Sexy Demon Time – Reverse Harems with an Incubus or Succubus

Happy Friday, my friends!

The request of the day is books featuring an Incubus or a Succubus. I was so excited to be able to research after the delightful cough cough week this has been. I’m liking the sound of quite a few of these damned books! (see what I did there? har har)

Hopefully, you are all swept away by at least one of the books below.

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!


An Incubus Only Calls Your Name Once: Call Your Name Quartet Book One by A.M. Boone
An Incubus Only Calls Your Name Once: Call Your Name Quartet Book One by A.M. Boone
Amazon Description

To escape an abusive relationship, I jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire...

I’m at my breaking point. Between hiding an abusive relationship and trying to survive my filthy rich and politically powerful in-laws, I’m this close to cracking.

Then three supernaturals walk into my dead-end life—or rather, I walk into them.

Vincent. Incubus. Billionaire. Hotter than hell and with a temper to match.
Feli. Cubi. Vincent's closest friend. As fluid as the oceans and just as mysterious.
Santiago. Esper. My best friend. Would move mountains to protect me.

Vincent offers me a deal: he murders my scumbag husband, and I work for him as his debt collector and walking, talking lunch bag for the next ten years. And at first, it's great, even as Santiago begs me not to get involved. I get a new car, a new apartment, and even all my student loans are paid off, all on Vincent's dime. Doesn’t hurt that the sex is scorching hot too. I just have to fend off my increasingly suspicious in-laws and not catch feelings. Easy enough, right?

Wrong. As the collections become more and more dangerous, Feli and Vincent pull me into a web of secrets, and Santiago and Vincent's rivalry turns to outright malice, I have to tap into powers I never knew I had, or risk losing my life—in both the mundane and supernatural worlds.

An Incubus Only Calls Your Name Once is a diverse queer reverse harem paranormal romance between one kickass witch, three sizzling hot men, and a genderfluid shapeshifter. This is the first book of four, and is for mature audiences only.

Dahlia's Kiss by Candace Adams
Dahlia’s Kiss by Candace Adams
Amazon Description

Before humans ever discovered fire, a bond was forged between the Succubi and Incubi that burned hotter than any flame. When they found their true mate, the need to feed from humans would be forever replaced by the one who completed their soul. My parents were fated mates – two who should have completed each other beyond eternity. Fate is fickle, though. That eternal bond ended and took my parents with it, victims of their own natures. When an Incubus comes to seal our bond, I wanted no part of it – determined not to fall the way my parents had. When two more appear to claim their right as my mates, it becomes harder to ignore the instinct to be theirs. Maybe I didn’t have to choose, but just as I start to give in to their desires, someone begins killing the humans who’d sustained me in the past. As the Incubi accuse one another in a play to be my only mate, the end of my eternity draws closer than ever. I do know this for certain, I need to uncover the truth before the next victim is me.
Dominated by the Demon Horde: A Reverse Harem Kinky Romance by Lyra Crowe
Dominated by the Demon Horde: A Reverse Harem Kinky Romance by Lyra Crowe
Amazon Description

The demons were our saviors, our heroes, so we naturally wanted to reward them as best we could. They really just had one request -- just a little energy, once a year. Sexual energy, generated from mixing pain and pleasure in lust.I knew exactly what the demons wanted from me. After all, it was what I wanted too.

Thoughts from Paige

Huge thank you to the author for supplying us with tags!

Frayed Trust: Frayed Book 1 by Olivia Lewin
Frayed Trust: Frayed Book 1 by Olivia Lewin
Amazon Description

I’m a hidden Omega with murderous impulses…
Can you blame me? With my designation it’s kill or be killed, or worse. Just ask my sister.

After the Sanctuary thrust her into the arms of a monster, I swore I’d never follow in her footsteps. Not when I revealed five years ago, and not now. I’d make it alone. No Sanctuary. No Alphas. No plan.

I didn’t really think it through.

Even if I don’t need an Alpha to take care of me, my body does. And I’m running out of time to find one of my choice. With my heats getting closer to lethal every month and a vampire kingpin who knows my identity, my only hope are the mysterious strangers investigating my long string of murders.

Shan, the bland angel with a penchant for the rules (and making me follow them). Caspian, an incubus-fae hybrid who’s equal parts sensual and vulnerable. Em, the team’s muscle who’s inexplicably absent from the investigation.

Add in my sassy, cursed feline familiar and we have ourselves a party. And the best heat of my life, if I can bring myself to trust them with my secrets. But can I repair my frayed trust before it’s too late?

Frayed Trust is the first book in a reverse harem trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger. There is plentiful m/m content throughout, and poly themes! Please make sure you check the trigger warnings.

Her Every Move: A Succubus Romance (Succubus: “Her Every” series Book 1) by Becca Saylor
Amazon Description


The Three Fates Weave Their Patterns Using the Lives of the Living as Their Thread.

When Aria Vona wakes up in a Morgue Body Cooler, she is absolutely sure there's been a most disastrous mistake.
Her fate is NOT to be a succubus.
Her fate is NOT three incubus lovers.
How can she get back her true fate when she's so entirely stuck?
Lochlan, Kai, and Tatsu are three incubi without a succubus Queen. In a world where succubi are rare and the changing of humans into paranormal others is wholly illegal, they have no hope.
When they receive a call from Aaron Vona, another incubus and the elder brother of Aria, the feel the weaving touch of The Fates.
When Aria's actions ripe a caping hole in their hearts, they'll find out that it wasn't just the four of them that were irreparably alters.
"Her Every Move" (SECOND EDITION) opens the unique, paranormal, polyamorous romance "Her Every" series by Becca Saylor in an unforgettable and wholly addictive way!

Thoughts from Paige

I would have passed this book up if I hadn't been working on the post.  I read the sample to give it a fair shake, and 68% through the sample I am hooked.  Give the sample a shot, and just ignore the cover and blurb.

Love and Bonds: A Reverse Harem Omegaverse Romance by Liz E. Cooper
Love and Bonds: A Reverse Harem Omegaverse Romance by Liz E. Cooper
Amazon Description

I’m faced with four gorgeous men, handpicked by my late father to be my alpha mates.Sounds great, right? Only one problem, they're a pack with violent pasts. There’s Kai, the crazy incubus demon with all the sex appeal. Ty, the sweet but morose vampire. Lance, the unfriendly but captivating were-wolf. And their leader, Daniel, the cocky but dangerously handsome fae. Seriously, dad, what were you thinking? I spent my whole life using witch magic to stop the change to omega from happening, but when my father dies, my spells dry up and my heat is coming. Fast. I refuse to be a weak omega who gets abused by an arrogant alpha. However, when I’m forced to fight off increasing attacks from demonic forces, I find myself having to rely on the very men I fear to help find out who’s behind the attacks and stop them. And, as if I didn’t have enough stress, I’m running out of time to make a decision on the alphas. I definitely don’t want my quickly approaching omega heat making the tough call for me. The guys seem kind of trustworthy, but they could also be behind these attacks to push me towards them. Sigh, what’s a gal to do? 18+ Reverse Harem Omegaverse Romance. Warning: Violence and LOTS of Smexy Time.
Shadowcraft Academy: Hexed: A Dark Academia Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance by Yve Vale
Shadowcraft Academy: Hexed: A Dark Academia Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance by Yve Vale
Amazon Description

An outcast witch. A rejected mate. Magic is vanishing, and supernaturals are disappearing at an alarming rate. I didn’t want magic. I was supposed to escape. Then life delivers an unwanted present for my twentieth birthday—a fated mate. Now, the only way out of a world filled with magical jerks is to prove that I’m a null. A mage without magic. Even though my magical bond with my mate suggests the opposite. Rourke will stop at nothing to sever our magical bond. Maybe I’ll be the next supe to disappear. This academy is torture. Rourke rules the school. I’m under constant attack. And I’m surrounded by tempting, but confounding males: an alphahole dragon, a surly vampire, a mercurial druid, and my forbidden fruit, the wolf-shifter teacher. Not to mention the seductive incubus who flirts with me to provoke the dragon. If I run, the administration will hunt me down. If I don’t learn to control my magic, I’ll be locked up or worse—killed. And that’s if I’m lucky. Shadowcraft Academy Series is a medium burn paranormal dark academy reverse harem romance series about one witch and her five love interests. If you like fated mates, rejected mates, protective, growly alphas, sweet druids, forbidden romance, bully, best friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, and mystery and family secrets, you will love this story. Buy Hexed to ‘heat things up’ today. This book includes: steamy sex scenes including MM scenes, bullying, violence, knotting, and monsters who bump in the night.
Snow's Soldiers: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Series (Fairytales and Monsters Book 1) by L.C. Hibbett
Snow’s Soldiers: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Series (Fairytales and Monsters Book 1) by L.C. Hibbett
Amazon Description

Let's get one thing damn straight before we begin: Me? I'm not the kind of woman who believes in fairytales.
Once upon a time, I probably did believe in true love, happily ever afters, and all that bull. I guess most little girls do. But then again, most little girls don't watch their mother being ripped to shreds by a pack of vampires on their eighth birthday or have wicked step-mothers who toss them into a correctional facility for telling the truth about the monsters in the forest. And let me tell you something; nothing kills a girl's inner romantic like a decade in a cell.

When I finally arrive back in my hometown on the edge of the Black Forest as a grown-ass woman, I've got one thing on my mind. Hunting monsters.

The last thing I expected was to actually find any, let alone an entire hidden society.

But when an unexpected encounter plummets me head-first into the middle of a supernatural nightmare, I soon find myself entangled in a web of mystery, danger, and terror with a newfound friend to protect and a seductive shifter, irresistible incubus, and a brooding gargoyle that seem determined to keep me close--whether I like it or not.

So here I am, trapped in a cottage in the forest with a bunch of supernatural soldiers, a whole heap to learn about who I am, and a libido that suddenly won't quit. Turns out, pretty much nothing I thought I knew about the world or my life was true.

And if I was wrong about all that, is there maybe just a tiny chance that I was wrong about fairytale endings too?

Snow's Soldiers is the first in a series of paranormal romance novels. Each book is a complete standalone story which follows a new heroine and her harem, and a HEA is guaranteed--but don't expect an easy ride! If you like your paranormal romance novels long and thick *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* and your love interests to give you a little taste of everything from savage alpha to swoon-worthy romantic, then Fairytales and Monsters is the series for you! The next novel in the series is Beauty's Beasts, which will be released in October 2022, and you will meet the heroine and her delectable men in Snow's novel. Let's see if you can spot them... *insert wicked cackle from author*

Publishers note: A previous version of this novel was released under the same title. This edition contains a large amount of new content including an entirely different ending. There is a complete romance arc for the heroine and all three of her love interests. If you liked the previous version of this story, we suspect you will love this updated edition.

Tainted Wings (Angelic Academy Book One) by Alisha Williams
Tainted Wings (Angelic Academy Book One) by Alisha Williams
Amazon Description

“Being the daughter of the Devil isn't what it's all cracked up to be, believe me”

My name is Abigail Morningstar, and my whole life I’ve felt out of place being the only angel amongst the demons.

But, I have a chance to get a break I need in the form of a deal.

What deal, you ask? The funny thing is, I have to live with my mother for three years. The very mother who abandoned me as a baby.

Enrolling at Angelic Academy should have been a nice change, but once again, things weren't that easy. Being the demon Princess paints a target on my back and everyone seems to want a shot. It doesn't help when the three sons of the top ranking Archangels are the leaders. One who happens to be my step-brother.

I have no idea what I did to piss them off so badly but I'm not going down without a fight.

Thankfully I'm not alone. I have my best friend Leo, a virgin incubus and a dark angel Zed who is surprisingly sweeter than the angels who call themselves holy.

One thing for sure, just because something is white as snow, doesn't mean it's pure.


Angelic Academy is a why choose enemies to lovers, step-brother, and friends to lover why chose series. It is a medium burn, with medium to heavy bullying. All characters involved in sexual activity are of age and consensual, despite what it may look like. Described sexual scenes and swearing. 18+ MM content.

The Price of Possession
The Price of Possession: A Reverse Harem Tale (Pizza Shop Exorcist Book 1) by Dakota Brown
Amazon Description

When my family died at the hands of a demon prince, I hung up my exorcist hat. I’d failed to protect them, and while I was willing to risk myself, the price had risen too high.
Now I’m serving up hot, fresh pizzas to everyone who wants them. I was the only person left to inherit the family business and I’m doing my best to keep it up and running in honor of my loved ones.
These days, my biggest challenge is telling off a rampaging customer, and endless paperwork. That is, until he shows up again.
Darius was the only guy I couldn’t say no to, the one who dragged me into the world of the occult in the first place. When he shows up and begs me to assist with an exorcism, I reluctantly agree. He’s still using me; because I’m the best exorcist around and he only calls when he needs my help.
Before I know it, I’ve got an incubus in the living room, a hellhound marking around my yard, and a demon prince who can’t decide if he wants to kill me or… you know. Not to mention the vampire and the nephilim I seem to have collected. Normally I wouldn’t work with the supernatural, but we all have a common goal. Prevent the crime syndicate from summoning a demon prince and becoming more powerful than we can hope to handle.
If I can keep my cool, it will be a miracle. If I can hold on to my soul it’ll be an even bigger one. No one ever claimed being an exorcist was easy, but to protect those I’m coming to love, I’ll pay whatever price necessary.

This book is intended for mature audiences. 18+ readers only! It contains language and sexual situations. This is a medium burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why Choose? Harem members added as series progresses.

 Thoughts from Paige

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book.  For some reason, the blurb just didn't do it for me, but boy am I glad I picked it up.  The audio version is fantastic too. I'm super excited to devour this series.


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