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Women of the Night – Reverse Harem Style

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Our reader requested theme today focuses on Women of the Night. This was harder than anticipated! I found several novels with Men of the Night; women were harder to come by. But never fear, today we have a variety of genres featuring our lovely MC in roles such as a Stripper, Prostitute, or stripper assassin…Yes, stripper assassin. I’m actually surprised there aren’t more books that feature an assassin who gains intel and kills through stripping/prostitution; there MUST be more out there. Maybe they are all firmly in the M/F realm. 

I digress! We have contemporary and fantasy novels today. Some were my jam, some not so much. But we all like different things, so hopefully, you can all find something you like.

As usual, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission for qualifying purchases.

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Be well, and happy reading!


Beauty and the Lumberjacks: A contemporary reverse harem romance by Lee Savino
Beauty and the Lumberjacks: A contemporary reverse harem romance by Lee Savino
3 week(s) on bestseller list
Description from Amazon

After this logging season, I’m never having sex again. Because: reasons.

But first, I have a gig earning room and board and ten thousand dollars by ‘entertaining’ 8 lumberjacks. Eight strong and strapping Paul Bunyan types, big enough to break me in two.

There’s Lincoln, the leader, the stern, silent type…

Jagger, the Kurt Cobain look-alike, with a soul full of music and rockstar moves…

Elon & Oren, ginger twins who share everything…

Roy and Tommy, who just want to watch…

Saint, the quiet genius with a monster in his pants…

And Mason, who hates me and won’t say why, but on his night tries to break me with pleasure

They own me: body, mind and orgasms.

But when they discover my secret–the reason I’m hiding from the world—everything changes.

Thoughts from Paige

This one is not on Kindle Unlimited, so make sure you read the sample first! I’ll admit, the synopsis did not draw me in. However, I persevered! Mostly because I needed to fill my quota of books for this post. The writing is solid, and the sample pulled me in enough to want to know more.  The reviews 100% spoil MCs secret, so be forewarned.

Boys and Burlesque by Ripley Proserpina
Boys and Burlesque by Ripley Proserpina
Description from Amazon

They were my whole world—four boys who morphed from best friends to lovers. They were my biggest fans, and my quiet strength.
Until they left me.
What I once gave freely became my weakness. Judged, shamed, alone, and with no one to count on, I found I’d do anything to survive. I never bared my soul, but my body was my ticket to success.
And fame.
Burlesque might not have been the type of dance I dreamed of, but it rocketed me to the top. My body was mine to own. If people wanted to see me, they had to pay for a ticket.
But all my carefully laid plans and rebuilt dreams crash when the spotlight lands on the boys who used to be mine.
Josh, Brant, Wes, and Landry are back, standing at the edge of the stage and holding the pieces of my heart.
They want forgiveness. A second chance.
But when I handed them my heart once, they shattered it. And I might not survive giving it to them again.

Thoughts from Paige

The sample on this is long.  I’m at chapter seven and it’s 86% of the sample. It still feels like the prologue to the book.  I’m assuming our MC gets a wee bit more ‘woman of the night’ish, but I can’t tell yet.  So far the level of angst is high.  But, the book is definitely addressing the real-world societal demands of one partner per person, so that’s something.  I think I’ll keep reading, but so far it’s not enough to derail me from finishing this post.

Hunted by Her Captors: A Virgin and Mafia Billionaires Dark Reverse Harem Romance (Hunted by Billionaires Book 3) by Ryan Ramsay
Hunted by Her Captors: A Virgin and Mafia Billionaires Dark Reverse Harem Romance (Hunted by Billionaires Book 3) by Ryan Ramsay
Description from Amazon

They may have taken me prisoner,
but I hold the key to their hearts.

I’m trapped in a mansion with three mobsters! 
The D’Amico brothers have quite the reputation.
They’re as dangerous as they are attractive.
And they always get everything they want.
Which right now happens to be me.
I had an accidental run in with them.
And ruined something that belongs to them.
So now they took me captive.
And they say belong to them in exchange.
To get free, I have to agree to a treasure hunt.
Where my virginity will be the prize.
I say yes, despite my better instincts.
I feel chemistry with all three of them.
But I should know not to make deals with devils.
Because none of them is satisfied with losing.
And each of them wants a turn.
I see a way out when I realize they’re falling for me.
But the problem is— it’s mutual.

They say they’re usually competitive.
But for me, they might just have to learn to share.

Standalone reverse harem dark romance. No cheating. No cliffhanger. No male on male action. Just a lot of steam from three handsome, dominant billionaires pleasing one curvy virgin and a happily ever after for all of them.

Thoughts from Paige

I’m not sure how I feel about this one.  The sample ended mid-stream, and I was having trouble piecing the timeline together.  It is listed under the erotic category, and also has Mafia and kidnapping, which is a trope I’m seeing more and more.  May be of interest to some of you. Not sure this one is my cuppa, but this seems like a very successful series.

Killer Candy: A Dark Gang Reverse Harem Romance (Lapland Underground Book 1) by: Holly Bloom
Killer Candy: A Dark Gang Reverse Harem Romance (Lapland Underground Book 1) by: Holly Bloom
14 week(s) on bestseller list
Description from Amazon

Stripping has to be better than living under the control of a ruthless crime lord, right?

I may have hung up my knives, but Lapland is not the fresh start I’d dreamt of. Darkness lurks under the neon lights in the form of the three panty-melting assholes that run the club.

Zander, West and Rocky are exactly the types of dangerous men I’d sworn to avoid.

They want me to play by their rules, but I’m nobody’s puppet. Sexy smirks and inked muscles won’t stop me from getting what I really want. Revenge.

Everyone better watch out because my name is the only sweet thing about me…

Killer Candy is a full-length gritty reverse harem romance featuring a sassy stripper who isn’t afraid of sticking the knife in – quite literally. Contains violence and mature themes, so reader caution is advised. This is book one of three.

Thoughts from Paige

This book starts off with a bang!! Or should I say bite?  I am loving our MC.  This is book one in the series, the second book releases in just a few weeks. I’m rooting for the MC, you get em, girl!

Angel: A Reverse Harem Angel Demon Romance (My Five Kings Book 1) by HP Mallory
Angel: A Reverse Harem Angel Demon Romance (My Five Kings Book 1) by HP Mallory
Description from Amazon

From Book 1: I don’t know who I am or where I came from. The only thing I do know is that I’m running from something…

When I’m taken prisoner to be thrust into a lifetime of prostitution, I learn I’m an angel.

Yes, I bear the markings on my back that reveal my wings have been removed.

But, when my only ally, a foul-mouthed sprite, insists my wings are intact, I realize the danger I’m facing.

I need protection.

And that protection can only come from three magically powerful men who were destined to protect the balance between shadow and light:

Dragan, a gargoyle and the King of Shadow;
Cambion, an elf and the King of Nature;
and Baron, a vampire and the King of Death.

At one time there were four, but Variant, the King of Light, grew greedy and usurped control for himself. He banished Cambion to the Fae Realm and Dragan to the Shadow Realm.

And he murdered Baron.

Now Variant is after me…

Reverse Harem
Angel Demon Romance
Paranormal Reverse Harem
Bully Romance
* Not recommended for readers under 18

Thoughts from Paige

I stopped reading this one at about 37%. I felt very uncomfortable with the voice of Flumph. Additionally, our MC has been drugged until at least this point, and her love interests are still highly aroused just by looking at her. I include it because book one has 269 reviews, and 80% are 4 or 5 stars. Despite my discomfort, I read beyond the sample, so maybe I’ll try it again someday.

P.S. Our MC may have a back story as a prostitute; we just haven’t discovered it by 37%. Our MC is unconscious, so we don’t know much about her.

Pride: A Rapunzel Retelling Dark Contemporary Romance by Kris Butler
Pride: A Rapunzel Retelling Dark Contemporary Romance by Kris Butler
Description from Amazon

At night, I’m free.

Free from the restraints growing tighter each day.

Free from the pressures placed on me.

Free from the disappointment of never being enough.

At night I dance and the movement sets me free, and I become whomever I want under the bright lights. My disguises offered me safety, providing me escape from the real me—Rapunzel. It started as a way to survive, but the thrill of the dance and the power I weaved soon became my addiction.

My life in shambles, my pride’s the only thing keeping me alive, clothed, and moderately fed. Asking for help isn’t in my nature, but I soon find a safe haven and place to belong at The Tower. Three men offer me something I desperately needed and I find acceptance in their love.

When the safety I found in my disguises runs out, I have to face the man who’d made me hide in the first place. Will I be able to find a happily ever after or am I doomed to always be trapped in a prison of my own making?

The root of all sin is pride, but what if it’s the only thing that can save me?

This will be the fifth book in the Sinners Fairytale Retellings series. Each installment can be read on its own, and each retelling is intended for mature audiences. Please read the forward for more information. Every author contributing to this series guarantees a HEA.

Thoughts from Paige

I did not read the sample.  The forewarning scared me away.  Have any of you read it? Do you have to read about any of the warning or is it all back story? People have highly rated this story, so I’m assuming it it is a good one.

Succubus Soccer Mom: A Reverse Harem Tale by Jacquelyn Faye
Succubus Soccer Mom: A Reverse Harem Tale by Jacquelyn Faye
Description from Amazon

You know that bitch from hell everybody talks about? That’s me. I mean that literally.

I was born in the seventh circle of Hell to two demons of noble lineage. Know what that means? Squat. My brimstone birth certificate and five bucks might get me a cup of coffee from Starbucks. The minute I was born, they handed me off to a wet nurse, sent me to earth, and left me to fend for myself. I suppose, I should thank them. They taught me at an early age that there is nothing in either world more important than self-sufficiency.

To survive, I needed money. So, naturally, I became a stripper.

Don’t judge, it paid the bills. A lot of them. And it provided a solution to my particular dietary requirements. I’m a succubus. We eat lust for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. What better place to get it than a seedy, smoke-filled bar full of horndogs shoving dollar bills in your thong?

Life was good.

Then, I met Ryan and fell in love. He knew what I was and loved me anyway. I loved him so much that we got married and I gave him twin children. And then he died.

And left me alone.

Okay, not completely alone. He left me two kids to raise and a crippling sense of loss.

So, I did what any demon would do, I loaded up the kids and moved a thousand miles to start a new life.
Now, my Hell is in suburbia and the most evil things in my life are my home owners’ association and the PTA.
Maybe it wasn’t too late to go back to Hell.

This book is intended for mature audiences. 18+ readers only! It contains graphic language, sexual situations, and inappropriate humor. This is a fast burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why Choose? Contains M/M and F/F scenes.

Thoughts from Paige

I devoured this book.  There is a little MM and FF. I wish it had been longer or there was another book.  I LOVED our MC!

Our MC is a succubus and was a stripper up until a year ago when her husband died.  I love her inner monologue and her interactions with her kids.

The Sons of Sacred Hill: Academy RH Romance (Sacred Hill Academy Book 1) by Kira Roman
The Sons of Sacred Hill: Academy RH Romance (Sacred Hill Academy Book 1) by Kira Roman
Description from Amazon

The Sons of Sacred Hill were once my friends, but now they’re determined to get rid of me, no matter the cost…
Sacred Hill Academy is my only chance at a better future for my sister and me. Spending the next four years serving spoiled rich kids isn’t ideal, but there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to give AJ the life she deserves.
All I want is to live a normal, human life, even if I’m not technically entirely human. No one needs to know about my powers. It’s not like I’m strong enough to be a threat, and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life stuck here in the witching community. I won’t. They’ve made it clear as a crystal ball that I’m not welcome here as anything more than a servant.
I have to push through this for her, I haven’t gotten this far just to give up now, no matter how hard Lucian, Caleb, and Kai are trying to make my existence.
It doesn’t help that I need to convince a certain sexy psycho telepath to keep his dang mouth shut about my powers. And don’t even get me started on his best friend.
Dark secrets threaten to destroy not only my plans, but my entire life, and I may not have a say in the kind of future I’m so desperate for after all…

This is an Academy RH, all characters are 18+.
Some content may be triggering for readers, please read with caution. Strong language and sexual content may offend some readers.

Thoughts from Paige

Whelp, it seems like almost every theme request I get sucked into a book. The Sons of Sacred Hill was the book for this post. I stayed up late reading and was all set for a good binge when I discovered book two hadn’t been released yet. I neeeeed the next book!

Undercover Action: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance by Cassie Cole
Undercover Action: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance by Cassie Cole
Description from Amazon

Two chiseled Irish brothers. A dashing undercover cop.
The three of them protecting me–and sharing me.

My undercover objective is to get close to the Finnegan brothers.
To learn their secrets by any means necessary.
I thought I was ready for anything…
Until they said they want to share me.

Connor Finnegan, the smooth mastermind with a face and body cut from stone, stares at me with emerald eyes that pierce my soul.
Leo Finnegan has delicious washboard abs and struts around the club like he’s looking for a fight. A bare-knuckle boxer on the weekend, he’s the muscle behind their operation.
Complicating things is Riley McCarthy, the roguish bartender at their club. Tall, dark, and handsome, Riley and I have a history that predates our work on this undercover mission…

The three of them take turns dating me.
Sharing me.
Loving me.
But am I getting too close to them?
And if so, will it jeopardize my entire mission?

UNDERCOVER ACTION is a stand-alone Reverse Harem love story filled with suspense, tension, and sizzling-hot romance. HEA guaranteed!

Thoughts from Paige

Our MC goes undercover as a stripper in this book. It has received a lot of good reviews. I have a feeling our MC is TSTL, however, and didn’t end up reading past the sample. BUT Cassie Cole is a much-loved author, and this does fit our theme, so I’m going to include it. I was reading it while sitting on the floor of my kiddo’s room, begging sleep to arrive, so I may just have been in the opposite mindset for a book.

Vaudeville Runaway: A Standalone Reverse Harem Circus Shifter Romance (Cirque De Nuit Pride) by Emma Dean
Vaudeville Runaway: A Standalone Reverse Harem Circus Shifter Romance (Cirque De Nuit Pride) by Emma Dean
Description from Amazon

Can she tame these lions?

Kitty is just a normal girl trying to find her way in the world, who also happens to be a stripper. Trouble likes to follow her wherever she goes and getting chased through a park in the dead of winter is no different.

Calvin, Damien, and Adam find her in the snow and they take her in – right to a traveling circus. They give her a safe place, and promise to help her get back on her feet, but not before she realizes the Circus of Night is far more than it appears.

Thoughts from Paige

Another book that starts out with an oomph! Our MC is a stripper that agreed to work at the wrong club.  She appears to be a fighter, and never stopped trying to escape. I have added this one to my TBR pile. (Or listened to pile, it is an audiobook too!

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