Supporting Indie Authors

Supporting indie authors is a topic that comes up a lot since indie authors can sometimes feel
like they’re on an island by themselves and it can be a bit lonely for them or cause them to
have doubts/insecurities.
Thankfully, there are so many ways to support indie authors and while reviewing on Amazon,
Goodreads, Bookbub, and other places is usually the first way folks think of, reviewing is
intimidating or just not something that some readers prefer to do. So here are some other ways
you can support indie authors that you may not have thought of:

  • Recommend books you enjoy in Facebook groups, on Goodreads, on Bookbub, or
    anywhere else you can think.
  • This can be you posting yourself or responding to others! Lots of other readers stalk posts
    looking for their own recs.
  • Reading on KU – some readers read books on KU first, even if they know they’re going to
    purchase them so authors get the KU money AND the purchase money
  • Purchasing books – if you’ve read on KU and you know you’ll re-read, purchasing the book
    is a great way to support the author
  • Filling in the star ratings for Amazon or Goodreads without writing a review
  • Adding books to lists that have already been posted like Goodreads lists or commenting on
    a blog post or a Facebook group post
  • Liking/loving posts from authors to help their posts get more visibility
  • Bumping author posts with a gif or comment
  • Joining reader groups
  • Sending the author a positive message/email
  • Signing up for an author’s newsletter
    There are more ways even than reviewing or doing these too. One of the amazing aspects of
    the indie book community is how many different ways there are to interact with and support
    authors whose books you enjoy!

Guest post by: Rachel Seaman

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