writing that down, maybe it's that we don't get to know more about the coyotes.  Are they Shifter coyotes? Real Coyotes? 


Amazon Description

What do you get when you add one witch and five demons? An unexpected pregnancy.
Three weeks before I came to Blackwood Academy, I made a mistake. Some would say I made five. But what happens on the other side of the portal, stays on the other side of the portal.

Until my five mistakes show up on the first day of class. Everybody at Blackwood already hates witches, but no one quite like them. Vale is a bully, intent on taking my power little by little. Nicodemus is a charming, handsome Devil that doesn’t know how to channel his dark energy for good. Ares and Slade, well, they’re twins—the sweet one and the sadistic one. And to top it all off, Zephyrus Storm is my professor.

I didn’t just make five mistakes across the portal, I crossbred two worlds that were never meant to intertwine. When the Blackwood Five find out I’m pregnant, everything changes. And when the students find out, all hell breaks loose.

This baby will change the world; if it doesn’t kill me first.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: I'm not sure I can move on from what the harem considered 'fun' and 'hunting' in the human world. I may or may not read the next book. 

Positives: Really interesting story line; I'm interested to learn more about the crossbreeds, how it affects the mother, and why they were banned.

Problems: T.W. my friends. That there was rape in the beginning, I don't care how it was dressed up.  

P.S.: The messing with hormones for sex was just not needed. The entire plot of the book would have worked great without it. Definitely not needed, and it was just really icky to read. Maybe there will be a massive edit, and that bit will be cleaned up. Because they could have had consensual sex, and their reactions could have remained the same upon meeting. 


Amazon Description

My name is Ana Baker… and I really am a demon.
I also still don’t know much more about who I am and I’ve completely broken my “no men” rule.

Like shattered it and toss away all the pieces, because I now have three incredibly sexy, bad boy, demon princes who are all madly in love with me.

There’s Ramsey, The Lord of Strife, who’s all gorgeous bulky muscle and barely-contained chaos, Fen, The Lord of Destruction, a silver-tongued sweetheart with a world-ending wolf inside him, and Grey, The Lord of Conquest, who was my stunning billionaire boss and is now my live-in butler.

Yep, you read that right. My billionaire boss is now my live-in butler because he wants to be near me all the time.

Life couldn’t get much better so, of course, my second daughter returns home and all she wants to do is fight. Then Grey’s sister (who’s the demon of madness and nightmares) forcibly moves in and things get completely out of hand.

Add in a zombie apocalypse… and you have the makings of just another messed up week at the Baker house.

Chaos Demons is the second book in the Secrets Gods Keep series, a paranormal romance featuring a sassy heroine who doesn’t have a clue who she is and powerful men who know how to share.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished 

Prospect: Willed the next one

Positives: I really adore these books.  They seem so simple, and then you blink and you've read the entire book.  The world is slowly coming together for the readers, and I'm really enjoying going on this journey.  

Problems: These are short, quick reads. This isn't the detailed, in depth character arc type of book, but if you read it for what it is, I bet you enjoy it.

Amazon Description

My name is Ana Baker and I have a thing for bad boys… and bad boys have a thing for me.
But no more. I need to take control of my life and figure out who I am, so I’m finally putting a stop to it. No more bad boys.

And this time, I mean it!

But immediately after landing my dream job at a high-end club, I run into a sexy, drool-worthy bad boy who traps me in the elevator and tells me…

I’m a demon.

Not what I was expecting from Mr. Gorgeous… and it doesn’t matter because I’m. Off. Men.

Except when my new billionaire boss and a drop-dead gorgeous construction worker start showing an interest in me, my “no men” policy starts to waver.

Then I find out demons are real, the guys are all demons, and oh! Did I mention the mob wants a quarter-of-a-billion dollars from me? Yeah, there’s that, too.

But one thing’s for sure, I’m definitely not a demon…

Craving Demons is the first book in the Secrets Gods Keep series, a paranormal romance featuring a sassy heroine who doesn’t have a clue who she is and powerful men who know how to share.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: Already read the second

Positives: Same comments. from book 2. This is a nice, quick read.

Problems See book 2 comments 🙂

Amazon Description

“Cupid is the hand of fate.”

Cupid’s Pack has always served one purpose: Protect the purity of mate bonds.

But when my own fated mate turns out to be an unbearable prick, I tarnish my mother’s perfect record. As the Luna of Cupid’s Pack, she’s never allowed one of our own to live unmated… And she has no intention of making an exception for me.

When I choose to reject my mate, I seal my fate as an outcast.

I have no business being part of a pack known for love bonds when I don’t understand what love really is. I pack up the precious stone my father gave me for my eighteenth birthday and go rogue, determined to find answers for myself.

My Heart Stone leads me far from home, and it brings something unexpected. Mate bonds. Five distinct bonds that defy the rules shifters have always lived by. All five of my new mates are ready to mark our bonds, but nothing prepared me to make a choice like this.

What if our fates aren’t sealed after all?

Cupid’s Packis a rejected mate romance with a heroine who gets to move on with new mates. This book ends on a cliffhanger and is recommended for readers 18+.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: Read book two

Positives: I like the dichotomy between a fated mate bond gone bad, and finding other mate bonds. 

Problems: I'm super curious about all the little hints we get about how the Cupid Pack can manipulate mate bonds.  I'm not saying any of my theories here though. 

Amazon Description

The mate I rejected made a grave error.

He played his hand too early, and he underestimated what a shifter is willing to survive in the name of love.

When my mates, my family, and my pack are all threatened, there will be casualties.

Who deserves to survive?

And when the pieces start to fall into place—who really gets what they deserve?

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: Will probably read book 3

Positives: I really like this story line.  I'm engaged, and want to lear more about the different packs, and what the stones mean.

Problems: I don't like when the FMC has clear favorites/preferences in the harem.  

Amazon Description

Twins share a unique bond.Some hear each other’s thoughts.
Others sense one another’s feelings.
But my sister and I?
We share the same fate…
Being abducted by aliens.
Insanely sexy aliens.

D.T.G.P. (Down To Get Probed) is the first book in an exciting new series that follows the Jade sisters’ intergalactic travels. After being abducted, the twins will each be claimed by a set of alien mates.
Fair warning, these aliens are so hot you might end up with sunburn just reading about them…
And wait until you find out what their special equipment can do!

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: Will read the next book

Positives: Super funny.  I loved the relationship between the sisters.  The authors did a great job collaborating together, and I can't wait for the next one.

Problems: It was weird at first with having two FMCs, but it worked.  They each have their own separate harem. 

Amazon Description

Prepare to be consumed by another Age Gap Ex Military Off Limits Office Romance by Barbi Cox!

Devoured by Daddy’s 4 Dirty Friends, the scorching new release in Their Temptation series.

Join Sophia and her four billionaires – Roman, Gunner, Nick, and Holden – on a wild yacht vacation

packed with lavish gifts, unbridled passion, and heart-pumping suspense. But when a relentless stalker starts

snapping private photos and threatening their paradise, the heat turns up to unbearable levels. With scenes that will make

you blush and a storyline that will leave you gasping. This is the ultimate steamy read that will leave you utterly obsessed.

Grab your copy now and get ready to be consumed by the irresistible temptation of this seductive page-turner.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished 

Prospect: Will read the next

Positives: This is a comfort series, to me.  

Problems: I mean, at this point we probably don't really need anymore 'problems', but I liked it, and it worked for me. 

Amazon Description

They told us we’d be helping our country.
That we’d be preventing war.

It was all one big fat lie and we believed it—until it was too late.

Waking up on a bus headed for a war-torn country was just the beginning of the nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. They’d told us during our time in the Omega Care Center there was a chance we might be sent to another country if we didn’t find a pack. They didn’t say we’d be drugged and put on this bus sent to be breeders for a war that would never end.

Here they didn’t see us as human, only a tool to produce more soldiers whether we liked it or not. I learned quickly that my stubborn streak was going to make the difference between letting this new life destroy me or surviving long enough to escape.

Unfortunately my fighting nature and refusal to submit is what attracted the attention of the very people I wanted to avoid. Now I’m being sent off to a remote military outpost close to the front lines, to be the personal breeder of the General’s heir and Commander of the Northern army.

Will I be able to survive in a world that sees Omegas as less than human? Am I strong enough to keep fighting when the world keeps telling me to submit?

It better be, because I’m going to prove once and for all that not all Omegas are weak. I will not let this ruin me, I will survive even if I have to take the whole army down.

If you would like to stay up to date on this series join my Facebook group to get teasers and information first!
Elizabeth Knight Unicorn Queens –

Paige's Perspective

Progress: DNF

Prospect: Won't read the next one, sorry

Positives: Really interesting story line

Problems: The trafficking was too much for me, not my cuppa.  This has a lot of good reviews though! 

Amazon Description

Wrenly just wants to make her own living away from her over bearing family. Becoming a maid seems like simple hard work that she can do. When she finds a live in position at a vineyard she decides to take it, the money is worth living out in the middle of nowhere in Northern California. She soon finds out that her bosses are only seen at night, of course the rest of the staff jokes that the bosses are vampires. But what if they are really actual vampires?

Paige's Perspective

Progress: DNF

Prospect: I'm not sure what to say

Positives: Lots of potential

Problems: I really don't like to slate books.  There was potential here, but it felt like the really loose draft for a novel.  I don't want to discourage the author, if by some weird miracle they happen to be reading this. If it could go through some severe editing, get the plot fleshed out, make the character's more relatable and give us some good arc, this has the potential to be a good series.  The first book could have been figuring everything out, no need to fall into bed right away. Unfortunately, this one is probably going to be a pass for a lot of us readers. 

Amazon Description

The legends were wrong. King Arthur and his knights were never the good guys…
I’m not the first Guinevere in my family line, or even the tenth. I’m just the newest one. I’m not special. Everyone I know has abandoned me, except Grandma Gwenny, who raised me. And now she’s gone, too.

When my beloved grandma’s final act leads me on a wild hunt across oceans, I never imagined I’d end up in the mythical realm of Camelot.

Except this Camelot isn’t like any of the legends I’ve read about. It’s dark, dangerous, depraved. The land is cursed. Rebellion is afoot. King Arthur and his knights are wicked brothers… and these brothers share everything.

A girl could get lost here. Hell, I might want to get lost here.

I was brought to Camelot for a reason. Ancient prophecies say I’m more special than I thought. But what do I do when the legendary Knights of the Round Table are more villainous than the bad guys?

I should want to leave, but this place is too seductive. I’m a prisoner in this realm of sin… Do I embrace the darkness?

Author’s Note: Realm of Sin is a steamy retelling of Arthurian myths. This dark fantasy romance features multiple morally gray love interests, tons of touch-her-and-perish vibes, swordplay (of all kinds), and a heroine who refuses to be chained… unless she’s into it.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: 13%

Prospect: I pick it up, read a little, set it down.

Positives: I'm not far enough to really comment.  The writing is good, I'm not noticing grammatical errors or spelling errors.  

Problems: Our FMC seems like a hot mess.  

Amazon Description

I’m a vampire-witch hybrid with a fondness for necromancy.Excuse me if I’m a little dead inside.

I tried to attend a human school, but they didn’t appreciate my behavior. Personally, I found biology class more interesting when the dissected animals fought back. The school didn’t.

My parents searched for somewhere new to send their deviant daughter, and doors open when your father is Dorian Blackwood. Then they close firmly behind once he dumps you inside an exclusive supernatural academy, along with instructions to become ‘a touch more amiable’.

Says the guy who spent his teen years tearing throats out. Luckily, I’ve inherited my father’s sociopathic tendencies and my mother’s magical skills, a lethal yet useful combination when navigating academy life.

Thornwood Academy. Home to the elite who strive to excel—and now me, who strives to leave. Since the supernaturals revealed themselves to the world, the unluckiest human kids join the vampires, witches, and shifters at Thornwood. Hopefully, the humans aren’t dissected in this biology class.

I don’t care that nobody trusts me, but when the headmaster’s son is found unalived, fingers point at Dorian’s darkling daughter. Ridiculous. The human guy once attempted to bully me—I would’ve reanimated the asshole and demanded he perform tricks. Such a wasted opportunity.

If I want help clearing my name, I need to become ‘a touch more amiable’ to the three guys who seem oddly fascinated by me. Somebody doesn’t want the accords between humans and supes to last, and I’m not taking the blame just because I’m a Blackwood.

Looking for an academy series where the girl has Wednesday vibes? Meet Violet Blackwood: half-vampire, half-witch, smart, sarcastic and slightly unhinged.

Never Say Die is the first in a new supernatural academy series from LJ Swallow,author of the Nightworld Academy books.
The Thornwood Academy series features a girl who isn’t afraid to use her dark side, a magic school where humans mix with vampires, witches, and shifters, and the three guys who she’d like to keep alive.

Thornwood Academy is a slow-burn romance… almost as glacial as our slightly psychotic heroine.

Scroll up and preorder today!

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: Will read the next one

Positives: The author does a really good job of delving into each character.  I have a super good feeling for our FMC, the good, the bad, the ugly. 

Problems: Unreliable narrator! This is probably intentional, but our girl is so disconnected, it's hard to figure shit out. 

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