Shhhhh….It’s a Secret (Reverse Harem Society)

Happy almost weekend!

The request was to find reverse harem books with a secret society.  When I was reading Captured by the Magi, I knew I wanted to put it in a post; I couldn’t decide if it would be this one or the one slated about badass FMCs.  Obviously, this one won.

I hope you are all able to find a new read that has a secret society below.

Take care of yourselves, and have a lovely weekend.


Captured by the Magi: Exemplar Hall Magic Academy by JL Madore & Ruby Night
Captured by the Magi: Exemplar Hall Magic Academy by JL Madore & Ruby Night
Amazon Description

An action-packed fantasy romance series from International Bestselling author JL Madore and debut author Ruby Night!
They came for my twin and left me behind because women hold no power in the magi world.
They're about to find out how wrong they are...

Jesse Storme. Bartender. Rock-climber. And the girl left behind.

One minute, Wyatt and I are scaling our favorite rock peak and enjoying a moment of escape from our crappy lives. The next, we're attacked and my brother is gone.

I think it's connected to the creepy recruiter dude from Exemplar Hall.
I find out it's so much worse than that...

Sucked into a Hunger Games meets Harry Potter event to rescue him, I don't know who I can trust. I'm a girl posing as a guy. I'm not supposed to be here. And I'm definitely not supposed to have the power I do.

Doesn't matter. I would suffer any pain to find and save Wyatt.
We're more that twins—We're Gemini Twins.

This is a fast-paced, medium-burn, twenty-somethings romance series set in a world where magical beings harness astrological power to get what they want. The heroine will end up with multiple love interests so you never have to pick a favourite. Expect hot romance, spine-tingling action, sword-crossing, sassy humor, and a continuation of story that takes you through five books.

Thoughts from Paige

I LOVED this book.  I was completely sucked in.  Our FMC is a bad-ass and has a beautiful relationship with her twin brother.  I cannot wait for the next one to come out.

Exception: A Billionaire, Lawyer Reverse Harem Romance (Exception Duet Book 1) by L. Miles
Exception: A Billionaire, Lawyer Reverse Harem Romance (Exception Duet Book 1) by L. Miles
Amazon Description

I'm Ali Hayes, a world-famous singer and actress with everything I could ever want...except maybe them.

Years of enviable friendship with the most eligible bachelors of New York? Check.

Strange growing possessiveness from my guys and blurring lines? Check.

Stirring feelings while I’m desperately holding on for fear of losing our friendship? Oh, absolutely.

When I’ve barely had more than one serious, disastrous relationship, how could I handle my growing attraction to all of them? And the guys are acting strange as well. Playboys abandoning their lifestyle, hot and cold kisses, smouldering glances…

Things start kicking into high gear when a secret stalker reveals themselves and my security team scrambles to guarantee my safety. Suddenly my guys are overwhelmingly protective. Alpha. Dominant. And everything starts to change.

SAFETY SQUAD: This is a New Adult reverse harem book (68K words), meaning there are multiple love interests for our heroine and she doesn't have to choose. Medium burn, guaranteed HEA by the end of the duet, and absolutely no cheating (and no OW drama, woo!). Just gorgeous men with eyes only for their woman.

Thoughts from Paige

I started checking the progress of the book about halfway through thinking "how on earth is the author going to finish everything?!".  Turns out, it's a series. Surprise! I've already marked the second down to read.  This was a nice read.

King of Swords: A Dark College Bully Romance (Stormcloud Academy Book 1) by Nicole Casey
King of Swords: A Dark College Bully Romance (Stormcloud Academy Book 1) by Nicole Casey
Amazon Description

I didn’t ask to go to this fancy boarding school. I didn’t ask to be involved in a secret society. I most definitely didn’t ask to attract the attention of the ruthless kings.
I have no money. No living family. My last resort is Stormcloud Academy.
I have no clue why they offered me the scholarship, but I’m determined to use it wisely.

Yet when I arrive at the school, I discover this won’t be a quiet reprieve.
A secret society banned twenty years ago is being resurrected.
Zephyr Williams, Sol Stamos, and Arvo Hurley reign supreme.
The trio takes the girls they want.
And destroys the lives of everyone who crosses them.

Their latest target? Me.
Three powerful young men versus a nobody.
I don’t stand a chance.

My only ally is Theo Brent who refuses to join the society.
Attractive, kind, and smart, Theo is a dream come true.
But my treacherous body isn’t just drawn to him.
It also craves the Kings.
Especially Zephyr’s darkness and cruelty.

Soon, I’m forced into the King’s game.
The rules are constantly changing.
My enemies are always two steps ahead.

I must figure out this game of cat-and-mouse.
Before I end up dead.

Thoughts from Paige

I fought tears reading the first bit of the sample.  I'm not sure it would usually have hit me so hard, but it did this time. Ooof. I found it to be well written in a style that sucked me in, and I am adding this one to my TBR pile.

Pawn of Lies: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance (An Initiation of Thorns Book 1) by Kenna Bardot & Tove Madigan
Pawn of Lies: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance (An Initiation of Thorns Book 1) by Kenna Bardot & Tove Madigan
Amazon Description

There is no happily ever after in the town of Rosewood.

Not when the Elite toy with people like pawns on a chessboard, and we’re all stuck playing a game we don’t understand.

They’re temptation at its darkest, appealing to the most depraved part of me I thought I had buried deep down where no one could see.

Despite my history, I can’t resist. Even knowing it won’t end well, I can’t step away.

But the games of the Thorns could have a deadly cost.

My body. My soul.

My life.

Pawn of Lies is the first book in An Initiation of Thorns and ends on a cliffhanger. This is a dark secret society romance series and contains elements that may be triggering for some readers.

Thoughts from Paige

I don't want to do you a dirty here... I haven't read this book, and although it has a fantastic review base on Amazon, it's been a year since book one was released, and I'm not finding information about book two.

Pleasure’s Fury: A Masters’ Admiralty Novel by Lila Dubois & Mari Carr
Amazon Description

While on the trail of a madman, Antonio Starabba finds something unexpected—the killer’s next victims, tortured, in pain, but alive.

Leila and Karl are both members of The Masters’ Admiralty, the same powerful secret society Antonio is sworn to defend as a security officer—aka assassin. Rescuing them means letting the killer escape, and once they’re safe, Antonio is overcome with a deep need to protect them, and takes them to one of his family’s villas to rest and recover.

As the weeks pass feelings develop between the three of them, but there’s a problem. The killer is still out there, eluding capture, and he’s made it clear that his next victims will be Leila, Karl…and Antonio.

Pleasure's Fury is book 3 in the Masters' Admiralty series.

Thoughts from Paige

Although this shows up as an RH when I search, it sure sounds more like a menage a trois.  Just a heads up.

Ravage: A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance Series (Royal Fae Academy Book 1) by Lacey Carter Andersen
Amazon Description

I am bound to the dark... and the dark is bound to me. No one can know what I am. But this secret I carry, it isn't an easy one to hide. It burns within me. It changes me each and every day, making the line between me and the ghosts I love smaller and smaller. Yet no secret can remain hidden forever. The day my brother dies changes everything. I'm commanded to attend the Royal Fae Academy, a place that wouldn't welcome someone like me. But as much as I fear what will happen next, I have to find my brother's killer. No matter the cost. Danger haunts my every step. Someone here wants me dead. And my brother's three best friends are determined to protect me from my enemies. Only, they have no idea what I am. Or what I'm capable of doing. And even though I care for them, and I feel they care for me, I have to keep them away. Because the dark is where I belong. But these men? They belong in the light. Even if they don't know it yet. RAVAGE is the first full book in a steamy reverse harem romance series, (although there is a short prequel before it titled Revere). These books have a spooky edge, hot scenes, and a mystery to unravel. So if you love paranormal romances with tough heroines and protective men, you may want to preorder your copy now!
Sanctuary (The Wanderers Book 1) by Becca Jameson
Sanctuary (The Wanderers Book 1) by Becca Jameson
Amazon Description

The world is no longer a safe place, especially for women. For several decades, the birth rate of females has been declining. Militants, the government, and private citizens alike will do anything to find young women and force them into unthinkable arrangements.

The Wanderers are a secret underground society, born to provide sanctuary for anyone who believes in free will and democratic notions. They have grown in numbers for many years and have several compounds where their citizens live in safety.

After living off the grid for all of her twenty-one years, Layla’s life has been uprooted after the murder of her parents. On the run with her nineteen-year-old sister, she’s hungry, scared, and running out of time. At her lowest moment of despair, she finally finds someone who can take them to The Wanderers.

Layla knows how to take care of herself. She can fight. She can forage for food. She has bad-ass survival skills. But she has never been this close to anyone outside of her immediate family, especially men. So many men. She’s aware of society’s inclination towards living with multiple partners, but is she ready to enter into a polyamorous relationship herself?

Jay, Gatlin, Ledger, and Nile have been living as a family unit with The Wanderers for years. When Layla shows up, they practically trip over one another in an effort to woo her. She’s young and sweet and kind and all that is good in the world. Pressuring her to choose them is strictly forbidden of course. They must be patient.

When Layla goes missing, her men will do anything to find her before she falls into the wrong hands. Losing her is not an option. They just got her. But is she really theirs?

The Hunter's Call (Monster Hunter Academy Book 1) by D.D. Chance
The Hunter’s Call (Monster Hunter Academy Book 1) by D.D. Chance
Amazon Description

This magic academy is hiding one monster of a secret. I fight the monsters no one else sees. It’s a lonely life, and when my mom’s sudden death takes our monster hunting team from two down to one, I figure it’s just Me + Monsters Forever. Then I read the last letter my mom ever wrote—to a family I never knew I had—and everything in my world turns upside down. I follow the letter’s clues to Boston, and learn my real family just might be tangled up in a super-secret society of high-stakes magic and monsters. Even crazier, I discover a magic academy dedicated to fighting monsters, with a mind-blowingly sexy squad of hunters who want me to help them tackle the worst outbreak the school has faced in generations. 
 Fighting monsters alongside the hottest guys I’ve ever met? Sign me up.   Only, the intimate bond these guys have formed is something I’ve craved my whole life. And the moment I start hunting with them, I feel a powerful urge to bond, too…like bond a LOT. A whole lot. With, um, each of them.   Never saw that one coming.  **Set in the same world as Twyst Academy, THE HUNTER'S CALL is book 1 of 4 in the Monster Hunter Academy series, a slow-burn paranormal academy romance with a fast-talking, sharp-witted heroine, four hunters-in-training hot enough to make your palms sweat, and way too many monsters to hide in a closet. Keep your blades at the ready and dive in!**
The Rites (Ethos Society Book 1) by Chloe Gunter
Amazon Description

Now a completed series! Agent Charlie DeWitt thought earning a position at an elite government organization was the pinnacle of her career. Well, until she started receiving mysterious black envelopes with an invitation to join a secret society that’s beyond her wildest imagination. Charlie soon finds herself keeping secrets from those close to her, and unable to trust those she desperately wants to. Entangled in a dark web of rites, she’s about to be tested in ways she never imagined. With new twists at every turn, she’ll have to learn how to trust herself and the men she’s bonded with, or face the consequences. The Rites is the first book in a reverse harem series that is sure to have you on the edge of your seat with its face-paced action, and we don’t mean only in the bedroom. Be prepared for twist, turns, and temptation as you dive into a secret society like no other.
Web of Lies: Book 1: An enemies to lovers high school reverse harem (The Apocalypse Society) by: Aly Beck
Amazon Description

My enemy is invisible.
Nameless. Faceless. Controlled. Puppets on strings. Sheep in the masses.
And I’ve turned into their number one plaything.

When I transferred to East Point Prep, I had one mission in mind: find the people responsible for murdering Magnolia. Someone within these entitled walls killed my only friend and threw her overboard like she was human trash.

Now, they’ll pay.

My best friend told me everything through weekly emails, leaving coded clues in her simple messages. I know every incident, and I have the names of her bullies—her murderers.

Seger, Chase, Zeppelin, Carter, and Ainsley.

Somehow everything gets twisted and turned around. Every piece of evidence turns to ash. Magnolia lied to me, and I have to unravel her words one piece at a time to understand the truth hidden within her code.

My pawns become my kings. The ones I once called my suspects turn into allies. They help me search for the invisible culprit slithering through the shadows.

The hunter becomes the hunted.

◆Web of Lies is book 1 of 3 books.

◆ Web of Lies is a full-length, mature/dark/ contemporary/new adult/ bully romance/full of mystery, spicy scenes, and foul language. Recommended for 18+ readers. WOL is a reverse harem novel, meaning the FMC has more than one love interest. FMMMM

◆ Please read the warnings at the beginning of the book to check for triggering material. Also, pay special attention to the note about the secret code within the story (YES SECRET CODE!)


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