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Pack's Pledge: A Sweet and Steamy Omegaverse RH Romance (Club Heat) by Victoria Kent
Publication Date: January 17, 2023
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All I ever wanted was to be his… Until I met his pack. I know what they call this place: Club Heat. Behind the bar is the only place a beta like me belongs at Ardor, the exclusive club where powerful alpha packs come to meet, mingle, and mate with the omegas who crave them. There’s only one man I’ve ever wanted like that: Conall, my first love, my teenage crush, my best friend… until he presented as an alpha and left me behind. Now he’s here, in my bar, looking at me with the same shy smile I remember from when were were young–and he's not alone. He has a pack built not on romance, but convenience: a sexy second-in-command alpha with a wicked sense of humor and a rare male omega with an irresistable smile. All those years I’d been dreaming about him, he’d been longing for me, and now, he wants me to be his… And only his. So why can’t I stop thinking about his pack? Pack's Pledge is a sweet and steamy standalone romance in the Club Heat series and includes MF, MM, and MMMF action and a Happily Ever After guaranteed.
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