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Rose: Harems of Fate: Book One by Daisy Black
Publication Date: April 22, 2022
Amazon Book Description

In a world where vampires and humans co-exist on the most reluctant of terms, Rose only wants one thing – to find her kidnapped twin brother, Nathaniel.

I've done some unpleasant things to get even slivers of information – relying on no one but myself – not even my two best friends – to get the job done.

I'm doing absolutely fine on my own, until I accidentally on-purpose decapitate the vampire son of a neighboring city’s vampire monarch. I must get over my hatred of the vampire population to work with three of the most attractive vampires I've ever seen, to not only survive, but find out what happened to Nathaniel and get him back.

The Harems of Fate Series is a Paranormal RH Romance. The FMC enters a pre-existing relationship with three men. A list of trigger warnings can be found on my website.

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