Collecting Lovers like Pokeman (Slow-Build Reverse Harems)

It’s the weekend!! Almost. Woohoo!

I’ve had way too much fun with this post.  It’s taken me so long because I keep going down tangents.  Hopefully you all enjoy some of the books as much as I have enjoyed finding them!

I’ve actually had two requests for a slow build, but one was specifically for completed series. This is not that post! I’ll be doing another completed series post set because I’ve gotten a fair bit of interest in that, so stay tuned. 

The reader requested a slow build, indicating there can never be too many men.  I totally agree! I didn’t search for large harems specifically, so there may be some more ‘standard’ sized harems, but I have looked for harems that are assembled at various times.

I actually read the term collecting men like pokemon in two books and I’m so mad at myself that I didn’t immediately add them to this post.  If anyone happens to know a book that uses this term, pretty pretty please let me know! It should definitely be included in this post. I laughed out loud when I read it.