The Importance of a Book Review

What is the first thing you do when you are searching for a new book to read? Are you a cover whore? A synopsis snob? Do you rely on book recommendations from friends? Are you in a Facebook group thread that focuses on a specific genre that you consider as must read only? Or do you look for that 5 stars, or pass because the book must suck ass? See what I did there. It doesn’t matter which method you choose in your book search, reviews still play a big part as a deciding factor before hitting the purchase button.

How do you feel about a book with zero reviews? Or less than 10? This is where I get leery when I’m looking for a new book to lose myself in. If I see that there aren’t many reviews, I tend to doubt whether should purchase it. If I purchase it by synopsis alone and end up hating it. Well, then I just pissed money down the drain. Thank goodness for the download a sample option.

So why are reviews important for books? Reviews can literally make, or break it when it comes to sales. The book world is a huge market. If you’re a international bestseller and you have a book flop with nothing but negative reviews, no big deal. If you’re an indie author trying to make a name for yourself, it can be devastating.

A review can be as short as a sentence. It can be as long as a page. The sky’s the limit because it’s your review. Either way, your help is needed. When you finish that next novel, please write a review. You are not only helping other readers, such as myself, but you are helping authors. Both Indie and well known alike. You’re helping me because I’m going to read at least 15-30 reviews before I purchase a book. Especially if it’s a new author i’ve never read. As always, happy reading! -Quare Eligere

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