Slow Burn Reverse Harem: Building Solid Friendships Before Romance


Friends to lovers is the theme of the week. This request was quite timely, I needed some lighter RH, and a request of friends to lovers totally tickled my fancy.

The request was for standalones, but I totally cheated on two of them.  Oops.  But one of them is an honorable mention, and the other is a box set of all three books. So they totally count…

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Amazon Description

Growing up, life was easy. I had great parents, great friends, great loves. I thought life would always be this way. Boy, was I wrong. I never dreamed that my life would take the turns it has, I never thought I’d be a single mother moving back to her childhood home, but here I am, in my old room, surrounded by the happy memories of my past, and a life that seems so far removed from the one I have now.I don’t even know who that girl is anymore. The girl who couldn’t stop smiling, the girl who danced in the rain, the girl who everyone wanted to be. I hate that I’m jealous of her sweet innocence and rosy colored outlook on life. I hate that I feel like a stranger in my own life. Still, if I could go back and tell myself all the things that I know now, I wouldn’t because as much as I can’t relate to that girl anymore, some part of me hopes that while I’m home, I’ll be able to find my way back to the girl I used to be.Little did I know that my mother, the schemer, had the very same thought.In less than two weeks, she has managed to turn my life upside down again by shoving four boys from my past in my way, whether I want her to or not. I have far too much to deal with already. I don’t need dreamy eyes, corded muscles, and whispered promises added to the already chaotic mix. And even though, in spite of what I say to them, it’s getting harder to deny that the attraction and the feelings I had buried deep in my heart when we went our separate ways are growing. I don’t know how much longer my resolve will hold with the four of them pressing on my boundaries. I can already feel the cracks spreading. But what will I do when my resolve shatters completely? Who will I choose when all I really want… is all of them?**There are triggers of death and illness not mentioned due to spoilers

Amazon Description

Sunny Prescott is your average seventeen year old girl.
Well, if your average teenager was in the foster system, without friends or family, and often tossed and shipped around without notice.

Most of that changes when a new foster placement arises, and she finds herself plopped down in a quaint, green little town known as Forks. Just kidding! About the Forks part, anyway. Dark Hollow is the smallest, greenest place Sunny has ever seen. Trees, moss, jealous classmates. It’s all so new to her.

The best part about all the newness is her new best friend, Cilla. And maybe the three guys who are mysteriously touchy and broody.

What happens, though, when things aren’t quite what they seem? Cilla and the guys open a door for Sunny that she won’t be able to forget about. Magick and shifters and queens, oh my!

Sunny has to battle through being rejected by mates she didn’t know existed, class hierarchy that she wish didn’t exist to begin with, and morbid visions foretelling a future she doesn’t want.

Will Sunny make it in this new, scary world? Read to find out.

**Dark Hollow is a multi-POV why choose standalone romance with a HEA.

**Due to mature scenes and content, 18+ is recommended.

Thoughts from Paige

I read the book description and thought this wasn’t my kind of book. Our FMC is half my age, and I’m just barely able to read new adult books.  However, I found myself enjoying the sample.  I already have theories and I’m excited to see if I’m correct.

Amazon Description

My ex-boyfriend is meeting my cousin at the altar. My solution?
Persuading one of my three BFF’s to be my fake date…

My name is Poppy Jo Summers, and I’ve broken the golden rule:
Never sleep with any of your best friends, let alone all three of them.

My proposition seemed innocent enough.
One of them would be my fake date for my evil cousin’s wedding.
In return, I’d do a favor for all three of them. No big deal, right?

Accept Jude needed a fake date to his company’s party; to my surprise, Mr. hot-as-sin CEO couldn’t keep his eyes or hands off me the entire night.

Then Cyrus took me out so I could teach him how to be more romantic. Stubborn, dominant, and built like a tank, the only lesson I learned from him was that romance can be overrated.

And when my charming next-door neighbor Sam agreed to a double date so I could set him up with a co-worker, I burned up in flames when it was my thigh he grabbed under the table.

We hadn’t just broken our rules, we’d thrown them out and crossed the line from fake to real.
And with my heart on lockdown from my ex; I know this is a dangerous game to play.
I might think I’m broken now, but I would shatter like glass if I ever lost my three best friends…

18+ Only. Fake and Don’t Tell is an extra spicy laugh-out-loud why choose romance. HEA guaranteed!

Amazon Description

Three best friends in a fake relationship with the same woman… What could go wrong?

I’m the luckiest girl in the world.
The three hottest men I’ve ever met have protected me my entire life. And they happen to be my best friends.

I was unceremoniously dumped and humiliated, so my best friends devise a plan for revenge.
Now I’m in a fake relationship with all three of them to get back at a man who never truly deserved me.

Jacob is quiet and brilliant, but a bad boy lurks underneath his polished exterior.

Noah is every woman’s dream. The thought of disappointing him brings me to my knees.

Austin is damaged and uncontrollable, but we share a dark past. He will always have my back.

I know I should choose between them… but I can’t.

After years of pent-up tension, I finally end up in bed with all three of them. It seems like the perfect fairy tale… until it’s not.

Outside forces are determined to tear us apart. This fake relationship is taking a delicious and dangerous turn.

18+ Only. Standalone reverse harem / why choose romance with a HEA.

Amazon Description

“I couldn’t even care for my own heart properly, how could I be trusted with someone else’s?”
A spicy fantasy romance where the girl can have her cake and eat it too.

Isadora has been possessed by demons for as long as she can remember. While the rest of the world sees her as a misguided, bipolar trainwreck to be medicated into silence, death has other plans for her.

Plunged into a new world where beings have horns, scales, and tails–Iz must learn to control her new dark powers. As the first Necromancer to live in Bellesberry for 100 years, she has her work cut out for her. She’s lived her entire life on auto-pilot being unable to take the reigns back from the demonic entities who lived inside of her. By some miracle, in this new realm, she is free of them. Free to be herself. Too bad she doesn’t know who that is yet. Much to her luck, she lands square in the camp of an adventurers’ party! Looking past the blue-skin and horns, they are incredibly alluring with human-enough features.

The rag-tag group of friends welcomes Iz to join the group. Their company includes an atheist cleric, two orc “sorcerers,” and a whirlwind of chaotic attraction that Iz has never experienced before, especially in this quantity. Will Iz find herself swept up in discovering a new place she feels like she belongs or will her past demons catch up to her all too quickly?

This why-choose romance is perfect for lovers of webtoons, anime, isekai tropes, and role-playing game fans.

While the book can be humorous at times, there are a few heavier scenes. Trigger warnings can be found at the beginning of the book.

Thoughts from Paige: 

This is an honorable mention, because I genuinely cannot tell if this is a reverse harem or not.  It seems like it is, and that there may be FF in the harem, but I cannot tell. The reviews that are up are quite positive, so if any of you give it a try, please let me know!

Amazon Description

Three stories, three heroines, many heroes. Many sexy, shirtless, headboard-knocking heroes. Because you can never get enough reverse harem tales…HEAs guaranteed!
Can you get a second chance — with three men at once?
We’re all grown up, and we’re finally in one place again. Rex, Shaun and Taylor. My three best friends from high school.
Gorgeous, successful, sexy as hell. They all came back into my life when I needed them most. I can’t believe I’m having these fantasies about all of them. About having all of them at once.
Then one warm night, everything explodes. They’re willing to indulge my fantasies… And give me a happy-ever-after.

Four hot hockey players. One woman who spends her life behind a computer screen. After watching her high school crush and his friends on the ice, things definitely heat up in this reverse harem romance…
When I drunkenly message my old high school crush one night, I never imagined he’d respond. It’s been so many years and I thought he’d forgotten all about me. He hasn’t — not even close. And when we meet in person all these years later, he’s a handsome pro hockey player . . . with three equally sexy friends.
They could spend every night with a different woman, but they want me. I’ve been so focused on my job and my computer that when this complicated, real-world dilemma comes up, I’m not sure what to do.
Am I supposed to choose just one?

Three cowboys are used to working together on their Montana ranch. Now they’re working to fulfill my every desire!
I’m sent to Montana by my New York magazine to write a travel story. Staying at a ranch, riding horses, gazing at the vast night sky — it will be like a vacation. And the bonus: the three ranch owners are all hot, muscled and 100 percent cowboy. Total eye candy.
And they all want me.
Can this city girl handle three rough cowboys? And what if they want me to be their forever cowgirl?

* This is a steamy set of three novellas meant for 18+ readers. Contained within: dirty talking heroes, sweet-hot hockey players, handsome cowboys catering to a woman’s every desire. Proudly gluten, tree nut and meat-free, except for the, you know, the SAUSAGE.

Thoughts from Paige:

This collection includes the novella ALL FOR ONE.  This is a friend to lovers RH.

Amazon Description

When my two gorgeous best friends offered to give me lessons in seduction, I couldn’t say no.
How could I? I’m an almost 30-year-old virgin with zero bedroom experience.
Not to mention, I’ve been secretly crushing on my best friends for goodness knows how long.
I’ve always fantasized what it would be like to kiss them.

But still, the lessons were a huge mistake.
Because when Knox and Aiden taught me how to kiss, I couldn’t get enough.
And stupidly, I asked them to take my v-card.

Cue major hyperventilation.
I just broke the number 1 rule—never sleep with your hot-as-hell best friends.
Especially when they also happen to be your roommates, and your bosses.

To make matters worse, Colt, their equally hot triplet brother who’s also my best friend, had zero clue what went down that night.
And a lot went down, alright.

Knox, a cocky wide receiver, is fun and has a wicked tongue made for sin and pleasure.
Aiden, a defensive player with a protective streak, has big, rough hands. But when he makes love, it’s slow and gentle.
Colt is a grumpy star quarterback who performs as well in the bedroom as he does on the football field.

All three men are the only family I’ve ever had.
And my heart can’t afford to lose any one of them.
But when they find out I’m pregnant with their twins, will it be the end of our beautiful friendship?
Or the beginning of our happily ever after?

Secret Babies for My Best Friends is a spicy sports reverse harem romance with a HEA.

Amazon Description

They say breaking up is hard to do. I say it’s the easiest thing to do when I catch my boyfriend cheating on me at my best friend’s house party.

Noah, Luke, and Sam were my roommates before they became my best friends.

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about all the naughty things the four of us could have gotten up to when we lived together. But I had a boyfriend then.

Now single, my three best friends are eager to comfort me.

After kicking everyone else out of their house, the four of us have our own party that ends in an interesting game of truth or dare.

Do I dare to stay when these three hot men show me their true feelings and a side of them I’ve only seen in my dreams?

Short, spicy reverse harem/why choose. Happy ever after. 18+ read.

Thoughts from Paige

This is a novella, so if you don’t have kindle unlimited, double check the price aligns to a novella before ordering.

Amazon Description

How does that saying go? When it rains it pours? Well, Georgia is known for its summer storms, so I shouldn’t be so surprised. I’m back home for the first time since I enlisted over a decade ago, but everything’s changed. No longer the bright-eyed recruit, I’m ready to put my best foot forward. Healing comes in many ways, but apparently lightning does strike twice. Or, in my case, three times. After long years spent traipsing through the desert, the military told me it was time to be done. I thought I could get back into fighting shape regardless of the hole in my leg, but when my brother suddenly passes leaving his son parentless, I know that I’m headed home. Georgia is filled with memories, but I didn’t expect to face them so soon. I’m proven wrong the minute I touch down in Savannah; the past was standing at baggage claim with a cheeky grin. Normally, I’d be thrilled to see Noah. Once upon a time, we were best friends. The only problem? The person he remembers is long gone. When our old team lead, Kodiak, and his business partner, Alex, suddenly reappear in my life, I fight against their high handed protectiveness. I just want to be left alone and raise my nephew in peace. I think I’m getting the hang of it until more of my past shows its ugly face. Suddenly, I need help. More than I know how to ask for. ~~~ Somewhere Along the Way is a standalone military romance. It’s a slow burn reverse harem with dark themes. There is MM, MF, and MMMF. Please refer to the trigger warnings listed in the book or on my website for any subjects that may be upsetting.

Amazon Description

The southern aristocracy brought together…An underworld empire put at risk…
Six vicious men united… By one woman—Dahlia Aldridge

I had lived here most of my life in a blissful state of ignorance, surrounded by a loving family and the other residents of Wildberry Lane. Specifically, their sons – the heirs to some of the largest fortunes in the country. I had grown used to them acting as my shadows, protecting me and surrounding me with enough affection that I never questioned if their words were in fact the truth.
Then the Brooks twins came to town. Suddenly, everything I had known about myself was being shattered as they dug up my worst insecurities and exploited them to the world. I began questioning everything.
Kingston Ross. Stratton Lee. Yates Carter. Lincoln & Sterling Gates.
They have been able to protect me from everything… but myself. My boys carry a darkness inside of them that has never scared me. The shadows of deeds done at night, away from the spotlight of being who we were in this societal hierarchy. They think I’m afraid of that, but they couldn’t be farther from the truth.
I wasn’t afraid of their darkness.
I wasn’t afraid of my feelings for them, ones that had grown from friendship into so much more.
I wasn’t even afraid of expressing that to them… eventually.
What I was afraid of? That I would hurt those around me with my shame and pain.
I would just have to perfect the art of suffering in silence.

Wildberry Lane – Home to the extremely wealthy and powerful Southern elite.

The completed collection features all novels in The Shadows of Wildberry Lane trilogy:

Perfection of Suffering
Execution of Anguish
Carnage of Misery

Series warnings: contains sexual content for +18, swearing, violence, and triggers when it comes to specifically, but not limited to, eating disorders and bullying.
Important to note, the bullying is NOT done by the harem, but rather by outside sources. This is a slow/medium burn reverse harem/why choose series.

Thoughts from Paige:

I thought this was going to be NA, but after reading the sample, I think it may start out as a NA book and go more into adult land.  Our FMC is 18, so it’s definitely college level. I was so engrossed in the sample, I ended up downloading the dang book to read after this post goes up.

4 thoughts on “Slow Burn Reverse Harem: Building Solid Friendships Before Romance”

  1. Hi there! Just wanted to give a heads up that SUNK is not a HEA.
    One of the main harem dies at the end.

    I’m not a fan of non-HEA so just wanted to put that out there.

    1. OMG I wish I had seen this before I read it!! I don’t know why I’m not getting notifications about comments. UGH. I was a huge giant mess after reading this book. I’m totally going to be replacing it off this list.

      Thank you so so much for letting me know. I hope that others saw your comment before they read the book too.

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