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Destroy: Deadly Hearts, Book 2: A Dark Contemporary Mafia Reverse Harem by Eve Newton
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Fighting for my life, I manage to escape my captor, showing everyone that they don't call me the Black Widow for nothing. But my torment and torture has left a hole in my soul that cannot be repaired, not in Manchester anyway. Not even in England. It's only when the big bad assassin takes me to his home in Ireland to recuperate, with the rest of my men following us, that I find a sense of peace fall over me. 
Learning more about the men that mean everything to me, I find myself confronted with a dilemma, one that rocks the little bubble I've built around us, and threatens to destroy everything we've worked for. I need to decide if it's worth risking everything on a gamble or will I lose it all?

Stopped dead in my tracks by a favor owed, what will become of the life I'm trying to build?
*Author's Note: Please be aware that everyone deals with trauma in their own way, and the way Ruby attempts to get over hers is true to her character as I, the author, have written her.*

This is a dark contemporary romance with triggering situations and dark themes. Includes scenes of BDSM. (Please read the Preface regarding the triggers). Scenes of M/M included. Please note that it is set in England with British characters and as such there are British English words used in dialogue and inner monologue.

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