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Tastes Like Misery by Melody Calder
Publication Date: May 27, 2022
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Has Vivian finally met her match with the three sinfully delicious, dangerous men?  I’m tired of living in this small town in Texas where the most interesting thing that happens is when the local drunk falls asleep in cow pies. Working at the local bar, the only thrill I can find is going to the city and luring businessmen into my game. I leave them hot and bothered while I relieve them of their valuables. I did pretty damn good until I targeted him. Dane, the man who caught me and gave me one hell of a ride. Literally.  Imagine my surprise when he rolls into my town with his partners in crime, Finn and Ollie, and asks for the same drink I still taste on his tongue from our night together. I should stay away, but my mama always said I’d never be happy with a simple life.   They have big plans, ones that will give me everything I’ve ever wanted and more. Their initiation is only the first part, and I have no idea all I’m signing up for until I do it. It doesn’t matter, though, because I crave not only what lies ahead, but also them, all of them. All I know is they promise a wild ride, one that will test my limits.  What else can a woman like me do? I say buckle up and try to stay ahead of the law as we raise hell across the country.  This is a fast burn, dark reverse harem with anti heroes, violence, and mature content.
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