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Dylan (The Boys of Brooke Hollow Academy Book 1)
Publication Date: March 21, 2023
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Just because I’m new to the dark doesn’t mean I can’t embrace it… I used to have a decent life. A normal life. Then my mother decided to marry into the Irish mafia and everything changed. Suddenly, normal was in my rearview and I was stuck in the uppity hell known as Brooke Hollow Academy. The only upside I found was the brutally hot guy I met on day one. Dylan Blackthorne. He was sexy, demanding, and dominant. He made me feel things I’d never felt before. Then I found out he’s my future stepbrother. Now, Dylan and his equally cocky, brutal friends, Colton, Maverick and Phoenix, think of me as theirs. Their enemy, that is. Bullying and tormenting me is apparently their top priority. But they’ve underestimated me. They have no idea how strong I am. I’ll survive this academy. I’ll survive my mother marrying an infamous mobster. And I’ll survive them. Because they might’ve started this little game of cat and mouse with me, but I intend to finish it. Even if I have to fight dirty to do it… Dylan, book 1 in the Boys of Brooke Hollow Academy series, is a dark, forced proximity, why choose romance. Happily ever after guaranteed (eventually). Download today and get ready to fall for the bully book boyfriends of your wildest, kinky, smutty fantasies
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