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NO. 2: Second the BEST (TNT - Top Notch Tats - Series) by Rainy Flower
Publication Date: May 1, 2022
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$ Lake Mother F#cking Masters is in the house $ Why do I have to do everything around here? Oh yeah, because I wouldn't have it any other way. You may call me a control freak or even an a$$hole. I'm also always loyal and take care of my own. I'm finally f#cking back in So Cal where I belong. Unfortunately, I had to bring Tat Masters and all that drama with me. Look alive b*tches, Lake Mother F#cking Masters is back and cleaning house. Can you believe someone had the nerve to mess with my family? All I keep hearing about is this chick all my brothers are sprung on. I'll take care of that sh!t real quick too. It was time for me to remind people who is boss around here. ♡ Mistory ~ Lex ♡ I'm so excited to meet Lake. I've heard so much about him already. Now whether what I've heard is true or not remains to be seen. I've been hurt enough already. How can I trust anyone or anything right now? This kind of relationship is harder than I ever imagined, but I'm not going to give up. I will find a way to get through to them all. Now if only I could work along side of him on a daily basis. I can barely say his name and look him in the eye, but I have to try because I'm professional. Let's just hope we're safe long enough to figure everything out. No. 2 ~ Second the Best ~ Book 2 in the – TNT Top Notch Tats series - tattoo shop romance, *trigger warnings*, adult sexual scenes, 18+, tons of foul language ahead, multiple first person POVs, cliffhanger.
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