Her Men in Blue: A Reverse Harem Romance Roma James

Sweet Reverse Harem Reads – Part 1

Hello all!

Hope you’re having a great week!

Sugary sweetness was the reader’s request, and one I was definitely in need of myself! I had so much fun vetting the books for this post, ended up reading almost all of them!

I hope these are the perfect treat for your sweet tooth cravings.

As always, images and book descriptions are from Amazon, and as an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

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Daddy's 4 Dirty Friends: An Age Gap Contemporary Reverse Harem (Their Temptation Book 1) by Barbi Cox
Daddy’s 4 Dirty Friends: An Age Gap Contemporary Reverse Harem (Their Temptation Book 1) by Barbi Cox
Amazon Description

Four of dad's hottest military friends turned billionaires + one fortune 500 job opening +
one ivy league grad = One

lucky girl! Whoever said three was a crowd never met my dad's four gorgeous best friends.

Dad lost his office manager and needs a replacement pronto.

I just graduated Brown and need to do something with my life.
No idea that something would be kissing four of daddy's friends.
How'd I know I'd be working with four of the most eligible bachelors on the planet?
And now they all want to teach me more than just how to do my job.

This is book one in Their Temptation Series.

Thoughts from Paige

I'm late to the party with this trope.  I was just going to read a sample to see if it would fit the theme of this post and ended up reading the whole book.  I liked the backstory of each character, and am looking forward to the next book.  There was some heavy foreshadowing there at the end, hopefully, it can remain in our sweet reads category!

Exception: A Billionaire, Lawyer Reverse Harem Romance (Exception Duet Book 1) by L. Miles
Exception: A Billionaire, Lawyer Reverse Harem Romance (Exception Duet Book 1) by L. Miles
Amazon Description

I'm Ali Hayes, a world-famous singer and actress with everything I could ever want...except maybe them.

Years of enviable friendship with the most eligible bachelors of New York? Check.

Strange growing possessiveness from my guys and blurring lines? Check.

Stirring feelings while I’m desperately holding on for fear of losing our friendship? Oh, absolutely.

When I’ve barely had more than one serious, disastrous relationship, how could I handle my growing attraction to all of them? And the guys are acting strange as well. Playboys abandoning their lifestyle, hot and cold kisses, smouldering glances…

Things start kicking into high gear when a secret stalker reveals themselves and my security team scrambles to guarantee my safety. Suddenly my guys are overwhelmingly protective. Alpha. Dominant. And everything starts to change.

SAFETY SQUAD: This is a New Adult reverse harem book (68K words), meaning there are multiple love interests for our heroine and she doesn't have to choose. Medium burn, guaranteed HEA by the end of the duet, and absolutely no cheating (and no OW drama, woo!). Just gorgeous men with eyes only for their woman.

Thoughts from Paige

I started checking the progress of the book about halfway through thinking "how on earth is the author going to finish everything?!".  Turns out, it's a series. Surprise! I've already marked the second down to read.  This was a nice read.

Her Men in Blue: A Reverse Harem Romance Roma James
Her Men in Blue: A Reverse Harem Romance by Roma James
Amazon Description

It's their job to protect my life… but is my heart safe with these three?

With an attacker targeting nurses at my hospital, local police have stationed three seriously tasty officers to keep us safe. And even though my coworkers and I are busy looking over our shoulders, it doesn't take long for me to see there's a lot more to these cops than sculpted muscles under tight uniforms.

Wade is intense and deviously unpredictable, and he sees right into my soul. Jake is a shameless flirt, but his carefree surface can't hide his depth—not from me. Mick never lets his guard down on the job, but after hours, he has a passionate side that's all mine.

I've always been the guarded, studious type—buttoned up, buckled down. But with these three in my orbit, I feel myself opening up. They're so different from one another, but they each have something I can't imagine living without.

And it's starting to look like I may not have to choose.

***Her Men In Blue is a steamy reverse harem romance for fans who like their men ripped, in uniform, eager to protect and serve, and ready to share! Guaranteed HEA!***

Thoughts by Paige

Groundhog Day...I wanted more from this story! I liked it, read it all, and it was very sweet. Definitely fits this trope.  But I could have done with more angst, more drama, more suspense! But that wasn't the theme of the book, which was a nice sweet read.  Perfect book for this theme.

Nadia's Boys (4 book series) by Alyssa Clark
Nadia’s Boys (4 book series) by Alyssa Clark
Amazon Description

From Book 1: High school was a nightmare. I spent the majority of my time dodging the three bullies who delighted in giving me hell. Austin, Gavin, and Vaughn were so awful that just seeing them could ruin my day. It was a relief when I finally graduated and I knew I wouldn't have to deal with them ever again.That is until I got talked into going to our ten year reunion. I had fantasies of seeing what karma had done to my high school enemies. I couldn't wait to see bald spots, beer guts, and delicious failure. But I didn’t get that. Instead, I got their attention - all of their attentions - in a way I didn’t expect. Now I’m caught in and unfamiliar relationship with all three of them and am unsure exactly where it will go.

Thoughts from Paige

I really enjoyed this series. I loved reading about the character's back stories and enjoyed the real-world discussions that came from their relationship.  The series is complete, so binge away!

Secret Wife to the Special Forces: A Military Reverse Harem by Krista Wolf
Secret Wife to the Special Forces: A Military Reverse Harem by Krista Wolf
Amazon Description

When my brother's hottest childhood friend calls to invite me out to Hawaii, I'm intrigued. But when I learn he and his two Special Forces roommates need me to act as a "wife" as well, what's a cold Minnesota girl to do?

Jace is everything every girl dreams about: six and a quarter feet of pure muscle wrapped in Green Beret camo and Army tactical gear. It doesn't hurt that his broad chest is decorated with a whole rainbow of ribbons and medals. Or that his two closest friends - Merrick and Aurelius - are also his brothers-in-arms, their inseparable bonds forged in the white-hot fires of combat.

But Jace needs a favor... and that favor requires me. His very freedom relies on a little white lie, and with the help of his roommates, we need to pull off the illusion of being a happily married couple.

Yet living with three ripped, gorgeous soldiers is fraught with its own set of perils. Merrick's a hotshot chopper pilot with shoulders for days, smoldering blue eyes, and a lady-killer smile. And Aurelius is a Navy SEAL with the chiseled build of a Greek god, as well as an accent so exotic it melts me into a puddle whenever I'm around him.

It turns out these boys need favors of their own, and I'm only happy to oblige. But they also harbor a butterfly-inducing secret: as with everything else in their closed little universe, this trio of soldiers likes to share.

Can a lonely Minnesota girl actually fall for her brother's best friend and his two incredible house-mates? Or is my secret "marriage" doomed to failure before the honeymoon even starts?

SECRET WIFE TO THE SPECIAL FORCES is a military reverse harem love story filled with suspense, humor, and love three times hot enough to melt your kindle into a bubbling pile of plastic and glass (author not responsible for molten kindles). HEA guaranteed!

Thoughts from Paige

I'm reading this right now. Very sweet so far. Also, very full of sexy times. I made the mistake of reading this at work during my launch break... cue frantically skipping ahead several pages. HA! This is definitely a spicy-sweet read.

Southern Soil (2 book series) by L.A. Boruff
Southern Soil (2 book series) by L.A. Boruff
Amazon Description

From Book 1: Yeah, I was known as the Publishing Princess, but I didn’t expect three Prince Charmings to come along.

Ellie Asche wants two things: to graduate college with her best friend and to then take over her family’s legacy at Asche Publishing. But when her father passes away, her stepmother is on a mission to destroy all of Ellie's carefully laid plans.

Her only chance to hold onto the things she treasures is to hire a hot new firm for her case.

And Arch, Gray, and Wes are just that.

Three hot lawyers with good hearts and large... portfolios.

But are they good enough to help Ellie win her case? Or will they end up winning her heart instead?

Thoughts from Paige

Ya'll are getting a two-for one here. Both these books sound very sweet.  The second book features the sister of one of our men from book 1.

Link to Overdrive

Their Desired: A Reverse Harem Romance by Mae Doyle
Their Desired: A Reverse Harem Romance by Mae Doyle
Amazon Description

My entire life I've always been on my own.
Until three of my dad's best friends take me, protect me, love me.

They won't stop until I give them all that I have to offer.

Wyatt is protective and demanding, taking everything from me.
Colin wants me to push outside of myself, making me stronger.
Henry loves everything about me, especially how much I need him.

I know that I shouldn't touch--hell, I shouldn't even look.
But I can't seem to stop myself.
And it's not like they want me to stop.

I don't mean to fall for all three of them.
I certainly don't mean for them all to fall for me.

But now I want them. I need them.
I don't know how to live without them.

This is a reverse harem romance with three men who will do anything (and I mean anything!) for their woman. It's free from cliffhangers, cheating, and has a guaranteed HEA.

Thoughts from Paige

Let's suspend believability here for a hot second, and this book is definitely sugary sweet. Continuing my trend of taking a peek at the sample for a quick post QA, I ended up reading the book. This is an age-gap romance. It was perfect for my sweet tooth, but probably not a treat I'd have again. So go ahead and try the sample; I wonder if you'll get sucked in too!

Three Swedish Mountain Men: A Reverse Harem Romance Lily Gold
Three Swedish Mountain Men: A Reverse Harem Romance Lily Gold
Amazon Description

Three ripped, gorgeous men. One secluded Swedish mountain cabin. It looks like my vacation is about to heat up…

After my ex-boyfriend makes me the target of a cruel online hate campaign, I know I have to get away. The last thing I expect on my trip to Sweden is a moose standing in the middle of the road — or the mysterious, bearded ranger who pulls me from my wrecked car.

Now a storm’s brewing, and I’m being carried into a secluded mountain cabin by a Nordic God rippling with muscle. Inside, I’m greeted by three sizzling-hot Swedish mountain men:

Riven, the cool, collected doctor with the muscled arms and the impeccable bedside manner.
Eli, the flirty ski instructor with the charming smile and dimples I’m dying to kiss.
And Cole, the rugged blonde ranger with the ice-blue eyes and a hammer to rival Thor.

Trapped inside the cabin, we only have the roaring fire—and each other—to keep warm. And things heat up fast. All three men are fiercely protective over me. They look like Vikings, kiss like angels, and best of all, they love sharing me. It feels too good to be true.

But I’m not who I say I am. When my mountain men find out my true identity, will they be able to forgive my lies and love the real me? Or will my dark, painful secret shatter our relationship to pieces?

THREE SWEDISH MOUNTAIN MEN is a scorching stand-alone reverse harem romance, filled with love, adventure, and three sinfully gorgeous heroes. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and HEA guaranteed!

Thoughts from Paige

This had a lot of depth to it.  I enjoyed reading and watching the healing process occur between all the characters.

Unsuitable: Part 1 of a Reverse Harem Royal Romance (A Royal Affair) Penelope Wren
Unsuitable: Part 1 of a Reverse Harem Royal Romance (A Royal Affair)
Amazon Description

I was minding my business, on my way to a ship dedication to meet a Potential Prince Charming when it happened.

Our limo literally ran into a bike messenger. And afterwards, I couldn't stop thinking about him.

The real problem, though... is that I can't stop thinking about Potential Prince Charming either. Or his brother. In fact, I think I'm falling in love with them. All three of them.

Okay, so that's not really a problem.

The weird thing is, I think they're all fine with it?

Thoughts from Paige

Okay, friends. I was really enjoying this one. I got to about the halfway mark and again thought there was NO WAY the author would wrap this up in one book! You were correct, self, there wasn't. This was part ONE. DOH. To make it worse, I cannot find part 2 anywhere. I really, really, really want part 2. If anyone knows this author, please beg them for where to find book 2! 

In all seriousness, I really am enjoying this read. It is sweet, and I do recommend it. We just need the next book...

Wrecked: A Reverse Harem Romance by Angela Snyder
Wrecked: A Reverse Harem Romance by Angela Snyder
Amazon Description

Shipwrecked. Stranded on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

After a year of isolation, Gunner, Finn and Jamison never expected to be rescued.

And they certainly never expected a beautiful woman to crash-land into their lonely existence.

Rose is the only ray of light in their dark storm, and they’ll do anything to protect her.

But can the four of them survive without becoming completely wrecked?

Wrecked is a standalone reverse harem romance. It contains adult situations for mature readers.

Thoughts from Paige

Let's just ignore the fact that our MC crash-lands on an island with three men she doesn't know and never once is concerned for her safety...I almost think this could have been two books. Usually, I'm all about shortening a series (let's be real, my attention is generally gone by book 4), but I wanted to see MORE of the deserted island! Let's get some crazy animals attacking or something. I'm all for a disaster trope, though, which this is not. It is 100% sweetness, and I ended up reading the entire thing.

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