Hunted by Shadows: Shadowborn Series Book One by Erin O'Kane

Shifter Reverse Harem – Book List Part 1.

There’s something sexy about shifters. The Alpha persona, the masculinity, the possessiveness, the protective nature, and they’re always sexy and muscled. I wouldn’t mind it if I fell into an alternate reality and had my very own shifter harem. Ahh, a girl can dream. In the meantime, if you’re looking for some great shifter reads…take a look below. Enjoy, and happy reading.

What would a circus be without a runaway, and the shifters she saves along the way. PRN RH.

“This is a collection of multiple short stories, in a myriad of genres. The stories in this book are as fluid as the shifters they’re about. Some of them will pull on your heartstrings, others will warm you on a cold day. Come on these journeys with us to fantastical places, accompanied by memorable characters that leave you no choice but to hold on for dear life on the magical ride that is, Shifting Destiny. ” – Amazon Blurb I was excited when I saw author Raven Kennedy’s name. There are around 25 different authors! <3 Best way to get exposure to authors new to you!

Hot shifter dragons anyone? One sassy MC, 3 dragons, 1 hellhound, toss in a little m/m with the m/f/m and damnnn. I was sold. Oh. let’s not forget the crazy ex demon boyfriend.

From Amazon- “Luke, a werewolf with a rap sheet. Creedence, a lynx shifter who never met a mark he couldn’t con. Kite, a bear kin with a mean right hook and heart of gold. And Dust, my childhood best friend and dude voted least likely to be a secret shape-shifting griffin.” Can I have those bodyguards?

Post-apocalyptic setting. RH. Wolf vs. Bear shifters. Oh, then there’s the cursed wendigo’s too…That’s a tall order for one MC.

Three Alpha Werewolves on the way for a meeting with the MC’s pack Alpha. What’s the MC going to do, she murdered him. *shrug*

Don’t be fooled by this not so stunning book cover, this series is the shit. RH.

A pack slave. Her pack is killed and she is taken by the cruel alpha brothers. They don’t want her for a mate because they deem her too weak, yet they won’t let her go. The thing about pushing is eventually people push back. And sometimes they bite.

When your birth was a mistake, and you’re shunned from the pack…well that’s a kick to the self esteem nuts. Then a prophet walks in and plops you dead center in a crazy prophecy. Shit, meet fan.

Holy schnikes, a magical unicorn. She’s the last of her kind and only she can help the 6 unusual shifters (even a merman!) get back to their world.

6 rare wolf breeds. 1 wolf tamer. Hunters who want to hurt her wolves. She’ll do anything to protect the only family she has even if they are “wolves.”

You literally had one job. Intergalactic ups driver. Deliver the package from one planet to another across the galaxy. What do you do? Crash on a planet with hot bear shifters. And the 3 who run it want think you’re their mate. *snaps fingers “Darn it”*

An abused shifter female and a rag tag group of extremely different shifters that protect her from her past…and her future. I love this series.

Fourth Generation Monster Hunter. Shifters are the monsters. The world as we know is has ended. The real monsters were the ones wearing skin before the world went dark. Urban Fantasy/PRN RH Slow Burn.

A human college student that gets to join a shifter council because of a prophecy. 3 hot shifters, I like those odds. RH.

RH develops over time. MC is a werewolf with power. Shifters and vampires. Murder and mystery.

One female wolf in danger and 4 sexy dragons determined to protect her.

I find male feline shifters sexy. Our MC doesn’t even know that shifters exist. She’s in for a delicious treat.

RH Hot Bear shifters. Omg, can you imagine the snoring? Our MC is saved from freezing to death by 4 bear shifters.

Does a MC ever learn that you can’t run from your past?

“Four Dragon Guards. Three Curses. Two Heirs. One Choice…
Forbidden love or the throne of the dragons? ” -Amazon

Guard a gateway with 8 sexy other guardians? Save demon children in trouble. I’m in. Demons, vampires, and shifters. RH.

Slowish burn RH. Female wolf scared of her own kind. The one person who took care of her is brutally murdered. She takes off in search of justice pushing her fears aside as she comes across local packs.

Unusual premise. Rh where the MC has an internship following a rockbank (that are werewolves). Oh, she’s also running from her old life. (not so new part of a premise)

A lone wolf. She suddenly finds herself with multiple alpha suitors. How’s a girl supposed to ignore that, be a lone wolf, and run from her past?

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