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Splintered: Brookview Academy by A.J. Moran
Publication Date: August 4, 2022
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A corrupted ritual reveals my fated mates... and the danger my magic poses to everyone I love. Kidnapped and forced to attend Brookview Academy, I find myself in a dangerous world full of witches and warlocks who want to bring back the power of their ancestors. The very same magic my parents had warned me about before their death. Everyone here wants something from me, making it harder to know who I can trust, and my only way out is to escape before it’s too late. My magic is the key, and the secret society will be one step closer to their sinister goals if I bond with my soulmates. But the guys aren’t exactly jumping at the chance to bind themselves to me... If I give them what they want, I’ll be unleashing devastating magic that could destroy us all. Worse, I’d betray the memory of my parents and everything I believe in. Can I discover the light in the dark and claim my happiness, or will I lose everything... including my magic?
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