To Tame a Shifter Series-Maiming Review

Maiming is book 3 in the To Tame a Shifter Series. To think, it all started with 3 little dragon eggs, a pet hell hound. Of course we can’t forget our mage in hiding. Book 4 arriving in February, will be called Sustaining.

In book 3 we get to experience a bit of “this is what a home life feels like.” Or could feel like. Arlow, her best friend, hell hound, and dragons are currently staying in the guys home village. This is where Arlow gets to feel nice and awkward. She gets to meet the moms. The neighbors. The ex-girlfriend. She’s exposed to all these elements that throw off her kilter and leave her feeling insecure. There’s also a mystery mage that shows up to town, but wants her presence kept under wraps. As if that isn’t suspect.

In Maiming, I feel like we got to see the bond between Arlow and her dragons grow exponentially. Sexy times. I enjoy any sexy times featuring Prime. Sinister, our sweet hell hound is still an unknown variable. As Arlow’s love from her youth, I get why the character is leery. As for the author, I hope she ropes him into her harem. The guy protects her, loves her, and wants nothing but her happiness. Common. Throw the guy a bone.

This is a fantasy RH. If you’re on this page reading this review, I’d suggest you begin with book 1 Taming. These books are not to be read out of order. It would be confusing. RECOMMENDED: YES! As always, happy reading! -Quare Eligere

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