The Power of Connection: Reverse Harem Books with Pre-Formed Harems


This has been a not-so-good reading week for me. I read a book where one of the harem men died in the end, and my husband told me that perhaps I should stop reading right before bed. And then, in an effort to help, he told me a ton of scientific information about the cause of death. So…that happened.

I’ve been trying some different books, but I’m paying more attention to reviews. The theme request this week was something I needed too. An RH where the group of men is ready and waiting for their lady. I need some loving and a guaranteed happily ever after with every one of the harem.

I have read most of these books, but a couple are new, and I’ve added them to my TBR list. A lot of these could also go on a light-hearted post, and many of them have. So it’s a two-for-one post this week.

I hope we can ALL read some delicious reads this week.

Be well, and happy reading,

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Amazon Description

My car broke down on an icy road in the middle of nowhere.

I’ve got no money in the bank, no place to stay, and no food for my kids. Can it get any worse?

Sure. A police car pulls up.

The county sheriff calls his twin brother to tow my car for repairs that’ll probably cost more than the beater is worth. They say don’t worry about it. They only want to help.

Sure they do.

These gorgeous guys just happen to have two friends who own a luxurious motel called Little Cypress Lodge. I walk into this incredible hotel and it’s like I’ve entered a new fantasy world. It’s warm, there’s plenty of food for my kids, and they say I can stay. For free. As long as I need a place.
The four of them even want to hire me to do some modeling work for their new fashion line. Crazy, right?

Me. The broke down, homeless single mom.

If I can keep up the act long enough to make some deposits on a new place, I can start a new life for me and my kids. If I don’t lose my heart first.

Thoughts from Paige

I quite liked this book.  I did read the second, but haven’t yet read the third.

Amazon Description

Four Demon Warriors. The last Serafim. One dark cell.
I’m the last of my kind… a Serafim. I was taken prisoner as a child, and my parents murdered. There is no other known living member of my species to teach me the extent of my powers. All I know is that I can magically heal with my touch. But if Krillon, an evil warlord, wants me, then there must be much more to my abilities than I realize.
Abducted once again, this time from the rescue sanctuary, I’m imprisoned with four males from a violent warrior species. I’m forced to aid in their torture. With their massive size, horns, and tails, I worry that they will pay me back for my reluctant part in their torment, thinking me their enemy. Does Krillon wish to test my healing abilities? Or perhaps he wishes to trigger a dangerous power from within me?

I know that our torture is meant to be the beatings we suffer. However, my pack and I feel that the true nightmare is in the hope that we have found our fated mate in this forsaken pit.
Does it matter when we cannot protect this innocent female as we crave to with all our cursed souls?
Or will Andora’s presence make us fight that much harder to escape and take her with us?

Chained Fates is a Science fiction Dark Alien Omegaverse Standalone Romance novel.
This story features one female with more than one male love interest.
Trigger Warning: Sexual content and adult themes. It contains potentially triggering situations, abuse, explicit and steamy love scenes, knotting, nesting, alien demons, angels, magic, evil villains, and murder.

Amazon Description

Even if the world did end, five men is far too many to handle. Isn’t it?
Since the Final War, I’ve been doing just fine. I have a lovely cave, a darling vegetable patch, forest views . . . and if loneliness sometimes squeezes my aching heart, well, my books have always kept me company.

That is, until a pack of hunters chase me from my home and right into the arms of several rather large, rather brutish ex-Army Rangers. And those brutes have the nerve to make me the rudest offer I’ve ever heard.

Their protection—for my body.

The whole thing is absurd. Scandalous. Perverted, even. I mean, just the thought of doing that with five men, well, it’s . . . it’s . . .

I take the deal.

Okay, so it’s possible I find them indecently tempting. But these men also have secrets, and pasts so fraught with emotion, I’m not sure I can untangle them all. Or whether they’ll let me.

No, my brutes have made it excruciatingly clear where they think I belong—beneath them, between them, bent over backwards for them . . . but certainly not beside them.

And I don’t think that’s going to work for me.


The Brutes of Bristlebrook is a dark(ish) post-apocalyptic, steamy reverse harem romance series, meaning Eden will end up with three or more love interests after I’ve appropriately obliterated my readers’ nerves.

Expect complex characters, 1st person present tense, multiple POVs, MM in the harem, angst, lots of laughs, and to encounter material that some readers may find sensitive—a full description of which can be found on my author website.

Amazon Description

It’s never a good combo to be broke and desperate. You do stupid things. Like accidentally sign your soul over to Hell.

When I interviewed for a new security job, I didn’t bat an eye that it was for a literal graveyard shift…headstones and all. I mean, at the hourly rate they were offering, who cares? I got this.

Turns out, I’m not guarding a graveyard like I thought. It seems I’ve just walked my broke ass into protecting a Gate to Hell. Yeah…I don’t got this.

Now I’m stuck in a terrifying new reality: a group of hot demons who act like I can solve all their problems, and a battle between good, evil, and balance.

This will seriously teach me to read the fine print on Help Wanted ads. Good thing this job comes with a scythe. Maybe I can use it to stop them from dragging my ass into Hell.

Amazon Description

One omega, four alphas, one heat gone wrong …

This trip is an opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to unearth a new Egyptian temple and gain a place on Professor Weaver’s prestigious archeology team. It’s a dream come true.

One I will not let Jake Grantham and his pack of alphas ruin. We’ve been competing neck and neck at the top of the professor’s class and now she wants us working together at the archeological site.

He may be turning up the charm but I know what alphas can be like: ruthless, selfish and unforgiving. I’ve been fooled before and I’m not falling for one (two, three or four) again. I’m out to claim my future. And I won’t be letting any alphas claim me!

All I have to do is avoid the seductive scents of those four alphas and keep my heart protected.


If you love the sauciness and steam of omegaverse with the sweetness of contemporary romance, heroes with hard shells and soft interiors, and heroines who fight for what they want, you’ll love Hannah Haze’s soft and steamy books – omegaverse set in our world.

This novel is a standalone with happy ending guaranteed, multiple points of view, no cheating and a relationship between two male alphas. The story includes British characters and is written using British English spelling and usage.

Thoughts from Paige

This was a sweet book, and I enjoyed the dynamic between them all.

Amazon Description

You think your parents are bad? Try having the devil as your father. I’d had enough of all the expectations and rules that come with being the next in line for Hell’s throne. I was tired of the constant fight over my so-called duty. There was only one answer – to run away to the human realm. My only goal—to prove to the old man that I could be free and make a name for myself, without the stigma of being Lucifer’s daughter to bolster me. Years pass and I’m on the cusp of making a multi-million dollar deal when four Otherworld beings show up, demanding that I return to Hell. This wasn’t my fathers first attempt at luring me back to him, but this was the first time he found the right kind of temptation—bait so sexy that I was sure to fall into his trap. Too bad for him I was not so easily fooled. I can out seduce a casanova. I can play fist-a-cuffs with a beast. I can out maneuver a general. And I can roll the dice with a gambler. Because these four men have never danced with the devil’s daughter before, and I never lose. Author Note: This is a standalone novel about a she demon, her four horsemen, and the hilarious road it took five headstrong beings to come together… Oh and a crazy celestial family to boot. This book is extra spicy with lots of sex, a reverse harem where the FMC gets all the men.

Amazon Description

Every decade, twelve young women from my island are gifted to the monsters. This year, I’m in the line-up. But unlike the others, I want to be taken. Correction, I need to be taken—for my sister’s sake. It’s my fault she was chosen during the last offering, and I have to find out if she’s alive. I thought I was ready, but nothing could have prepared me for the four monsters who claim me. A vampire, wolf shifter, demon, and siren. They’re terrifying, powerful, and infuriatingly arrogant…and now these alphas are fixated on me. Turns out, finding my sister won’t be as easy as I’d hoped. Now that I’m in their world, the monsters think I’ll become one of them. I’m in their monster trials, and they’re going to play with me until I turn. These a**holes think it’ll be easy to break me, but they picked the wrong girl. Because I’m already a monster. They just don’t know it yet. This is a fun reverse harem fantasy novel for audiences aged 18 years and older. **Language warning **Multiple POV

Amazon Description

It starts with an unsolicited d!ck pic that led me to the @rgy where I met five glorious men for a night of my life. Don’t worry, this doesn’t result in an accidental pregnancy. It’s a whole lot weirder than that.

By the next afternoon, I found some odd marks on my body. They’re very obviously not bruises. It starts with a red line spiraling around my left ankle that kinda looks like a snake. And then a gray-blue star on my hip. By the time the fourth mark shows up, I realize that each one is where one of them men had held me while we… you know.

I’m starting to feel like a freak show as they continue to cover my body as visible reminders of my salacious night. Now, I’m doing the unthinkable – tracking down my one night stand (all six of them) to figure out what the f*ck is going on.

All I can say is I’m not prepared for the world I’ve been marked into. But at least the men are hot and hung.

This is a polyamorous story with content not suitable for those under 18 years of age due to graphic scenes and situations.

Amazon Description

What’s worse than being a member of the notorious Snake Eyes gang?
Funny you should ask… I’ll tell you.

It’s being forcefully engaged to the boss’s delusional son.

Listen. In my experience, birds are insane… Those uncaged idiots manage to be both the predator and the prey at the same time. This one bird in particular doesn’t seem to comprehend that he’s not a snake.

But it’s okay. I’m armed and venomous.

While hunting for my lost mate, the aforementioned idiot keeps sending his minions to nab me… Until I finally stop hissing around and strike back.

New town. New house. New bodies to hide. You know the deal, right? I can’t bury them all beneath my bushes like an improper lady.

That’s where my problems begin.

They certainly don’t end when the roguish neighbors catch my scent from the other side of the privacy fence.

And they definitely get worse when Worms-for-Brains invites himself into my house while my territorial mates are here.

Now, I dream of holding the safety pin of a grenade between my fangs while it rains white feathers… while also being seduced into my happily-ever-after by several alluring snake charmers.

It’s totally achievable.

Note: This is a dark and funny paranormal romcom-ish standalone in the shared world, Society of Shifters. Content includes three-to-five fated mates, poorly timed humor, a charmed cobra, a pet snake named Carol, and a Pimp and a Hooker who run amuck… but it’s not what you’re thinking. Maybe.
You can enjoy this book independently or with the entire series.

Amazon Description

Eight dominant men, one mouthy woman, an ancient curse. . . what could go wrong? Everything. Everything goes wrong. I’m Zahra Delsol, and this is my story.

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