The Naughty Book Box – To Be Continued?

Hello Lovlies! I am officially announcing my blogger retirement. I’m looking to pass the proverbial torch on to a fellow blogger, or blog partners who would like to keep this blog alive. Its been a fun run, but I’m ready.

What does this mean for readers? Rest assured, the September calendar will be published, and I have at least two reader request lists planned. After September, the blog will be stagnate while I hopefully find a replacement that knows their way around WordPress, or until my domain name comes up for renewal in November and I allow it to expire.

Hopefully someone out there would want to carry on the torch of monthly releases, and reader lists. So if you’re interested, shoot me an email to and we’ll talk.

As always, Happy Reading and thank you! – Quare Eligere

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5 thoughts on “The Naughty Book Box – To Be Continued?”

  1. Love this site, thanks for all you do. Best wishes for your next venture! Did anyone volunteer to keep it running?

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