The Deadly Game Review

The Deadly Game is a Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem. (PNR RH). It takes place in a setting where there are humans, witches, shifters, etc. There are sections. A human section, a section for the paranormal, and a neutral zone. One day a year, on the Day of the Dead, The Deadly Game takes place. This is a type of contest for the witches. Each coven needs one human to participate in the game. If they win the game, the coven is able to contact the dead for that night alone. The problem is…humans never survive The Deadly Game.

Blurb from Amazon-

“Don’t go outside. 
Stay away from your windows. 
Don’t look the witches in the eye. 

Once a year, the bridge between the living and the dead is opened and witches compete in The Deadly Games for a chance to speak with those that have crossed over. Each coven needs a human to participate, and this year I’m forced to help the Hex Coven, a group of sexy witches mourning the loss of their brother. They’re determined to find his killer, curses and evil covens be damned.
Humans rarely survive the games, and I’ve accepted that I won’t make it to morning. Deciding to live this night like it’s my last, I enjoy all the pleasures that the Hex Coven has to offer.

Because to speak to the dead, first you must die.”

This book was amazing. I have never read a story line quite like it. The main characters have an immediate attraction to one another, but it’s not forced. I know some authors screw up immediate attraction and make the story corny. The Deadly Game had the right amount of action, suspense, and sex. As it stands, there are no plans to make this into a series. For now it is a standalone, but with authors, that could change. I definitely recommend this book!

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