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Academy of Misfits: The Complete Boxset: A Gang Reverse Harem Romance by Bea Paige
Publication Date: March 6, 2022
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We're the kids your parents warned you about... When Asia is sent to Oceanside Academy, a reform school for delinquents, she never expected to fall in love with anyone let alone four bad boys, but that's exactly what happened. Eastern, the best friend who became her lover. Sonny, the thief who stole her heart. Ford, the fighter who battled for her. Camden, the gang leader who protected them all. In each of them she found what she'd been missing her whole life. Friends, lovers, a place to call home, but most importantly a family. Join Asia and her bad boys at Oceanside Academy in this gritty, thought-provoking, heart wrenching trilogy that explores what it truly means to belong. This box set contains all three books from the trilogy. Please note that this series contains tough subject such as, drug addiction, gang violence and bullying. With all my stories there is a HEA, it might just take a while to get there. #1 Delinquent #2 Reject # Family
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