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The randomly chosen theme of the week is Reverse Harems featuring a strong FMC. Hopefully, you all can find something new to you on the list. I’ve added some to my list myself.

Although strength can take many forms, I tried to choose books featuring more kick-ass personalities versus those with quiet inner strength.

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

Amazon Description

They call me beautiful. They call me a monster. Soon, they’ll call me death.

As a direct descendant of the God of Death, Cassandra Saélihn is considered the most dangerous monster of all time. Her own mother locks her in a cage to protect the world from her.

Cass thought this jail would be her world for a lifetime, but then four sexy, formidable warriors–a vampire lord, twin fae princes, and a demigod–find her.

They claim she’s not a monster, but a powerful weapon.

The Olympian gods have begun to destroy the Earth with a vengeance, and only she can stop and kill them. But Cass has a mind of her own and can’t be told what to do, no matter how drawn she is to her four warrior saviors. To their dismay, the four warriors can’t tame the wild, cunning, and volatile Cass. But they have a bigger problem–their growing attraction toward her.

To turn the woman they desire into the ultimate weapon and ensure Earth’s survival, they’ll have to conquer her body and heart, which seems even harder than winning the war against the atrocious gods. But nothing turns these alpha males on more than an impossible dare. And nothing turns Cass on more than being stalked.

Amazon Description

It only takes one secret to unravel a kingdom – no matter how savage.

How far would you go to protect yourself from your past? From your pain?

Found nearly feral and seemingly abandoned in Russia, the agency that picked me up couldn’t have known the secret I was harboring.

Where I had fled from.

I found out quickly that no one seemed to care, especially my adopted parents. Two individuals who eventually learned that maybe they should have cared who and what I am.

How savage exactly I could be.

Since then I’ve been living under the burden of the evil I know, keeping quiet and avoiding my past at Mera Academy.

Until they show up.

Five men who bring my secret into the light, attempting to force me to accept my true fate. What they don’t realize? The extent I’ll go to escape them and the emotions they evoke in me.

There is one rule I live by: punch first and ask questions later.

Savagesis the first installment of the Vengeance series, a paranormal reverse harem novel. It features one badass leading lady, her protective fae guards, and a storyline of epic proportions. Please be advised that this book contains themes of assault, PTSD, prior abuse, and violence. Sexual content appropriate for audiences +18.

Amazon Description

Magic is forbidden.

For as long as Aries can remember, training to become a knight has been her life. She needs to be the best, if she ever has hopes of being the first female of Avalon. Especially if she intends to do it without using her magic. After all, only the marked are allowed to wield such powers. When Aries comes across a man who needs her magic to survive, she finds herself at a crossroads.

Will she risk everything she’s been striving for to save a handsome stranger?

Akuma has been talking his way in and out of trouble for most of his life. When trouble finds him once more, Akuma knows he’s in too deep. This time, he can’t talk his way out of things – he needs magic. Healing magic that is – something that is in short supply. When a beautiful stranger offers him aid, Akuma can’t refuse her, even though she is unmarked. Even though he knows danger follows him wherever he goes.

When worlds collide, will there be an alliance? Or will magic and secrets cause more destruction than Aries and Akuma can bear?

Amazon Description

Just a small-town girl, living in a…dangerous world.
Tyrannical psycho running the world? Check.
Loyal and bloodthirsty followers? Check.
Somehow becoming Arcantens most wanted criminal? Check.
I don’t really know what is going on, but the newfound interest in me probably has something to do with my gift somehow manifesting itself into a sassy sentient tornado. And this bitch is needy! She’s cool and all…but what am I supposed to do with all the unwanted attention she’s bringing to me? And I’m not just talking about the power hungry Vojka forcing me on the run. She seems to think she can start zapping sexy men and claiming them for herself, no questions asked.
But I have a lot of questions…and unfortunately not a lot of answers.
I guess I’ll just keep fumbling through life, laughing at all the penis jokes, and getting into as much mischief as I can while I still have my head.

Author’s Note: This is a medium-burn, mfmm, reverse harem story. It includes explicit language and detailed sexual situations. Only intended for audiences 18 years or older.

Amazon Description

It all started with a naked man in an alley….

Oh did that get your attention?

Good, now listen up. For years I’ve been fighting to be on my own and out from under my father’s control. I thought I’d finally managed it after I got my dream job in a London emergency room. Things were going great. I was making good money and even had a place of my own. I should have known the good times wouldn’t last. I apparently was engaged to a man my father picked out and soon found myself kidnapped, tortured, and forced into becoming someone else.

My whole life I’ve been lied to and something was hidden inside me… and now it’s set free.

Book 1 out of 4 This is a medium burn reverse harem where the leading character will not have to choose between her men. It is an 18+ book that has strong language, sexual situations, and physical & verbal abuse ends on a slight cliffhanger.

Amazon Description

From Book 1:


Their names are whispers in the hallways.
Hunter, Ash, Ledger, and Samson.
The Kings.

Four of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen, with cruel agendas and an even crueler reign over Ravenwood Academy.

Wreaking havoc in our small, New England town, no one asks questions.
For the most part, people ignore or avoid them.
After all, they’re royalty here.

Because one of them—the cruelest one—is the headmaster’s son.
And my new stepbrother.

They can try to torment me.
They can try to break me.
But they have no idea what I’ve endured.

They’re used to getting whatever their ruthless, little hearts desire.
Maybe I should keep my mouth shut.
Maybe I should let them win.

But I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty.
Lord knows I’m used to it by now.

My name is Briar Monroe, and these Kings are about to find out just how fucked up this Queen can be.

Ruthless Crown is full-length high-school bully reverse harem romance. It is book one of the Ruthless Royals duet, and while it doesn’t end with a true cliffhanger, there are unanswered questions. Book two will be releasing in a month. It is advised to read them in order. *Please note Ruthless Crown contains explicit language, bullying, and flashbacks of abuse/trauma. It also features four hot AF guys who would do anything to protect their feisty Queen. The duet will have a HEA.

Amazon Description

They were paid to protect her.
They never expected to 
fall for her.

I’m a congresswoman with big ambitions.
I don’t have time for love.
But who do they send to guard my house at night?
The hottest young cop in the city.

Anthony is a cocky young Capitol Policeman who smiles like he knows all my secrets.
And after the night we spend together?
I know all his too.

But he’s not the only one charged with protecting me.
Ethan, the steel-jawed hunk who looks more like an MMA fighter than a personal bodyguard, shows up the next day.
And the two of us already have a forbidden history.
Then Agent Luca Santos, the grizzled Secret Service agent with experience in his eyes, is assigned to my detail.
And although he tries to hide it, I can see the hungry look he gives me…

Can I focus on my campaign with these delicious hunks guarding me all day?
And more importantly: can they keep me safe from whoever is trying to kill me?

SHARED BY HER BODYGUARDS is a thrilling, sexy, stand-alone reverse harem romance filled with humor, action, and suspense. It also contains sizzling hot MFMM menage love, in single and multiple partner scenes. HEA guaranteed!

Amazon Description

For over three hundred years, Arden’s very existence has been hidden. Until one night, when the latest assassination attempt fails and the third Killian blade makes its appearance.

A powerful witch with little knowledge of her heritage, Arden’s first step on the path of destiny is The Abbey. A place of sanctuary and power, it’s a haven in a sea of unknowns and where she hopes to find an ally.

An Elven prince, a Fae lord, the First Vampire, a warlock, and the King of Dragons make up the Imperium Cadre, one of the most powerful cadres in existence. Owning and managing The Abbey for over a thousand years, they’re not known for taking in strays. But Lord Theron’s life debt paves Arden’s entry into the formidable sphere of their protection.

As the sweeping winds of change blow, Arden and the cadre will navigate the path of destiny together. Secrets are revealed, heritage found, and alliances forged and lost.

This is a why choose, reverse harem, paranormal, urban fantasy romance, with FMMMMM relationship. 18+ years of age due to mature content.

Amazon Description

I’m the grim reaper. They call me Lady MacDeath.That’s right, this reaper’s a woman.

You’d think having power over life and death would be a real trip—and to be honest it’s not a bad run—but I have a problem.

As a girl my power isn’t exactly revered – I’m feared everywhere I go. No biggie, after going it alone for almost a thousand years, I find it best to stay away from distractions.

But as evil starts escaping from the Underworld, an emergency gathering is called by the rulers of all the dark realms, and they decree that every reaper needs a partner to enhance their power.

For most this comes in the form of an immortal consort. It’s about the power balance, a deathly duo you could say. Of course, the only outlier without a mate is me. The only one that’s come close is the devilishly handsome human who’s been on my mind since I spared his life… but one touch from me and he’s as good as dead.

I need to change my terminal condition of being single or I’ll be cast out of the Underworld for good. My desperate quest for a mate lands me three sexy-as-hell options which include a reaper, a demon, and a vampire… could they be my path to salvation?

A heart I forgot even existed wants to trust them. The only thing is, these aren’t regular bad boys; they’re darkness incarnate and they have the power to break me.

But I am Death after all, and if they screw me over, I will make sure their ending isn’t happy, either.

Touch of Death is the first book in the Grim Gathering series where a badass heroine raises hell whilst trying to find (or avoid) love to strengthen her powers against a growing darkness. If you’re looking for a weak-as-a-twig damsel in distress, this book’s not for you. This is a medium-burn, smolderingly grim, fantasy reverse harem (obvi for 18+), perfect for fans of Four Psychos and Insurrection.

Scroll down and one-click, you won’t live to regret it…

Amazon Description

It’s amazing to be a powerful wolf… if you’re male.

When you’re a nineteen year-old girl who can beat the crap out of every wolf in your pack, suddenly it’s not so great.

Love isn’t everything, I know; but even the most powerful she-wolf submits to her mate. If you can’t be beaten, you can’t be mated.

And an unmated wolf has no place in the pack.

My one hope is the clan gathering in the Blackwood Fortress. Every wolf in the continent attends, and a few seriously sexy wolves catch my eye. I’m bound to find at least one who can match me, right?

Then there’s my other problem: My pack leader is a grade-A jerk. After treating me like a genetic freak my whole life, he suddenly decides to stake a claim. But I can’t refuse the challenge, and my wolf won’t back down. Either I submit to the pack leader and become mated to his skeezy pelt, or I win the challenge and my freedom… by taking his place as pack leader.

Only no one has ever heard of a female pack leader, and if I become one, I’ll never find a mate.

Wolf Shunned is the first book in The Warrior Queen Legacy, featuring a badass heroine, a dystopian fantasy world, and loads of sexy wolf shifters. Be warned: This is a slow burn romance in which the heroine keeps all of her men. Once you pick this story up, you won’t be able to stop devouring it until the very last page.

The Warrior Queen Legacy is now a complete series!

Thoughts from Paige

This is sort of NOT a slow build. It is a slow burn, for sure. But I’m fairly certain we all know who her harem is going to be. BUT I’m listening to the second book now so I cannot say for absolute certainty that we do know her Harem, there could be more! There could be different males, who knows! Sexy times are definitely slow, like slower than paint dry slow.  It is delicious. And as of this post, I’ve caught it on a bestsellers list for at least 19 different weeks.

And side note! Someone out there requested zombies (which is on my radar!) The wraiths in the book are reminding me of the zombies from I Am Legend, so this may tick your box for that!

P.P.S I was going to link ya’ll to the movie, but it gave me nightmares when it was released, and just googling the movie has brought it all back.  I actually walked out of the theater before it finished (like 20 minutes before it finished). UGH.

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