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As I looked over our current request list, I felt inexplicably driven to focus on the asks for a book focusing on the ones for an FBI/CIA/Crime theme. I do love a good mystery, and when I realized I had only done two mystery posts before, this became the one for me this week!

I kept this pretty wide open, looking for anything related to a good mystery or one of the three-letter agencies. There weren’t as many mysteries that weren’t mafia/biker club or even academy themed. Where’s my Kate Daniels of Reverse Harem World?

At any rate, I hope you can find a good mystery that calls to you from the list below.

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

Amazon Description

What do you get when you cross a cursed bookshop, three hot fictional men, and a murder mystery to solve?

After being fired from my fashion internship in New York City, I’m back in the quaint English village where I grew up to work at Nevermore Bookshop. I’m hoping that being surrounded by great literature will help me find a new path.

But my quiet life becomes stranger than fiction – a mysterious curse on the bookshop brings fictional characters to life in lust-worthy bodies. Now I’m having poetry duels with Poe’s raven, rescuing customers from grumpy Heathcliff, and getting life advice from James Moriarty, all while trying not to fall for the three broken men who should only exist in my imagination.

Sounds great, right?

Well, it is, apart from the murders.

That’s right: murders. Turns out this quaint English village is murder-central.

My ex-best friend shows up dead with a knife in her back, and I’m the chief suspect. I’m going to have to Agatha Christie this shiz if I want to clear my name. Can my fictional boyfriends keep me out of prison?

The Nevermore Bookshop Mysteries are what you get when all your book boyfriends come to life. Join a brooding antihero, a master criminal, a cheeky raven, and a heroine with a big heart (and an even bigger book collection) in this brand new steamy paranormal mystery series by USA Today bestselling author Steffanie Holmes.

Amazon Description

A single mother on the run. Four wolf shifters willing to do anything to protect her. One small safe house.
My CIA past has come back to haunt me.

My cover is blown, my son and I are on the run, and now I have four ex-military wolf shifters protecting us.

On top of it all, I have a history with one of them. And a big, fat secret that I can never tell him.

Things would be a lot less awkward if the safe house wasn’t packed with gorgeous shifters and a whole lot of sexual tension.

Then, there’s the small problem of the bounty on my head.

Nothing is ever easy.

Cody, the man I left six years ago, still has my heart. But, do I have his? Or will our history prove to be too much for him, even as the heat between us starts to build?

Phoenix instantly befriends my son when they bond over shared geekiness. He would fit right in with my little family; but, is he even interested?

Jasper is quiet and distant, but those wolf eyes watch me intently. There just might be something there—if only I could draw him out.

Sparks fly in no time flat with Grant, but maybe I should hold back. After all, there’s no way I can have all four determined, passionate men.

Can I?

While I fight to protect my son, I’ll also have to protect my heart.

But it’s already pulling in four directions.

Amazon Description

One day, one client and my world is about to crash.
Can I accept the life he is offering me with his three friends as part of the deal, or will the darkness they’re involved in ruin me?

All my life I felt something wasn’t right and that I had to live up to my younger sister until I left home and made my own path. My job may not be ordinary but it sure is interesting.

Not only do I own the high-class escort agency, I work it as well, being very selective of my clients and never lying down on the job…if you get my meaning.

Then one day and one client, changes all of that. He introduces me to a world I could imagine because my parents have it — all four of them — but never thought I wanted. Being involved in a relationship with more than one man definitely has its perks but can I get away with breaking my own cardinal rule, not once but four times?

This dilemma plagues me and when I’m introduced to the dark underworld of Liverpool, I have a decision to make and I’d better make damn sure I’m prepared for the consequences, no matter what I decide.

This is a dark contemporary RH romance with triggering situations and dark themes. Includes scenes of BDSM. (Please read the Preface regarding the triggers). Please note that it is set in England with British characters and as such there are British English words used in dialogue and inner monologue.

Amazon Description

My name is Ace Bissett, and I’m a paranormal detective who doesn’t believe in magic.

Or at least, I didn’t before I met them.

The day I inherited my aunt’s old house, everything changed. One moment, I was convinced that magic was a hoax. The next, I’m surrounded by four winged, fanged, ridiculously hot guys who are definitely not human, and who insist that I’m the only one who can break the curse that binds them to the night.

I know I should run far, far away from this hot mess, but there’s a connection between us I can’t deny. I’m seeing things I can’t explain, feeling things that don’t make sense. The detective in me has never been able to resist a mystery, and this one is just begging me to dig in.

But all that will have to wait, because there’s a new threat stalking my city. One with a taste for blood and bone, unable to be killed or captured by normal human means.

It’s a good thing I’ve got four new roommates to help me hunt them down. But even if I didn’t, I’d figure out a way. Because I never give up. I never give in. And I always protect what’s mine.

Scroll up and grab your copy today!

Amazon Description

Five years ago, I had an audition for the ballet company of my dreams. Five years ago, my boyfriend purposely broke my toes and ruined my dreams. Two days later, I found out I’m a witch.

I thought my ballet days were over. I just graduated from the academy to work as a federal agent with the Paranormal Investigation Bureau. I get called into the office for something that could change my life permanently. Meaning, I could die. That ballet company I never got to audition for is doing The Sugar Skull Girl. This ballet has never been seen on stage before. I don’t have the full story, but rumors are that any time someone tries to attempt this ballet, things soon turn fatal.

I’ve been told to strap my pointe shoes on and use my witch abilities to go undercover at the ballet company. I had my reservations about taking this job, even if it had once been a dream of mine to dance for The P. The artistic director is a horny Unseelie rake who makes casting decisions with his cock. The prima ballerina here needs to retire, but she’s totally toxic about making sure no one upstages her. She has a club of mean girl ballet dancers willing to ruin careers just for the spotlight…or maybe just for fun.

Not only do I have to survive gossip, hot male dancers who like to sniff around new ballerinas, and toxic prima ballerinas, I have to figure out what is going on with this ballet before we all die. I might not like these people, but I’m here to save their lives.

Thoughts from Paige

Okay, information overload in that prologue. And not in a bad way! I got our MCs entire backstory in a few pages and somehow am already emotionally invested in her. I’ve already added this to my TBR pile, and I’m sure I’ll be reading it very soon.

This series is now complete, and is available as a set on Amazon.  The individual books are also still available.

Amazon Description

“He betrayed me.”

That’s all my father left me on a bloody note with four names. That note is my hit list. I will find out who killed my father.

And I will have revenge.

Each of these men is rich, powerful, and gorgeous.

Magnus may be a giant Viking, but he has the sensitive heart of an artist.

Tattoo covered, Bratva leader Yuri bleeds danger.

Chess master Talon is the polar opposite of his wild twin, Vice.

They make me burn with desire, but any one of them could have killed my father. How can I give in to temptation when I don’t know the truth?

I’m not the only one hunting. When bullets start flying, it’s up to me to keep my men safe. Until I have my answers, these men are mine and mine alone.

And if anyone’s going to kill them, it will be me.

Author’s Note: This book contains four swoon-worthy alpha males, one kick ass heroine, cursing, steamy sex (Including MM stuff in the later books), plenty of action and dark suspense and lots of sass. If you like books where the heroine never has to choose just one, then this is for you. AND this series is COMPLETE!

Amazon Description

One strong woman. Four hulking Fae Guardians. Even a dark secret that could destroy the world doesn’t stand a chance.Paranormal detective Eve Carter knows things. She’s always had uncanny gut instincts. When a run of supernatural murders take place, Eve thinks she may be the only one who can save her once idyllic hometown from the dark threat. What she doesn’t expect is four sexy Fae warriors to save her from a vampire attack. Or the mysterious bond that she feels with them. Guardians Noah, Tyler, Jacob and Cole have spent centuries protecting the Fae, so when there is a breach of the veil between the realms, they are ordered to investigate the disturbance. But what they find is shocking. A beautiful woman with the gift of the Fae . . . and a compelling desire to serve her every need. Guardians of Magic is a full-length Reverse Harem Paranormal Fantasy Romance. Action-packed, steamy, and addictive, you’ll be glued to the pages until the last word.

Amazon Description

Wrongfully accused, my only hope is three detectives who want to prove more than just my innocence. They want to prove they own me…in bed.

I didn’t do it.
Famous last words.
When I get accused of a crime I didn’t commit, I hire three hot detectives to help me get me off.
Three very sexy and talented ones.
They’re very good at shooting…straight.
Working long…hours.
Finding hidden…secrets.
Pumping…for information.
And rooting out…secrets.
But the real criminal is still out there.
Putting more than just my heart at risk.

Amazon Description

Anise Evans is the goddess of protection and justice.

She’s also a known vigilante, which makes her life dream of being in law enforcement rather moot, no agency would hire someone with a record. She does what she can, and she protects the people in her neighborhood the best she can, all while trying not to get caught again.

Her life’s about to change. The tensions between the supernatural races and humans haven’t exactly been cordial since exposure eighteen years ago, but things are about to heat up even further, and she’s about to be dragged into the middle of it…

Author’s Note: This is a full novel (over 62K words), slow burn, Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy, which doesn’t stint on the fantasy or the romance. There are some mature situations in this book, but no erotic or explicit scenes of sex. There will be explicit scenes in the following books however, so be warned now. There are four planned books in this series, so minor cliffhangers are unavoidable, but the main plot in this book will be tied up by the end.
Most of the book is in the first person, from Anise’s POV, but the men have some cameos in the third person limited POV.

Amazon Description

A special delivery with photos of my groom screwing other women,
Sends me bolting from the church right into the massive arms of my abductors.

My three oversized alpha captors have much bigger plans for me than walking down the aisle.

Anthony my Silver Fox, has a sex appeal that makes him impossible to resist.

Christopher likes it rough, with his big bulging… muscles.

And Francis, my protector is sweet and kind and hot as hell.

These smoking hot brothers have ignited burning desires deep inside me.

They’ve vowed to help me get my revenge on the ones who killed my family.

They’re teaching me how and protecting me.

But who will protect me from them?

I feel myself falling hard.

One by one they mold me to their will.

I can’t resist them.

I won’t resist them.

With my newfound freedom, I can have everything I want.

And I want them but will they share me?

Or will my needs break the sacred bond between brothers?

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