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I had completely misread the request for a fated mate post; it came with a twist! The ask was for larger harems comprised of fated mates within the paranormal romance setting. Hopefully I did it justice! I pulled a lot from books I read but did try to find some new ones out there. Fingers crossed, you can all find a book to read for the weekend.

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P.S. Since I mostly read on my Kindle, I can look at my content history to see what I’ve read. But I have been having a real struggle lately remembering what series I’m reading and what series is dropping a book next. How do you all track it? Goodreads? Following the author? Wish lists? I have GOT to find a better way to track my books!

Blood and Ruin by: Rumer Hale
Amazon Description

Six years ago, my world was ripped from under me, and I was taken to Cardinal Three. A place where pain has been my endless companion.

Witches, demons, shifters and humans all live under one rule.


What he says goes.

So, trying to get the hell out of here hasn’t been easy.

No one leaves without his permission.

In fact, no one leaves at all...That is, alive.

But I have a plan.

One chance to get out of this nightmare once and for all.

One month is all I need.

One month to stay off King's radar and get the last few items needed for the spell I’ve been working on.

Shouldn’t be that hard...right?

But turns out King has his own plan. One that involves trading me off to the five alphas of Manhattan.

With King's ultimatum, I have no choice but to go through with it. But I’m still getting out of here, no matter what.

Or so I thought.

Turns out the five alphas are my mates…

And also, the boys I left behind six years ago.

**Blood and Ruin is a Reverse Harem romance, meaning the main FMC will not have to choose between love interests. It also contains violence, adult themes, bad-language and content which some readers may find upsetting.**

book image: Chaotic (Arcane Mage Series Book 1)  by: T.S. Snow
Chaotic by: T.S. Snow
Amazon Description

Battle mage or magical engineer? Easy choice, right? Engineer, obviously.

I'm Charisma Carter, tech genius and nerd extraordinaire. I actually used to be Charisma Silverstorm, member of one of the six elite Arcane Families, until my family shunned me when I turned 18 because my magic wasn't strong enough. However, where I lack in magic I more than make up for with the tech I develop, if I do say so myself. Apparently I'm not the only one.

From the minute I received my diploma as a magical engineer, it seems like my world has turned upside down. Now, members of all six families are competing to get me to work for them. They're willing to use anything...from bribes to charm. It's not enough that the heirs to Arcane are walking sex gods, they also have a lot of money and exceptional magical skills.

As our paths intertwine, I have to try to stay true to who I am, who I've always been, and not succumb to their charms. But how can a girl resist when the future she always dreamed of is right at her fingertips?

This book is a reverse-harem romance intended for adult audiences.

Thoughts from Paige
I adore this series. The MC is brilliant, clumsy, totally an introvert, and so dang awesome. I love the rhythm each book has and feel so immersed in the world every time I pick up a book. Alas, only the first few books are out on audible, but I am definitely going to be keeping an eye out for them. I really liked the narrators as well, just an overall awesome audiobook.  We do get a pretty good idea about who may be in her harem, but it progresses nicely over the series.

P.S. I do realize I've included this series in quite a lot of posts.  Yes, it's one of my favorites. #sorrynotsorry

Crash Course: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance (My Fated Zodiac Harem Book 1) by Ursula Fleet
Crash Course: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance (My Fated Zodiac Harem Book 1) by Ursula Fleet
Amazon Description

I’m just a girl standing in front of a guy, begging him to save me from the monsters.
With no family, a take-no-sh*t attitude, and a fast-paced job as a delivery biker in NYC, I keep men at arm’s length. It makes things simple. What’s not simple is when monsters kidnap me in broad daylight and throw me in the back of a cab.

I’m all on my own and totally screwed… until a mysterious stranger tears the car apart to rescue me.

Ramsey, also known as Aries, says he’s the first constellation of the Zodiac, twelve superpowered protectors who have dreamed of me for thousands of years. He’s all that stands between me and the horrors of the void. And did I mention he’s hot as hell?

One by one, the Zodiac are waking to save me—and the whole goddamn world—from the ancient horrors and their slimy, grasping tentacles.

Aries is the first. I don’t know why I trust him… I definitely need him… and I can’t fight how much I want him.

If Lovecraft went on a bar crawl through Queens with your twelve favorite book boyfriends, you’d get the Fated Zodiac Harem. Snarky banter, one sassy heroine, twelve sexy reborn stars, and lots of fun await... scroll up and one-click now! Book 2 is available on preorder for April 20th, 2022.

Fate Hollow Academy: Term 1 by Lyra  Winters
Fate Hollow Academy: Term 1 by Lyra Winters
Amazon Description

Welcome to Fate Hollow Academy, where supernaturals blessed by the Fates cultivate their manifested powers and master ancient magic.Fate Hollow is the academy of the elite, where supernatural beings with special magic train for war against humans.A big-hearted, naïve arctic fox shifter like me couldn’t have prepared for the treachery lurking within the walls of the academy. Students were going missing or turning up dead on campus and rumors circulated about humans infiltrating academy grounds.Seeds of fear bloomed within the student body. To make matters worse, the mate that rejected me was hellbent on painting a bright red target on my back with the help of his new girlfriend.Against all odds, I found refuge with seven irresistible supernatural men, each one more different from the last.Would the bond of my mates be enough to manifest my hidden power? Without it, I was vulnerable. And with a dragon cult attempting to wage war on humans, I had no choice but to fight.

Thoughts from Paige

I LOVE this book, and cannot wait for the second to come out. The blurb isn't the best, in my opinion, but I absolutely loved the heck out of this book.

First Addition: Hemlock Academy Book 1 by Kelsey Soliz
Amazon Description

I was so close to getting everything I wanted, an internship with my Uncle, an officer with the special-ops team.If it weren't for a stupid boy that had to go and make me angry, causing me to turn a certain part of his anatomy purple and sparkly, I wouldn't have accidentally revealed to my family what I really was. What I had been hiding. Now, my father is making me attend the school he headmasters, a stuck-up elite academy that will never take a bodysmith like me seriously. Fate may have cursed me with six mate spots to fill, but that doesn't mean I need to tell everyone my true purpose for being at the academy. If I can survive the other petty circulators at the school that think they're queen bee, and hide my own status from everyone, I just might be able to find the six men that I don't really want. They might think I'm inconsequential, but I'm determined to carve out my own happiness, no matter what it takes.
House of Dragon Blood: A Fated Mate Reverse Harem Fantasy Novela (The Queen of Magic Trials Book 1) by K.N. Lee
House of Dragon Blood: A Fated Mate Reverse Harem Fantasy Novela (The Queen of Magic Trials Book 1) by K.N. Lee
Amazon Description

I'm a witch.

Yes, I know. It tends to make most people uncomfortable, but I don't go around announcing it to just anyone.

Truth is, I didn't even know I was a witch until my estranged uncle came and took me from my home in North Carolina to a gothic castle in Scotland...and started teaching me magic.

I thought that was as exciting as it was going to get...

Until I met the five princes of the Society of Magic, and learned I'm the key to protecting the human and fae realms from the darker side of magic.

The House of Exiles.

Join New York Times bestselling author, K.N. Lee in an exciting, dangerous, reverse harem fantasy that blends the contemporary world with the ancient world of the fae. Expect dragon shifters, magic, and a fated mate enemies to lovers slow burn romance. TRIGGER WARNING: includes a cliffhanger.

Protected by the Pack: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Fated Shifter Mates) by Jade Alters
Protected by the Pack: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Fated Shifter Mates) by Jade Alters
Amazon Description

I took this assignment in Afghanistan to prove my wretched, disconnected father wrong but an unexpected ambush has us on the run. The cold, dark nights aren’t so bad though. Not when I’m under the close protection of four strong, hot Green Berets. 

They’re true alpha males, ready to put themselves in danger for me.

As the days pass, I find myself more and more attracted to each of them. I want to melt in their muscular arms as they hold me close. I want to feel their lips against mine as we ignore the chaos around us.

But I can’t…. Because everybody has secrets, especially me, and mine followed me out here; their roots are deeper than I could have ever imagined. Out here in the wilderness, anything is possible – and nothing is off-limits. 

As the danger mounts all around us, I’m forced to ask myself: who can I trust?

Protected by the Pack is the sixth book in the Fated Shifter Mates Collection of standalone reverse harem paranormal romances. Each with a HEA guaranteed and enough steam to get you through winter.

Publisher’s note: This book was previously published as Mated to the Pack II.

Thoughts from Paige

This is part of a series of standalone books about fated mates, doesn't seem like there is a need to read the books in a given order.

Rise of Shadows (Darker Shade Series Book 1) by T.S. Snow
Rise of Shadows (Darker Shade Series Book 1) by T.S. Snow
Amazon Description

Death calls, I answer.Quite literally.

Every time I close my eyes, I see those who are about to die,
And I’m unable to do anything to stop it.
Until one day, when I try to save yet another victim, something inside of me just…flips.

The shadows rise, and they’re hungry.

All I ever wanted was to be normal,
Instead, I found out just how different I am.
I must learn to control my powers, to take charge of my life.
Because if not? Well, there are angels out there hunting me.

I’m told demons are safe, demons won’t care about what I am.
But if an angel ever finds out…. They’ll kill me on sight.
They think I’m a monster, something forbidden.

They can never know the truth.

When I stumble upon a group of men at a club, two demons and an angel, I don’t know what to do.
I should run, but something about them calls to me.
Something deliciously wicked.
Something I want to explore.

But giving into temptation might just bring my downfall.

Author's note: Darker Shade is the first book in a series of stand-alone books where the main character will not have to choose between her men. Due to mature content, it should not be read by anyone under the age of 18.

Content warning: This book contains cursing, violence, and sexy times between multiple people, including people of the same sex. It's a darkish book that explores the thematic of death, so if that makes you uncomfortable, please skip this book. I promise there will be other, lighter books in the future.

***Release date might be moved forward!***

Thoughts from Paige

I feel like we are going to have a larger harem with some fated mate themes going on here, but I'm no 100% sure yet.  Some parts made me slightly uncomfortable, but that is common with lust demons using their powers as a weapon/defense. I'll keep an eye out for the next in the series; I would love a series about her mother!

Siren's Hunt (Royal Storm of Atlantis Book 1) by Sedona Ashe
Siren’s Hunt (Royal Storm of Atlantis Book 1) by Sedona Ashe
Amazon Description

After centuries spent in suspended animation, I’m hangry. Now, a team of sexy men have been sent to hunt me down…

Let them come.

Thanks to a protective spell gone wrong, I am what the world calls a ‘siren’.

Yep, you heard me right. I’m a siren. The lost princess of Atlantis. During the horrific battle between light and darkness, as Atlantis sank beneath the waves, I was caught in some crazy magic that changed my body and put me down for a really long nap. The humans, still greedy as ever, woke me up when they stumbled on an energy source near the heart of my home.

I battled alongside my Atlantean brothers and sisters as evil spread like a plague from city to city. We fought bravely, but in the end, I lost everything.

I have nothing left to lose.

That same darkness has continued to take over the world while I slept. My mission is to cleanse the world of evil, so I need to get busy.

It is easy to find the men with blackened hearts and drag them to their watery graves beneath the sea. But it isn’t long before the disappearances are noticed, and I go from hunter to hunted.

Cleansing the world of evil takes a lot out of a siren. So, when the three good-hearted men cross my path, I’m ready to make them badI just need to figure out how things work with my new anatomy…

This paranormal fantasy romance features a slightly darker siren who collects her mates throughout the series. This is not the usual bubbly mermaid tale! It is full of spice, humor, and a slightly feral siren.... Oh! Let's not forget the totally ripped guys you will want to sink your fangs into! It will have a HEA… eventually.

Tethered to the World (A Phantom Touched Novel Book 1) by Stacey Brutger
Tethered to the World (A Phantom Touched Novel Book 1) by Stacey Brutger
Amazon Description


Born with the ability to defy death, Annora has been warned to keep her gift secret, but her greedy uncle can’t resist exploiting her by any means necessary. Starvation, beatings, broken bones—she’s survived them all and emerged stronger. But it’s not enough for him. It will never be enough. When she discovers her uncle plans to sell her to the highest bidder, she risks everything to escape the prison that has become her life.

The last thing she expected was to land at a university for supernaturals…or be paired with a pack of men as broken as her. As students go missing, Annora can’t get over the suspicion that she’s being hunted. To protect her, the guys must set aside their personal troubles and begin working as a team. But as her past collides with her present, she must make the ultimate sacrifice and expose her secrets to save the guys who’ve become more than family to her…and hope she’s strong enough to live with the consequences.

A Phantom Touched Novel: Book 1
Meet the Pack: Annora, Camden, Xander, Mason, Logan and Edgar.


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