The Queen’s Protectors -A Throne of Blood Series By Scarlett Snow: Review

Violet Sinclaire has been living in exile her entire life. Half vampire, and half shifter she’s not supposed to exist. With her mother murdered, and the magic keeping her under hidden protection gone, Violet finally learns the truth.

As the One True Queen of the Shadow World, Violet must take back her rightful thrown and avenge her mothers murder, no matter what. Before she can begin this quest, she must choose her protectors. Those who guard her life with their own. Mind. Body. Blood. They are hers.

Photo from Scarlett Snow’s facebook page. Depicting Queen Violet. I just want those fucking boots.

Violet’s character is strong, smart, and sexy, a dominant. She is kind, sassy, and fair. She shows the traits of a true queen, or in her case “the fucking queen of Sheba”. Violet shows development of a mind power. With great power comes great responsibility. If she is able to master this, she would be a force to be reckoned with, along with her ability to shift into something you’ll just have to read about. I want to be Violet.

Ronan is a vampire and Violet’s original protector. He has been with Violet since she was a baby. It was’t until she was around 20 that she decided to run away to New York to see her mom that Ronan realized he loved Violet. Later they became lovers, and well the rest is really sexy history.

Kaleo, is a lion shifter. He’s big, and he’s sexy. Violet’s second chosen protector. When I was reading their formal introduction at the club office, Violet said to Kaleo something along the lines of “You weren’t just my mom’s secretary, were you?” That part felt suggestive until I read further. For a moment, I thought Kaleo and Violets mom used to bang. I admit, I gagged a bit. I thought of my mom and there is no way I could ever bang one of her former lovers. And thankfully she’s never going to see this. Ha. I’m glad that cleared up my confusion when I read further.

Eliot is the reluctant protector. He is kind, shy, funny, playful, loving, and yet he’s brave. He is an Omega wolf shifter. Note: If you’re unfamiliar with shifter dynamics, an Omega is the bottom of the food chain. They are often treated poorly by their packs regardless of species.

Each character plays well off one another. You delve into Violet’s home life, and her mother’s life with the clues she left behind. I enjoyed reading their journey of Violet and her protectors finding one another and bonding. Avoiding assassins. Following clues. Being attacked. The ending is a cliffhanger, and I cannot wait to find out what happens after that announcement.

I received an advanced reader copy of this book. Book 1: The Queen’s Protectors in a Throne of Blood Series releases February 12th. This was a phenomenal read. It was dark, gritty, and the sex. Lord. *Fans self* The sex was fantastic. This book is a dark reverse harem. M/F M/M/M/F With any war, written or real, know that there will be violence. Possible triggering for those with previous parental abuse.

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