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Marked Starr: Reverse Harem Vampire Romance (Morrigan Starr Series Book 3) by Lee-Ann Wallace
Publication Date: March 12, 2023
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As if almost dying wasn’t enough, now Morrigan has to deal with a prime. Alaric, The Wolf Prime, wants Morrigan Starr for something, but he’s left her in the woods alone, except for a wolf guard. Try as she might, Morrigan can’t escape the magical forest she’s surrounded by, nor can she contact her Fae mate. She’s cut off from the world and has no idea what the Prime wants with her, and time is running out. She needs blood, but she needs Alaric to sever her mating with Diesel Redding, her cursed wolf mate. She must stay even as one wolf guard turns into three alphas who affect her like no one ever has. But being stuck in the forest doesn’t stop the world from moving on. Morrigan has enemies, and her mates aren’t idly sitting around waiting for her to return. Her blood is becoming a hot commodity, and the Fae are playing all sides of the war. Returning to the vampires with four wolves in tow isn’t Morrigan’s idea of a good time, but can she trust her new guards to protect her from her enemies, and which one will end up being the right one to choose to fill the last place she has for a mate? Which one will mark her as theirs? **Author Note: The Morrigan Starr series is designed for an older teen audience due to sexual content and darker themes that might disturb younger readers. This is a why choose romance, and the main character will add mates as the stories progress. This book ends with a happy-for-now ending. Book 4 will continue the story. Stories must be read in order to make sense. Book 1: The Last Starr Book 2: Destiny’s Starr Book 3: Marked Starr
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