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What do you get when you throw 12 authors, a top secret project, and a whole lot of crazy into a pot? You get the Silver Springs Reverse Harem Series. Well, not so top secret anymore! So, what exactly is Silver Springs? You might be wondering, if not tough shit. I’ma tell you anyway. 😉 Silver Springs is a fictitious location where both supernaturals and humans reside. The Silver Springs Universe ties together 12 different Indie Authors with 12 different books.

A message from Silver Springs resident, and wicked awesome author Ann Denton:

“Welcome to Silver Springs, New York! This city in upstate New York is home to humans and supernaturals alike. And they all have one thing in common. An addiction to the substance that makes the world go round. Coffee. Jewels Cafe is the cute little coffee shop that becomes the source of many life-altering adventures.

12 authors.
12 books.
1 magical world.”


The following blurbs are copied from their Amazon pages.

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Links have been updated. Many additions have been published in this shared universe.  All books in the Silver Springs Library can be found here. 

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Amber: A Quirky Multiple Mates Romance (Jewels Cafe: Amber Book 1) by Mia Harlan
Amber: A Quirky Multiple Mates Romance (Jewels Cafe: Amber Book 1) by Mia Harlan
Amazon Description

I'm in love with my best friend. But one sip of a spelled latte, and two shifters are calling me their mate.

It's hard enough being a shifter with wonky powers, but opening a magical cafe with my secret crush? Maybe not the best idea. Hiding my feelings for him is getting harder and harder. And if we don't get customers soon, our cafe will go out of business.

As a last ditch effort, we create a signature drink. One taste-test and the sweetest bear shifter is drawn to me like honey. A sexy bunny shifter offers me his carrot. They don't even seem to mind that I randomly shift (and half-shift) into everyone I meet.

But can I handle more than one mate? And can we find a way to save our magical cafe before another spell tears us apart?

If you like quirky characters, panty-melting fated mates, and wonky magic, you’ll love this steamy, laugh-out-loud paranormal romance with all the feels!

Amber is part of the Silver Springs universe and comes complete with a happily-ever-after. Scroll up to read this fun, quirky romance today.

Sapphire: A Quirky Vampire Romantic Comedy (Jewels Cafe: Sapphire Book 1) by Eva Delaney
Amazon Description

I only date for two reasons: Blood and ice cream. But an errant love spell has my three man-snacks calling me their fated mate. Now, I'm stuck with: A wolf shifter who’s an Instagram model. A Pegasus shifter who loses his clothes when he sneezes. A Bob. As a vampire, I don’t need any mortals hanging around. I just want the delicious treats they provide...and their help stopping an old nemesis from enacting the most diabolical plan ever conceived: Poisoning all the ice cream. Sapphire is a paranormal reverse harem novel. It’s part of the Jewels Cafe shared universe but can be read as a standalone. Scroll up to read this quirky, steamy rom-com today.
Peridot by M. Sinclair
Amazon Description

Live with your three best guy friends, they said! It won't drive you crazy, they said! Lies! They are driving me crazy... but mostly because I have a big secret. I'm crazy about them. So what the heck am I going to do about it? Hot fae men? Check! Pumpkin spice lattes? Check! Steamy scenes and drama? Check! A true happily ever after? Check! Join Peridot in her quick steamy, HEA guaranteed, reverse harem standalone! Come meet Peridot, Reaghan, Ruslan, and Oryn! Content is for a +18 audience. Mild violence, swearing (shocking - I know), and steamy scenes.
Opal: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance (Jewels Cafe Book 4) by Candace Wondrak
Amazon Description

One spelled pumpkin spice latte. Three handsome but unfriendly neighbors. A town where the unexplained might just be magical… When Opal moves to the town of Silver Springs, the last thing she expects is to be greeted by three ridiculously attractive men as her neighbors. Unfortunately, they’re kind of jerks. Getting along with her neighbors is the least of her worries though; she has a writing deadline to meet, and to meet that deadline she’ll need lots of caffeine. One pumpkin spice latte later, the bickering between Opal and her cute neighbors changes into something fiery, something passionate. Fighting her feelings just might be impossible, even as her deadline approaches. Will Opal’s heart win out, or will her head? Maybe that latte wasn’t such a bad thing after all… Opal is a reverse harem romance. It is part of the Jewels Café series and contains steamy scenes.
Topaz: A RH Fated Mates Paranormal Romance (Jewels Cafe: Topaz Book 1) by J.E. Cluney
Amazon Description

Not many people looked my way normally, but when you’re running down the street in a sky-blue ball gown with tears running down your face at the crack of dawn, they’re going to notice. I ’m Topaz, a tiger shifter, now chosen partner of our leader’s son. A complete and utter jerk of a shifter. I didn’t get a say in it, clearly. I’m not about to write my life off to be the mate to some egotistical, self-centered asshat. But when my best friend tries to help and cheer me up, things go from shit to complete crazy when we hit a shifter on the road. Things keep spiraling out of control, and I find myself crazily attracted to three unexpected men. I’d never have thought I’d feel this way for any of them, but here we are. What the hell is going on? ***Please note this is a fastburn RH***
Ruby: A Reverse Harem Romance (Jewels Cafe Book 6) by Ann Denton
Ruby: A Reverse Harem Romance (Jewels Cafe Book 6) by Ann Denton
Amazon Description

I messed up my Christmas miracle.

That’s a big no-no for an angel. My boss shrunk my wings as a consequence. But did he have to make them so small? They’re the size of baby cupid wings for cloud’s sake!

That’s why I’ve been hiding out on earth, in the small town of Silver Springs—feeding my shoe obsession and trying to understand humans so I can magic up a winning miracle this year.

But humans are impossible to understand. They wear shoes that hurt their feet. They want you to smile at strangers but not too wide or you look crazy. They claim their brains fart—that’s not even physically possible!

I need to understand people so I can get my wings back.

But one enchanted pumpkin spice latte later … my plans start to go to hell in a hand-basket.

I meet Parker Blue, and thanks to the latte, I can see he’s my soulmate. And he’s a demon.

An angel can’t be soulmates with a demon! That’s impossible!

But that impossibility doesn’t even compare to what happens next.

Parker brings me home to figure out this mess and I find out he’s not my only soulmate. His roommates, two hot computer nerds, drop their jaws when they see me.

Will I get to fulfill my Christmas miracle or decide heaven can wait?

Note: This is a paranormal reverse harem romance intended for adult audiences. It’s a romance with an HEA and no cliffhanger. It’s the sixth book in the Jewels Cafe series.

Amethyst by CY Jones
Amazon Description

Amethyst is a curse worker on the run after hexing her ex. (He he that rhymes) On the bus to Silver Springs, she meets a set of hot twins but with a vengeful ex after her and a group of pissed off vampires, she’s a little distracted. In a town she swore she would never return to she runs into her old tormentor, a hot af wolf shifter, befriends an angel, and spends more time ducking and dodging her family members than she would like. Lady Luck is supposed to be on her side, but with so many problems, what’s a girl to do? Maybe a pumpkin spiced drink and 3 hotter than hell supernaturals is just what Amethyst needs, or will her hatred over her past keep her from opening her heart and have her end up hexing herself.
Pearl (Jewels Cafe: Pearl Book 1) by Tabitha Barret
Amazon Description

Even a Love Spell Can't Get Me the Guy! Pearl "Celeste" Dreger is a witch who can't cast spells, much to her family's embarrassment. She reluctantly leaves her friends at Hallowed Woods Academy and returns home for the Winter Solstice Celebration. All Celeste wants to do is disappear into a good book until she learns that she must help plan the coven's seasonal events with the witches and wizards who have mocked her for years.One bad day and a Pumpkin Spice Latte later, everything in Celeste's world is completely turned around. Benjamin, the boy next door who her mother doesn't approve of, breaks her heart. Carson, the handsome jokester, professes his love for her. But, strangest of all, the black cat, that only she can see, reveals a dark secret that puts her in danger.Can Celeste prove that she isn't powerless or broken to a town who looks down on her? Can she figure out the identity of the Shadow Masters before they harm anyone else close to her? Will she live up to her namesake and save her hometown?Pearl is a standalone YA Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem. It is part of the Jewels Cafe series.
Emerald (Jewels Cafe Book 9) by Jade Waltz
Amazon Description

They say good things come in threes.... and for those who wait. Emerald used to believe that until her thirty-third birthday, when her life got turned upside down.   Her pet Godzilla dies, she loses her job and to top it all off, her car breaks down in this weird town called Silver Springs. One sip from a pumpkin spice latte at the local cafe, Emerald is surrounded by three gorgeous males - Chryso, Maw, and Vesuv - who state they want to help and won’t take no for an answer.  Something about them calls to her but Emerald is afraid to explore what - especially when she was having the worst day of her life. Will she stick around long enough to figure out what is going on between them? Or will she find a way home and never return to Silver Springs ever again? Emerald is a sci-fi alien reverse harem romance and part of the Jewels Cafe series.
Onyx by Melissa Adams
Amazon Description

Onyx makes a wish in the Silver Springs magic spring: she wants more love in her life. Stone Hill High this year will offer a modern rendition of a timeless classic: A Christmas Carol. She is cast for the main role of a female Scrooge. Title of the play: Her Bah Humbug, which is very fitting since our Onyx despises Christmas with all her heart. What happens when three sexy high school senio... ehm ghosts will try to show her the error of her ways? Will the magic pumpkin spice latte drank by the three hotties set to co-star in the high school Christmas play make them fall for her? Is love caused by the wish at the magic spring? Did Julian (the Jewels Cafe owner) lend a helping hand? It certainly seems suspicious that the three hot guys are suddenly all over Onyx when they’ve never really noticed her before. Come to the play on Christmas Eve and see what happens. Onyx is a contemporary reverse harem story. It’s part of the Jewels Cafe shared universe. Scroll up to read this steamy, fun romance today.
Moonstone: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance Novella (Jewels Cafe: Moonstone Book 1) by Lucy Felthouse
Amazon Description

Christmas gifts aren’t the only surprises Ginny is going to get this year. Moonstone Guinevere ‘Ginny’ Miles is in Silver Springs visiting her parents for the holidays. They moved to the town five years ago, and adore their new life here. Used to the hustle and bustle of London, England, Ginny isn’t convinced at first—what’s so great about a small town in Upstate New York, anyway? Despite her own opinions, it’s clear to Ginny the move has done her parents the world of good—they look years younger. There’s clearly something magical about this town. Following some exploration of her own, Ginny discovers Silver Springs has its charms—Jewels Cafe is amazing, for starters, as is its pumpkin spice latte. Ginny’s drunk a lot of lattes in her thirty-three years, but nothing quite like this. Her taste buds are still tingling from the tasty treat when she comes across a broken-down truck on the way back to her parents’ place. And when she spots the three gorgeous guys with the vehicle, it’s not just her taste buds that are tingling. Is Ginny’s vacation in Silver Springs about to get a whole lot more interesting? Moonstone is a standalone contemporary reverse harem romance. It is part of the Jewels Cafe series. **Be sure and check out Snowbound, a Moonstone bonus story!**
Rose: A Plus-Sized Paranormal RomCom in the Silver Springs Shared Universe (Jewels Cafe: Rose Book 1) by Jewels Arthur
Amazon Description

Rose is a gorgeous, plus-sized heroine who is about to get mixed up in a whole 'nother world! Rose has a night job at Vee, the hottest nightclub in Silver Springs. It gives her freedom, endless free drinks, and best of all... access to the three very attractive bar owners who are not what they seem. Rose's bosses have a dark and dangerous secret... and a big, beautiful human like Rose is completely off-limits. But one magical pumpkin spice latte later, Rose's whole world is flipped upside down. Rose is a standalone paranormal romance. It is part of the Jewels Cafe Series Shared Universe. The FMC will not choose at the end. Mature audiences only. Scroll up to read this funny, quirky romance today.

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