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The theme of the day is Zombie Reverse Harem books. I’ve got to say I was super excited to get this theme request. I love me some good ol’ zombie books. Much to my delay, I could only find seven that hadn’t yet been featured in a Zombie/Appocoplyse post! Where are all the Zombie books?! 

The last time I had this much trouble with a post, it was for a post request where dances occurred during the book. And even then, I was able to get 10 (i think?).

I’ll stop whining now, but just know how sad I am to only provide a list of seven books. It’s even worse because of how much I love apocalypses. sigh.

But I’ll leave you on a happy note! We have a few run-off races for the best RH books of 2022. Please take a quick moment to place your vote for the best fantasy, omegaverse, and contemporary RH of 2022. I’m plopping it into the post to make it easy. I’m closing voting sometime tonight, aiming for 11PM central time on November 29.

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

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Amazon Description

In a world with no rules, you claim what you want…
And they all want her.

The new flu vaccine that was supposed to save lives turned humans into bloodthirsty zombies instead.
For the past two years, Trinity Sanders has found herself fighting for her life in an apocalyptic world she never imagined would exist.
After she's suddenly caught in someone's trap, Trinity thinks her fate is sealed. However, when she wakes up in a strange house and in a warm bed, she's surrounded by other humans, not the ravenous monsters she was running from.
The four handsome men who saved her are rough, rugged…and wild.
They've lived on their own since the apocalypse, surviving on the land and claiming whatever they capture in their traps, which now includes Trinity.
In a world with no rules, you claim what you want…
And they all want her.

Claiming Her is a 44,000+ word standalone reverse harem romance. It contains adult situations for mature readers.

Amazon Description

What do you do when everything you thought was made for spooky dreams and wicked fantasy becomes your reality?

You make it your b*tch.

This is the time of year when dead things wake from their slumber... The one night when you can dress up and be anyone or anything you want to be. For me, it was the night those costumes became real.

Raising the dead... along with some witches, vampires, and a zombie or two, was just another boring day in Midnight Hollow. This place is impossible, magical, and everything this goth girl ever dreamed of. But there's something evil lurking in the dark. Being stuck in this nightmare with four of my smoking hot arch enemies and my best friend, Maddie, will force us to work together when nothing else makes sense... It might even force me to deal with what happened a year ago on this very night.

Who will live and who will die? Who will rise again? My name is October, and this is my story.

This is a Reverse Harem bully book. 18+ due to mature themes and graphic content.

Amazon Description

Having a magical family secret would be exciting if your hidden gift controlled the elements or summoned dragons . . . not raised the dead. The latest in a long line of powerful necromancers, Vexa is just trying to live a normal life without starting a zombie apocalypse. But after twenty-seven years of suppressing her powers, Vexa's secret catches up to her in the form of a strange candle, a relic of the days when her ancestors had complete power over life and death, and in a gorgeous man with a terrible curse–Ethan. As Vexa's life is thrown into chaos, Ethan is the only one who can help her control the candle and introduce her to a paranormal world she never knew existed. But a sinister ancestor and a captivating enemy have other plans for her. She may finally have found a community where she can be herself . . . if the dark forces pursuing the candle don't destroy her first. Grave Promise is the first of five books in a Slow-Burn Reverse Harem Romance from USA Today bestselling authors, D.D.Miers & Graceley Knox.
Amazon Description

My name is Inez Garner, and my story has sort of been told… But not. I’m turning twenty-three and find out I’m not human; I’m apparently a vampire. Sure, who hasn’t read that story? Oh, but I’m a princess. And there’s a zombie apocalypse—although I’m debating where the line is of apocalypse vs. post-apocalypse. There’s also a quest that I’m compelled to be on, and it might all be coming from the Goddess.

Awesome. It seems She has big plans for me. And I have to deal with ghosts. When I kill corrupted—the nice PC name people call zombies, as it’s not their fault they eat people—I then have to deal with their ghosts. Which is super when being hunted for years by some guys I don’t want to know better.

Add to everything, I have to apologize to heroines for judging them when they fall in bed with the hot guy and buy the story he gives. I get it now. Sex is splendid. I’m not one to believe a con, but he’s got answers I need, like why I have no memories before I was eighteen.

Plus, the fangs sort of sold it for me. I hope he forgives me for shooting him.

House of Garner is an apocalyptic hot burning WhyChoose romance with darker elements, strong language, violence, and a heroine who doesn’t let anyone get in her way.

Amazon Description

BioWar, World War III Sixty years ago, the first shot was fired. In the last ten years, our country has fallen. Chemical agents dropped mercilessly on friend and foe alike have created two new humanoid species and the world population has been reduced to small colonies of humans fighting against them to survive. Out on a routine patrol, my team and I run into the worst kind of trouble. Branded and left for dead by our superiors, we form bonds that cannot be broken and find asylum with the enemy. Seeking knowledge, my new coven and I race across the wasteland for the one thing that can give us answers: a sample of untainted DNA. Fighting zombies, mutants, and our own transformation. Aligned with vampires and on the run... We thought things couldn't get worse until a hidden threat finds me. When conspiracy is the norm, who can I trust? The war is not over. The fight between the species has just begun. Note: Renegades Exiled is a RH romance. It is also a complete overhaul of the previous title: Rox's Renegades. It has been fully rewritten, revised, and edited! Enjoy!
Amazon Description

If the World ended tomorrow, who would you want by your side? For thirty-year-old, Katherine Logan, that's an easy choice. Eli has always been there for her, and even though he is her best friend, she can't help but want the sexy as sin veteran. Chance has her camping at the start of the Appalachian Trail, when all hell breaks loose. As if the dead walking around eating people weren't bad enough, throw in two hot hikers, and Katherine's world gets flipped upside down. Now she doesn't know if she will survive the Apocalypse, or if the three guys that have become her sole companions, will steal her heart. One thing is for certain, the trail has never been so hot! **This is an 18+ Whychoose Zombie Apocalypse story. Due to the nature of it being set in an apocalyptic world, there are dark themes some may find triggering. This story has went through a major revision with a fantastic editor and any grammar issues, typos, or other problems have been corrected. The wonderful storyline is still the same, but additional dialogue has been added.
Amazon Description

Welcome to NOLA, home of festivals, magic, and… zombies.

Calliope LeBlanc is not about to allow zombies to take over her beloved New Orleans. A talisman seems to be the perfect answer, especially when it turns her into a sorcerer.

But her attempt to defeat zombies backfires, and she accidentally creates “super” zombies instead.

But that’s not her only issue. Four fairies arrive in NOLA, determined to kill her and clean up her mess. Four extremely hot fairies. Four fairies she needs to convince she can help them save the day and her city.

Voodoo Sector is a reverse harem that blends action, danger, and passion. Perfect for readers who love strong heroines, powerful heroes, and whychoose romance.

Thoughts from Paige

This appears to be a standalone in a shared universe.  Link to that page is here.


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  1. Dying to Love – Reese rivers
    Purgatory – Nicole Visconti
    My rotten love life – lyra winters
    Sanctuary ( seeking asylum book 1 ) – s.m. Olivier

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