Shifter Reverse Harems – Part 6

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I apparently started this post focusing on wolf shifters, but apparently, I got distracted and promptly started adding other shifter kinds. shrugs

I think this concludes the shifter portion of my RH obsession for now. I’ve got fated mates slated as the next post, though, so I’m sure a few more shifter books will make it this week.

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P.S. Busy week in the real world for me, moving week next week. I’ll do my best, but as you can see from this late post, I may be off slightly from the regular schedule. 

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Amazon Description

Me, a mermaid? Not anymore. Life was wonderful until the morning I caught a merman in my net. One look at his perfect, pretty boy face, and I recognize him—Leander, crown prince of the Atlantic. Not only does he recognize me, too—he wants to take me back to the ocean with him. A curse has fallen over our people, and I can break it. But helping the merfolk who abandoned me? Yeah, that's a hard no. Time to toss my stupidly handsome catch back to the ocean! Except the merfolk don't take 'no' for an answer, and they deliver me back to their prince in a cage. New plan: break the curse and get the heck back home. But when two more princes show up wanting me for themselves, I find myself stuck in a spell cast by not one, but three mermen. Infuriating Leander. Playful Kai. Stoic Barren. They're charming, attentive, and hot enough to set the ocean on fire. Imagine my surprise when I realize I'm not meant to choose between them—they’re all my mates. But will these rival princes be willing to share? CURSED WATERS is the first in series of a slow-build medium-burn reverse harem romance where the main character will end up with more than one love interest. Expect humor, steam, and a sassy sea lion who wants to steal the FMC's harem away and make it her own. **Pre-order date might move up!** This book was previously published as the serial Cursed Waters (Season One) Episodes 1-57 in the Kindle Vella store. Season Two is currently ongoing and can be read in Kindle Vella.
Amazon Description

Soul Reapers run everything in the Shadow World and in Hell.
They capture runaway souls, make sure demons are not having wild weekends on Earth, and even bring the heir to the throne back to hell. I should have been one. Instead, I ran, leaving Hell behind, hoping my departure will save the place I call home from a horrific vision of its demise.

For two years, I managed to stay away. Then a Soul Reaper shows up, telling me it’s time to head home. While he’s not the first to try to drag me back, he’s the first to succeed in the task. Thankfully, I arrived back in Hell just in time.

Turns out, my vision of Hell falling apart has nothing to do with me taking the throne.

Now, it’s a race against the clock to move through the ranks at the Grim Reaper Academy, find my three hellhounds, and become the ultimate Soul Reaper before the fall of Hell arrives.

Amazon Description

The lightning came for me the night I ran from home. Now, centuries later, I must face what I've become.

The odds are stacked against me and the Infernal Council wants me gone.

Can I become what I was born to be or will surprising threats defeat me?

With a squirrel shifter, vampire, panther gargoyle, brownie, and archangel at my side, anything is possible.

Infernal Council: The Complete Series omnibus includes: Infuse, Defuse, Transfuse, Refuse

*Infernal Council is a fast burn reverse harem romance with mature content, MM, and is told from multiple points of view. It is a spinoff from my Celestial Academy series but can be read as a standalone series.

Amazon Description

I’m a lone wolf with a stalker on my tail…
My name is Vanya Mason, and after an incident that left me broken, I chose exile from my pack rather than facing the harsh truth.

The alpha made it very clear that my pack never cared about me, they cared about my submission. And that’s not the life I want to live.

Especially alone.

But I learn the very first night on the road that being a lone wolf is dangerous. After I barely escape with my freedom, I find myself in a small human town. Somewhere safe I can lay low while I figure out my next moves.

Or so I thought…

After a body lands directly outside my motel door, a local alpha shows up to ask me questions. It’s clear he doesn’t quite believe me, but he offers me sanctuary.

Keep your enemies close, I guess.

After the stalker makes another bold move, I have no choice but to seek refuge with a pack that doesn’t trust me. But the longer I spend with Nyx, Leven, and Callum, the less I want to leave. It feels like I have a place where I can finally be an equal. However my presence comes with a very dangerous ripple effect.

Will they protect me and fight by my side, or will I spend my life forever on the run?

Pack Forsaken is book one in the Blood and Moonlight series. This book is intended for readers 18 and up and includes violence and situations some readers might find triggering. But if you like wolf shifters, characters who have lost it all and are still willing to fight, and steamy RH PNR, then you’ll love the Blood and Moonlight series.

Amazon Description

One night of fun with a gorgeous guy, that’s all I thought this was, but when Ben walked out my door, he left behind more than just a heart that ached a little.

There’s no way I should’ve been able to get pregnant, yet here I am.

For nine long years, I’ve been fighting to bring my daughter up right, trying to cater for all her unique needs, even as I go to bed every night knowing I’m failing her. So, when I’m offered help by Riley Taylor from the world famous Crowe Corp, I jump at the chance.

But that’s when I run into him.

He shouldn’t look that good, not after all this time and his brothers shouldn’t be clustering closer, trying to catch my scent. He definitely shouldn’t be looking at my daughter with awe and wonder, knowing exactly where her blonde hair comes from.

Ben and his pack want to be part of her life, but more than that, they want their mate and they think I might be her.

If you loved A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing and wanted more of Riley and the gang’s story, join Lily as she struggles to balance motherhood, bringing up a very strong willed daughter, being a beta in an alpha’s world and being forced to consider another chance at love.

Amazon Description

Fourteen Demons. One Human. No hope.

Amelia has a secret, but when she stumbles into a household of fourteen young male demons, will her secret remain hidden for long?

Will a fear of what he is, keep her from accepting who he is?

Thoughts from Paige

I LOVED this book! I went on a journey of epic proportions (yes, I'm exaggerating) when I couldn't remember its name. Luckily, one from our community knew it, so I immediately bought the paperback to prevent this from happening again.

The author is lovely, I reached out to her, and she was so friendly. She indicated the second book should be up for pre-order soon. Yippie! I'm totally assuming this will be a large harem, but I could be off base. I guess we'll find out in book two.

Amazon Description

There are three rules at Unicorn Shifter Academy.
1. Keep unicorns a secret.
2. Never compare horn sizes.
3. No girls allowed.

Whoopsie. I broke all three.

You’d think that unicorn shifters would be chicks, right? Yeah, me too, but turns out unicorns are always males.

Until me, that is.

I’ve never shown a drop of magic in my life, even though I’m from a family of powerful witches. Well, my parents had the grand idea of performing an awakening ceremony courtesy of Fortune Academy’s best and brightest… and I think it worked a bit too well. Imagine their surprise when I sprouted a horn. A FREAKING HORN.

Not. Cool.

Turns out there was some serious rainbow hanky-panky in my family history and now the unicorn shifters are pissed off I’m in on their secret community.

Seriously, spilling the magic beans is the least of my worries.

Being a unicorn means bonding with seven other shifters for life—a life I never asked for. And since I’m the first girl in a male-only tradition, I expect this could cause some serious problems, especially because these guys hate me right off the bat.
The feeling is totally mutual—even if they are as hot as sin.

Thing is, we better get our act together because this Academy isn’t just for show. Unicorns are the only creatures who stand between good and evil on a cosmic scale. A monster lurks in a terrifying pit in the center of the Enchanted Forest.
And it looks like somebody let it out.

The clock starts now to trap the beat before it eats my home realm as a snack. I’ve got my big girl panties on—even if they are rainbow-colored.

Unicorn Shifter Academy is a Paranormal Shifter Romance novel with mature scenes and all the rainbow glitter unicorn shifter, uh… horns… a girl could possibly want—no choosing required. Since this is a series, book one ends in a cliffhanger.

Amazon Description

I must marry Sawyer Crescent.

The alternative is to be discarded by my clan.

For one year, I've prepared myself for my duty.

My unloving parents have sent me from Japan. As an albino kitsune with only one tail, I'm seen as a bad omen, and this marriage is the only way I can redeem myself and be loved by my fellow foxes.

The problem?

Sawyer has been scarred by love in his past, and he doesn't want anything to do with me.

While trying to convince him that we're both fated to be with each other, I sense a connection with two other men—Carter, the bad boy who has anger management issues, and Nicholas, the calm sage who fought in a war many years ago.

I find out I have three true mates, Sawyer included.

But they're not making this easy.

It never is.

Without their Claim is a dark paranormal romance which features a girl and multiple men. There will be no choosing required. There are some mild M/M scenes which will escalate in future books, and a heroine who suffered an abusive past.

Warning: Cliffhanger ending.

Amazon Description

Betrayed by my fated mate and bound to a stranger.

I thought finding my fated mate would change my life. I’m a wolf shifter who can’t shift, the lowest member of my pack, forced into servitude, and when I hear the fated mating call I think things are finally going to change.

Then my mate rejects me and serves me up as a sacrifice to a monster.

Bloody and broken, I run for my life, straight into the arms of three gorgeous brothers…

...and into an accidental mate-bond with the surliest of the lot.

Knox is powerful and angry and wants nothing to do with a weakling like me or our bond. But it’s too strong and while he can reject me — and does — he can’t break it. Despite that, I’m still drawn to him… except I’m also attracted to his brothers. Which makes no sense. The mate-bond should leave no room for desire for anyone but Knox. But I can’t deny that all three brothers call to me in ways I’ve never felt before. And they seem to be warming up to me, too, welcoming me into the pack, giving me shelter, and maybe more…

Except that’s just a fantasy. I couldn’t trust my fated mate and I can’t trust the brothers. All I can do is trust myself and if I finally want my freedom, I have to break an unbreakable bond.

Wolf Deceived is the first book in the Ensnared by the Pack series, an action-packed paranormal romance featuring possessive wolf shifters and a wounded heroine discovering her strength who doesn’t have to choose.

Amazon Description

Three possessive wolf shifters. A wounded woman finding her strength. A world of dangerous fae determined to exploit her unexpected powers.
For years, the monsters who killed my family have held me in a cage. Brutalized and half-starved. Only kept alive so they can steal my blood.

Until one evening when three eerily gorgeous men rescue me.

They offer a safe haven under their protection with everything I need to heal. I'm not used to this kindness—or the desires their smoldering eyes and strong hands stir in my body and my heart.

But these fearsome men aren't really men. Like my former captors, they're fae who can shift into wolves. A curse gripping the faerie realm turns them wild under the full moon.

Only the strange power coursing through my veins can cure their rage.

I'm a prize as much as a person to them. But I've survived this long without giving up. And as I recover my strength, I'm winning their hearts as well.

Can this damaged human hold her own among the savage fae?

*Bound to the Fae is a fantasy romance series featuring possessive shifters, dangerous fae politics, and a wounded heroine coming into her own. This 1100-page set contains with the first three books in the series—Captive of Wolves, Feral Blood, and Kings of Moonlight—as well as two bonus scenes.*


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