Seductive and Forbidden: A List of Reverse Harem Stepbrother Romances

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The randomly selected theme of the week is stepbrother reverse harems.

I tried to find some newer/new to me books. I hope you can find a few that are new to you!

I may not be posting on Friday. I haven’t read anything this week. I’ve got a book club book I need to finish (it’s not RH), and my favorite app, Romance Club, is updating its books on May 24. So chances are high I won’t have read enough RH books to make the usual Friday post.

If I don’t catch you until Sunday, have a fantastic week!

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Amazon Description

I felt my life ended when my omega designation showed a little earlier than expected. I had ambitions that meant being a beta would suit my life better.
I didn’t relish being claimed, mated, knotted.

No, I never wanted to live a submissive life around raging, rutting alphas.

But my father now controls my life. Luckily for me, he didn’t want his precious daughter to go the Omega College route. No, his daughter is too good for that. But being the dominant alpha that he is, he wants to find my alpha. The only good that comes out of it is he allows for me to take suppressants and continue my education while he finds him.

I’m now living with my stepbrother Dylan, and his friends Jacob and Nico. Apparently, my father thinks they’ll protect me, not sure what is going on in his head when Dylan and Jacob are alphas. Luckily, sweet Nico is a beta, but hey it’s my father’s decision and apparently they’re going to take me to my alpha dates and give me the security I need.

But I realise one alpha isn’t what I want. And I tell my father I want a pack. That’s not what you say to a lone alpha, especially not my father. He thinks his business associates are perfect for me, or at least one of their sons will be.

But how do I tell him what I really want?

Maybe I don’t, maybe I decide.

Yes… my father can get knotted.

Blair is book one in the Get Knotted Omegaverse, a series of standalone, fast-burn reverse harem romances. Each book will have reluctant omega and her own possessive, purring alphas and a guaranteed HEA.

Amazon Description

Poor little rich girl thrown to the sharks.

Having everything, living the high life, it was only ever in the movies.
Until now. Until them.

After a summer away, I return to find my mother remarried, and a whole new family around her. Now I’m enrolled in the college for East Coast’s most elite; Saints U. Along with my new stepbrother and his friends.

Only he wasn’t my stepbrother the night we first met, and it’s too late to turn back the clock.

They can make me their number one target, insult me and play their wicked games, but I’ve met worse monsters in my time.

These boys might think they can ruin me, but I’ll show them I can make their world burn.

**Lily Wildhart is about to take you on a ride into the world of dark romance that isn’t like anything I’ve read before. Buckle up, because it’s about to get bumpy.**

Please Note: This book is a dark, college, stepbrother, why choose romance with some aspects of bullying.

Amazon Description

I don’t want an alpha.I don’t want the legendary Murphy pack as stepbrothers.
I don’t want to share a house with the four boys every girl in school wants.
And I definitely don’t want their breath on my skin
Their scent in my nose
Their marks on my neck.

Their father told them to look after me.
But he doesn’t realise just how they’ve decided to twist that directive.
I’m a pet omega for them to play with.
And they’re about to give me everything they decide I need.

Amazon Description

Three sexy cowboys. One mishap-prone virgin. What could go wrong?

To avoid a public scandal after a night of too much tequila, senator’s daughter Amber Durant agrees to disappear for three months.

She thinks she’s going to babysit her new stepfather’s three sons on his ranch in Wyoming. Turns out, they’re all grown up. In all the right ways. But she can’t have any of them, because they’re her stepbrothers.

It’s going to be a long three months.

***This is a book one (of 4) in a slow-burn reverse harem contemporary romance series, suitable for ages 18+***

Amazon Description

A billionaire, a lawyer, and a personal trainer walk into a Malibu beach house with a four-month-old baby…and no idea what to do. Sounds like a story you’ve heard before, right?

Add a curvy nanny they can’t keep their hands off and a summer vacation goes from sunny to scorching.

I’m an up-and-coming plus-sized designer who gets strong-armed into playing nanny for a month so I’ll have enough money to put my fashion line into production. Sounds like an easy plan.

Only, the dad of that baby is my first crush. The star of my late-night fantasies beneath the sheets. The guy who never noticed I was alive.

Charles Harlow. Older. Rich as sin. Sex on a stick. And my step-brother.

I can handle this. One month caring for an adorable baby and my money troubles will be solved.

It’s living with three chiseled alphas that might be my downfall. Especially when innocent flirting with Jordan and Alex turns into nights of pleasure at their rough hands.

All while my employer…my step-brother…watches us with the look of a predator. He’s hungry for me too, but keeps his distance.

I’m the nanny. The hired help. The forbidden little sister. The longer Charles resists, the more explosive it will be when we give into our taboo desires.

One month… I’ll have my money to launch my fashion line and we’ll all go back to our lives as if none of this ever happened, right?

Amazon Description

Eight years ago, I believed I’d finally found a place to call home. My mother’s marriage to Vincent Sharpe meant security and three stepbrothers who were already my best friends.

But Mom’s mysterious death one week before the wedding turned my world upside down. The day of her funeral, I was whisked away to live with my aunt in Kansas, and I never heard from the Sharpes again…

Until a devastating tornado leaves me destitute.

Now, Vincent is offering me the opportunity of a lifetime—he’ll pay for my tuition and expenses at an exclusive university. All I have to do is move back in with him and his sons.

Knowing this is my one chance to discover what really happened to my mother, I grudgingly accept. But if I thought living in the same house with a potential murderer was going to be my biggest obstacle, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Leo, Hayle, and Tristin Sharpe are no longer the boys I remember. They’re all grown up, with the adult attitudes, tensions, and sex appeal to prove it. They aren’t my problem anymore. Yet, somehow, they keep drawing me into their web of drama.

I might be the only person who can fix what’s broken between them. But I don’t trust that they won’t shatter me in the process.

*The Lonely Souls trilogy is a contemporary reverse harem series inspired by the main characters in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz…except, this version of Dorothy and her friends is a little twisted.

Thoughts from Paige

I am dying (pun 100% intended) to know what happened to our FMCs mother.  So much happened in the prologue! And…I hadn’t realized this was a twist of the Wizard of Oz.

Amazon Description

Three hot protectors. A sinister threat.

And a woman trying to keep her heart from being broken again.


Eyes are on me all the time, at work, at home, on the beach. My stalker has already killed once, and I’m his next target.


What do I know about him? A military uniform and boots- just like every other soldier on this base. The very things that have made me feel safe for so long, now feel threatening.


And my temptingly sexy stepbrothers have been ordered by their commander – my dad – to keep me safe. They take their orders extremely seriously and are by my side twenty-four seven which only makes our growing feelings harder to keep under wraps.


Can my heart survive the constant danger, vicious gossip, and my fear of getting hurt again?

Will my stepbrothers be able to keep me safe and show me what it means to be cherished?


Warning: this book is part of a trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger. This is a military stepbrother story where the heroine won’t have to choose between her different love interests. It has steamy scenes, swearing, danger and violence. Suitable only for readers aged 18+

Amazon Description

Every woman loves a man in uniform, but what if that man…is your stepbrother…and his friends?

Tanner and I have always been pretty close.

And as we got older, I wanted to get even closer—and I think he did too—but fantasizing about your stepbrother, and actually acting on those fantasies, are two very different things.

God only knows what our parents would say…

But the problem is, even though he’s living across the country in California, I still can’t shake these secret desires.

After completing his Navy SEAL training, he comes back home to visit us in Plano, Texas, and he’s brought his two best friends with him.

One sexy Navy SEAL is already too much to handle, but three of them? It’s like a daily man-candy parade.

All it takes is one moment, and we give in to our needs. It’s naughty, forbidden, taboo…and oh so perfect.

I can’t believe the connection we have, but I’m even more shocked that I share that same connection with his two best friends. And not only does my stepbrother not mind, but he actually wants to share me with them.

Loving a hero is hard. And loving three of them is almost enough to break a woman.

I just hope I’m strong enough to handle all that loving these Navy SEALS entails, because I’ve never been happier—or more satisfied…

Their Forbidden Girl is a standalone MFMM plus one menage/reverse harem romance filled with taboo, naughty, forbidden erotic romance. HEA with NO CHEATING!

Amazon Description

They show up in my town. They transfer to my school. They make my life a living hell.

My stepbrother and his two friends don’t care that my father is missing. Now that he’s out of the way, they prey on me like the apex predators they are. Draining me dry, blackmailing me for my family’s long-held secrets.

They’re terrifying and sexy, and they’re determined to bring me to my knees. I can’t let them. I won’t. There’s too much at stake to bow before a Jacobs now.

I’d rather die.

THOSE HEARTLESS BOYS is a reverse harem enemies-to-lovers romance.

Amazon Description

“Kiss a stranger.”

Those three words started off a series of events I could have never predicted.

Fresh off graduation, I have my entire summer planned out: European vacation with my cousins, college courses, and picking up shifts at work. But then my mom calls and drops the bomb: she’s getting married to the rumored head of the Irish mafia.

Even though I’ve been looking out for her for most of my life, we haven’t lived together in ten years. So when she invites me to stay with her for the summer, I don’t hesitate. And I make a new summer plan: skip the vacation, take online courses, and dig up dirt on Mom’s new fiancé.

What I didn’t plan for was Wolf Fitzgerald–and his brothers. Dangerously good-looking with tattoos and bad attitudes.
And my new stepbrothers.

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