Seeker-By Tate James. A Review By Quare Eligere

If you’re on this page, I hope you have read Impostor, book 1 of The Royal Trials. If you haven’t, go away. Spolier’s ahead. As book 2, Seeker begins exactly where Impostor left us. HANGING OFF THE EDGE OF A FRIGGIN CLIFF MRS. JAMES.

Just to recap-

Rybet chose Prince Alexander’s room key because out of the three princes, he said he would ruin her. It was the only way she could think to break free from the strongly developing feeling she had for her tutors Lee, Zan, and Ty. And she was counting on it. What she didn’t expect was the royal prince to break his oath thus causing her whole emotional self sacrifice (sort of) to backfire in a bloody money shot she all over her face and body.

After that scene is capped up, our fearless author took my brain on an adventure and did not let it go until she THREW ME OFF ANOTHER FUCKING CLIFF. Damn it Tatums. That shit was cold. However, I am not twice as excited to get to book three since it will be the conclusion. Unless you’re channeling Sarah that day, decide to be a dick, write a 4th installation leaving us with a cliffhanger on the 3rd book. Don’t you friggin dare.

I digress, I LOVED Seeker! It was action packed. I could not put my Kindle down. The character development was great. It was refreshing to see angst between the princes and their affinity to not want to share Rybet. As harem readers we are getting used to the guys being just fine with sharing one girl. In Seeker, Ty, Lee, and Zan prove that sharing Rybet is no easy task. And that they don’t want to share her. They only want her for themselves. Poor Rybet, she loves all three equally.

Seeker develops Rybet’s story into the reader being able to find out more about where she came from and who she really is… Which Rybet didn’t even know who she really was, not surprising. It was great to see Rybet maintain her strength with everything she was going through, emotionally and physically. She doesn’t have any real friends aside from the guys. Her one and only girlfriend turned out to be a backstabbing literal whore.

In the end we get to see an impromptu battle stemmed from what was supposed to be a time of celebrations. We readers learn the secret of where magic in the kingdom disappeared, and why the King (who for some reason I keep calling Turd Ferguison) would go through such lengths to control the magic/kingdom that he’d even murder even his own sons. And then Mrs. Tatums decides to get into demolition, and drops a friggin bridge. She dangles the readers quite literally off a cliff with nothing to hold onto. Mhm, you know what I’m talking about.

And thus begins the wait. The wait for our final book in The Royal Trials in which I’m sure will have equally beautiful cover art. As Impostor and Seeker. And my story will be wrapped up in a nice pretty bow. If you’ve read this book, and lort I hope you have or I have spoiled some things. There is A LOT of loose ends and story-line that needs addressing and to happen. Excellent read. Excellent story. Excellent author. If you haven’t read it, sorry for the spoils. Read it. You won’t regret it.

-Quare Eligere

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