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Although I’m feeling a bit more in the mood for a light-hearted read, the theme request we are tackling today is serial killers! Best watch your back!

Some of thee are on the lighter-is side of books featuring a serial killer; others seem pretty full-on dark. I hope you can find something new to read from the selection!

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

A History of Violence: A Dark RH Serial Killer Bully Romance (A Violent Agenda Book 1) by Mallory Fox
Amazon Description

Fire burns the worst sins. Trust is overrated. Killing for pleasure is messy, bloody, chaotic... He was supposed to die. But now I have him where I want him, I can’t help but taste him a little. All of them. They've gotten under my skin. These Sacred Heart boys. The way they look at me, a need, a hunger clawing inside, I recognize it in the mirror. It’s their eyes. They tell me they don't give a fuck if they live or die. That I’m the prey and they're the carnivores. That they're soulless. But in the end, they all beg. Violent, bloody, and raw. Because I’m the real monster. They just don’t know it yet. Publisher Note: A History of Violence is a dark RH serial killer bully romance, intended for mature readers, containing material that some may find triggering or offensive. Credits: Photography, Cover Design, and Formatting by TalkNerdy2me
Beckoned: A Vampire Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance: Born of Darkness (Book 1) by R. B. Fields
Beckoned: A Vampire Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance: Born of Darkness (Book 1) by R. B. Fields
Amazon Description

Sexy vampires with attitudes, a strong female hunter who holds the key to their demise, and a vampire race who knows her very existence is a threat. Things would be easier if she didn't love them.

By day, I’m an emergency room nurse. By night, I’m a hunter, stalking serial killers that the police can’t catch…until one of my hunts goes bad, and the only thing standing between me and certain death is a handsome stranger who just happens to come with fangs.

But it seems saving my life isn’t enough—he says I’m coming home with him.

It turns out my quarry was a vamp too, and vampires aren’t supposed to kill their own, especially not over a human. Oops. It won’t be long until the dead vampire’s clan catches up with us.

And though my new friend’s hive of alpha warriors each have their merits, not all four are friendly—some would rather throw me to our enemies than help. It makes them especially nervous that their powers don’t work when I’m nearby. But it soon becomes clear that we’ll need each other to get out of this alive.

What alpha vampires want, alpha vampires get.

And what they want is me.

Why choose just one?

The Born of Darkness series is high heat reverse harem paranormal romance that features one badass female hunter, her four fated vampire mates, and provocative MFMMM scenes. For fans of Laurell K. Hamilton.

Claimed by Wolves: A reverse harem shifter romance (Pack Magic Book 1) by Bella Jacobs
Claimed by Wolves: A reverse harem shifter romance (Pack Magic Book 1) by Bella Jacobs
Amazon Description

In the span of twenty-four hours, supernatural detective Aster Nix went from virgin witch to the coveted mate of three tall, dark, and delicious wolf shifters. But are Rake, Finn, and Damon really a dream come true? Or are they a threat to her and her coven?

The last thing Aster needs is a complicated, forbidden romance. With a bloodthirsty killer on the loose, it’s her job to catch him before he kills another witch.

Yes, Damon makes her feel impossibly safe, Rake makes her laugh, and Finn turns her knees to jelly every time he casts his dark eyes her way, but Chastity witches don’t take more than one mate. It just isn’t done.

Even if their mating is the fated connection she’s always hoped to find, their future is unpredictable at best. Or worse, just plain dangerous...

And that’s assuming they have a future. First, she needs to stop the serial killer now after her and the three men who are quickly becoming her world…

*This WHITE-HOT paranormal shifter series is intended for readers 18 and over. This is a true reverse harem romance featuring one witch and her fated mates. M/M/F/M*

It appears that this was previously published under a different name.  There is an audiobook of that version available.  I haven't read either so I cannot verify these are the same.  Link to audiobook is here, rather than the normal spot, since I'm not 100% sure.

Cruel Control: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance (The Desecration of Innocence Book 1) by Candace Wondrak
Cruel Control: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance (The Desecration of Innocence Book 1) by Candace Wondrak
Amazon Description

Sometimes the worst monsters in the world are the ones we let close.

Daddy keeps me locked away. For my own good, he says. The world is a dark and terrible place, full of people who will take advantage of you, hurt you… maybe even kill you. I don’t know what he does, only that his clients are of the rich variety.

But one day he doesn’t come home, and I wake to find a stranger in my room.

Whisked away, stolen to a house on the outskirts of Midpark, I’m no more than a pawn, something the devil himself can control. Daddy crossed the devil, and now I’m to pay for his sins.

What is the devil’s name, you ask?

Markus Scott. And Markus will not stop until I fall in line.

This innocence of mine has no place in a hell like this.

**The Desecration of Innocence series will contain triggers. Violence and gore, among other things. This is the first book in a RH/Why Choose series, meaning our girl will not have to choose. The men in this series are not heroes, so if you need that in your romance, turn back now. You’ve been warned. Markus doesn’t play nice.**

Cute But Psycho: Paranormal Asylum Reverse Harem by Beatrix Hollow
Cute But Psycho: Paranormal Asylum Reverse Harem by Beatrix Hollow
Amazon Description

I'm certifiably insane. Just ask my amazing therapist. He's my soulmate and a vampiric serial killer. There's no one I'd rather stalk more.

Except no more late night slinking for me. I'm in The Asylum, committed as a danger to myself and others. They tell me I'm delusional, which they aren't wrong...except about what.

See, this place is made for supernaturals too dangerous to let roam free. The doctors, the staff, the family members that helped put us here are all in on it, trying to convince us magic is just another delusion. They plan to keep us here forever--sedated and docile.

Aren't we all just perfect test subjects for inhumane experiments? Well, the doctors think so at least.

Yeah... it's time to bust out of the loony bin. Unfortunately for our zookeepers we're the most dangerous supernaturals there are and we haven't been taking our medicine.

A genetically modified super alpha wolf monster. An ultra rare basilisk, so venomous he can't leave any skin exposed. My dreamy serial killing vampire therapist.
Oh, and me. A genetic marvel, one of the few dhamphyr to ever exist and probably, just a little... more crazy than most.

Nighty, night Asylum. Don't let the nightmares bite.

Author Note: Full-length STANDALONE! This is a why choose/reverse harem dark paranormal romance where the female lead does not need to choose between her three male love interests. There are m/m scenes, steam, and mature themes including: violence, language, and etc..

Thoughts from Paige

I've had this book on my list for a while now, ever since it was nominated as one of the Best RH of 2021 here on the site.  This may just be my next read, the author packs so much in a single sentence.

"Stalkers weren't supposed to accidentally stalk serial killers and they definitely weren't supposed to abruptly realize they weren't the craziest one in their obsessive relationship." Woah.  I learned a crap ton about our FMC from that line alone.

I LOVE when authors assume we can keep up, and don't spell everything out for us.  Please keep in mind I've read exactly one page of the first chapter.  I couldn't let myself go on because I want to finish the book I started at 4 am today.

Okay I lied, I read to the beginning of the second page too and had to stop at "murder cooler".  Seriously, thank you to whoever nominated this book. I've just bumped it up on my TBR list.

Update: I'm going to leave my initial thoughts here.  It fits this theme request, if my memory serves me correctly.

Don't Say My Name: A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance (Legends Unleashed Book 1) by Lacey Carter Andersen & Helen Scott
Don’t Say My Name: A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance (Legends Unleashed Book 1) by Lacey Carter Andersen & Helen Scott
Amazon Description

Say my name...

They tell you I bring death and carnage. They believe I'm a curse, one that's contagious.

But they're wrong.

I was locked away for protecting the innocent. And while my name does bring violence and bloody destruction, it's only to those whose very souls are corrupted by the violence and hatred they harbor within.

So say my name if you need my help. I'm Bloody Mary, and I promise I'm more than a legend; I'm a witch with the power to save you.

But when four sinfully sexy men make promises to free me from my prison, for the first time in my life, I need to trust someone else to save me. Because the dark powers that trapped me long ago aren't about to let me go free, at least not without a fight.

DON'T SAY MY NAME is a paranormal reverse harem with a tough, sarcastic heroine, four unique supernatural men, and steamy scenes that will leave you breathless. So if you're looking for something with a spooky edge and some humor that will leave your mouth watering, click to grab your copy.

book cover image Mania (Kings of Grove Academy Book 1) by Katie May
Mania (Kings of Grove Academy Book 1) by Katie May
Amazon Description


Everyone fears them.

Except for me.

The kings who rule Grove Academy don’t scare me, not with their gentle touches, sweet words, and smiles reserved only for me. But maybe...

Maybe I should be scared.


We watch her. Protect her. Love her.

There’s a word for people like us—psychopaths.

But how can we be psychopaths, when we protect the one person who deserves it? Someone so sweet and innocent, she’s completely oblivious to the horrors plaguing our elite town?

The cops call us serial killers.

We call ourselves hers.

This is a dark reverse harem romance with gothic academies, dangerous cults, serial killers, and a sweet girl planted smack dab in the middle of it all.

Mountain Menace: A Dark Werewolf Reverse Harem Monster RomanceA.M. Proctor
Mountain Menace: A Dark Werewolf Reverse Harem Monster Romance by A.M. Proctor
Amazon Description

Monsters come in all shapes and sizes. Some prefer to own you, some demand to chase you, others crave to destroy you in the most beautiful ways possible. Hardley (Lee) Denim Walsh When you’re the evil daughter of the notorious Everglades Serial Killer, raised on abuse and the dark deeds done to seventeen innocent victims, the last thing you want to do is look backwards. I did my time, the therapy and was looking forward to a future where I could control my destiny. The misty peaks of the Appalachian Mountains seemed far enough removed for me to relax. But my dreams are shattered when an afternoon hike with my real estate agent turned into a violent and bloody hunt for revenge. Too bad these good old boys of “back woods justice” underestimated this out-of-shape Florida foreigner. Two of them fled wounded and bleeding, but my hand did not kill the third. Rescued by three mysterious mountain men, they took my broken body to their remote homestead… and healed more than just my carcass. Each obsessive, animalistic male filled the holes my treacherous upbringing gouged out of me. Daddy Bear is the affectionate and approving authority my childhood lacked. Caretaker Silas fills my soul the way my mother should have. Femboy Cassius is hilarious, passionate chaos in a world I take too seriously. Dominant Darius is… well, he’s the feral, punishing bully I secretly hunger for. As dysfunctional as they are, they might be a dream I never dared to imagine. I’m a powerful survivor, but I’ll need to be a brave warrior to get what I want. Lowering a lifetime of guarded walls takes trust I don’t possess, especially when they harbor secrets more horrific than mine. Dive into this paranormal “why choose” monster romance with dark and taboo themes today. Mature and adventurous readers who love a touch of murder and mystery with their steamy love scenes will devour Mountain Menace. Check the author’s website for specific trigger warnings and R rated content.
The Tower Card Murder: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Tarot Arcana Mysteries Book One) by Mika Kosey
The Tower Card Murder: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Tarot Arcana Mysteries Book One) by Mika Kosey
Amazon Description

One draw of a card changes my life - because it's not just any card.

I read tarot cards. I’m the real deal, but my psychic abilities scare the shit out of me. I see the auras of the living. Sometimes the dead speak to me—and not always when I want them to. Just reading cards? Now, that's safe.

Except this morning, the cards said my life will change—and there’s no going back.

Not super helpful. Why can’t they tell me the truth about my father's unsolved murder, or that creeper I locked eyes with on the way to work this morning? Better yet, why not explain my vivid dreams involving five enthralling men?

About that change? Maybe it’s the total stranger who walks out of those dreams, into my life and opens the door to a reality neither of us could have predicted. The reality that this is my last chance to reconnect with my five soulmates from a previous lifetime, 7000 years ago.

I must find and re-awaken them. But in the process of finding one soulmate, I might’ve lost another one forever.

Will I uncover the truth about my father while finding my soulmates, before a serial killer finds me?

Yeah, I have so many questions, but I’ve learned to be careful what I ask. Because the cards never lie…but they don’t always tell the truth.

The Tower Card Murder is a Reverse-Harem Paranormal Romance featuring multiple love interests, a slow burn focusing on emotional connections with a steamy fade to black, and the reincarnation of the oldest recorded reverse harem story in human history. Oh yeah, and lots of tarot cards. This is the first book in the Tarot Arcana Mysteries series.

Vampire Captivated: A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance by Sabrina Thatcher
Vampire Captivated: A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance by Sabrina Thatcher
Amazon Description

My name might be Darcy, but this is no regency romance.
No, there’s far too many fangs involved for that.

Vampires aren’t supposed to be hiding out in the middle of the sunny Nevada suburbs, but then again, vampires aren’t supposed to be falling in love with humans, either. I’ve read enough romances pulled from the back section of library shelves to know that.

And yet…here we are.

If only the fact that the three sexy-as-hell LeBlanc brothers are basically blood-sucking serial killers was the biggest problem keeping us apart.

I came to Nevada to try and find some semblance of a normal life, but it isn’t long before a normal life is the last thing on my mind. How could it be, when it’s the prospect of forever literally on the line?

Vampire Captivated is the first in a new Paranormal Reverse Harem romance series. It starts out slow-burn with the promise of more steam to come.


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