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Savage Bosses of Vegas: Daddy and Dom Collide by J L Grace
Publication Date: February 5, 2023
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Nick Stone and Allen Bolton, best friends since childhood who now run a private detective agency, have solved a case for the LVPD and are in the good graces of the mayor. Nick a savage and Allen a daddy, they both know what they want and have different tactics to get it. Lisa Monroe, half their age, has worked her way into the business and into their hearts. A new case has arrived, putting both Nick and Allen in danger as they are at odds with who should be with Lisa. As their relationship is rocked by Lisa wanting both, a new danger requires them to work as a team to save both Lisa and their own lives.18+ Reverse harem age gap office romance with some BDSM. Shocking ending with a happy now cliff-hanger. Book two of a series.
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