Score Big with These 10 Reverse Harem Sports Romance Books

The timing of this post couldn’t have been more perfect. One of our delightful readers wrote in asking for sports-themed reverse harems. And it’s starting to look like June is the month of sports romances! We have quite a few releasing this month.

Are sports books our next big thing? I thought it would be monsters, but maybe they had their day, and we are on to sports now. I love it all, so bring it on!

I hope you can find an excellent new book to read.

Be well, and happy reading!

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Amazon Description

Everyone knows not to cross the campus d-bags. On or off the ice.You don’t sneak into their house, thinking no one’s watching. You don’t ransack their bedrooms, tripping over hockey gear as you rummage through their things. And you definitely don’t get caught with your head under one’s bed and your size-sixteen backside pointed right at their camera.
Unless, of course… you’re me.

Preorder date is temporary (it’ll be this spring).
Final cover, full blurb, and release date to be announced.

Amazon Description

Two might be company and three might be a crowd… but four is more fun no matter where you’re headed! Each of the women featured in the books in this box set know they’re going on a ride with three bisexual guys who all want to share her curves at the same time. For Amanda in Four in the Air, it’s a hot air balloon ride with three mysterious men. For Bette in Four Riding Hard, it’s a motorcycle race with three hot bad boys intent on taking her innocence. For Shelby in Bi-ing Her Curves as His Birthday Gift, it’s to an auction club where her virginity will be sold to three gay billionaires at once. And for Candy in Sharing Candy, well, she decides to let herself be taken for a ride… by three hot football players! But none of these women realize how much fun they’ll have on the ride they’re about to go on. Or how they’ll never want it to end. Yet they’ll each have to figure out if they can make things work long-term. Because they all might be having the time of their lives under the sheets. But their unconventional relationships face big odds out in the open. Will the fun run out once their hearts get involved and the stakes get scary? Or will love be strong enough to see them through their joint journey? Four is More Fun is a big box set of FOUR full length bisexual reverse harem books containing no cheating, no cliffhangers, a very happily ever after, and a whole lot of steam. The titles included in this collection are listed above and they’re sure to warm up your fall and winter, your panties and your heart!

Amazon Description

Check out the next book in the hit Reverse Harem Roommates series! Naomi thinks she’s hit the jackpot when she’s hired by an eccentric older woman to be a private massage therapist at a beautiful beach house for a week. But after she accepts, she finds out her client isn’t that woman at all. Instead, Naomi will be living with and providing massages for the woman’s nephew and his two best friends, all of whom are professional baseball players. Join Naomi as she gets to know the hot-as-sin men and gives them plenty of hands-on support as they work toward the next phase of their careers.

Amazon Description

When my writing career went up in smoke I decided to retreat into a pit of self pity and despair until my best friend pulled me out, bribed me to help her with her own business and reinvent myself.
That was how I found myself attending an ice hockey game and learning the ins and outs about the team to help launch the successful blog for my friend by painting the latest expansion team with a shiny, brilliant brush all whilst using it as inspiration to find my Muse again.

What I didn’t expect was to fall for not one, but four men hard and fast, battling my desire to make our unconventional relationship work all whilst trying to keep my past a secret.

But the past has a way of sneaking up on us and when it finally catches up, it may just cost me the men I love, the friendships I have built and risk all of their reputations and opportunities for success as well…

Iced up love is a standalone HEA in the new Sports Sensual series and is a why choose /reverse harem romance where the heroine doesn’t have to choose between her love interests. Guaranteed no cliffhangers!

Amazon Description

Nothing they’ll do can hurt me. I’m already broken. When my stepfather dumps me off at Bainbridge Hall, I can tell I’m in trouble. At the mercy of the brotherhood, I’m forced by my mother’s husband to follow their every command. I should run. Far, far away. From the moment I arrive, these bastards test me. Every time they push, another piece of my past trauma is exposed. But I’m stronger than they think I am, and I’ve learned the hard way the only person I can count on is me. One brooding artist. One football god. And one hate-fueled stepbrother. Mason. Bear. Duke. The plan is simple. Keep my head down and focus on getting the college degree I so desperately want. But this house is not what it seems, and every door I open reveals a memory I had buried deep, things I had willed myself to forget. Bainbridge Hall. Where the bastards are beautiful, and my nightmares become reality. Mason is a 95,000+ word novel, the first book in the Bastards of Bainbridge Hall trilogy, centering around three men and one woman. MFMM for now … WARNING: This trilogy contains dark elements, graphic content, and situations that some readers may be particularly sensitive to. If you have triggers or are remotely unsure, please contact me. Also, be warned that I don’t always know how a series will end or all the underlying secrets until they reveal themselves in the writing process.

Amazon Description

From the Amazon Bestselling Jacksonville Rays Hockey Series comes a Happily Ever After novella full of spice, laughter, and so much love.

Curious to know what happened to Rachel and the guys after that fateful hockey game in LA? PUCKING EVER AFTER: VOL 1 provides readers with a six-chapter peek into the future of Team Price. Bonus content in this volume spans four years after the end of PUCKING AROUND.

“Show me all the ways I’m yours.”

“I would bury myself in you, wife. No beginning. No end.”

“Mars, if this is your baby, please don’t name him Flörp.”

PUCKING EVER AFTER: VOL 1 is a special collection of bonus scenes meant to be read after PUCKING AROUND. It is a spicy ‘why choose’ hockey romance. A list of tropes and tags can be found at the author’s website.

Amazon Description

“Don’t hate the player, luv. Hate the game.” College. It was supposed to be my new start. I made a promise to my father I would be a good girl from now on—focus solely on the game and play nice for once. Aside from him, basketball is my only love, therefore sacrifices must be made all in the name of the game. So, no more fights. No more trash talk. No more getting my ass into trouble. I was all set to become this new and improved Spencer Clarke—someone who would be able to open the NBA doors I’ve always dreamt about and coach my own team one day. The only thing standing in my way are the three hot AF basketball players that I have to share an apartment with. Apparently, they didn’t get the memo that I wanted to turn a new leaf. Not an easy thing to do when they insist on playing dirty. Such a shame they have no idea who they are dealing with. But they are about to find out. *Bad Influence is a #whychoose contemporary romance series. *Each book is a complete standalone novel, with all new characters and brand new love stories. *Recommended 18+ due to mature language and situations.

Amazon Description

When my two gorgeous best friends offered to give me lessons in seduction, I couldn’t say no.
How could I? I’m an almost 30-year-old virgin with zero bedroom experience.
Not to mention, I’ve been secretly crushing on my best friends for goodness knows how long.
I’ve always fantasized what it would be like to kiss them.

But still, the lessons were a huge mistake.
Because when Knox and Aiden taught me how to kiss, I couldn’t get enough.
And stupidly, I asked them to take my v-card.

Cue major hyperventilation.
I just broke the number 1 rule—never sleep with your hot-as-hell best friends.
Especially when they also happen to be your roommates, and your bosses.

To make matters worse, Colt, their equally hot triplet brother who’s also my best friend, had zero clue what went down that night.
And a lot went down, alright.

Knox, a cocky wide receiver, is fun and has a wicked tongue made for sin and pleasure.
Aiden, a defensive player with a protective streak, has big, rough hands. But when he makes love, it’s slow and gentle.
Colt is a grumpy star quarterback who performs as well in the bedroom as he does on the football field.

All three men are the only family I’ve ever had.
And my heart can’t afford to lose any one of them.
But when they find out I’m pregnant with their twins, will it be the end of our beautiful friendship?
Or the beginning of our happily ever after?

Secret Babies for My Best Friends is a spicy sports reverse harem romance with a HEA.

Amazon Description

My dream man on campus might not be one guy, but three. I have a filthy fantasy. The all-star football player falling at my feet. I’m brought down to reality when I find life at NYU isn’t what I’ve always hoped. All the clubs I join are a bust. Not to mention my roommate turns out to be a bully. But then…I get a text. One so dirty it drives my mind and body wild. I have to respond. And as the texts get dirtier, I have to wonder…who is this guy? Or is it three guys? The messages change in tone depending on the time of day. First thing in the morning, they’re so hot they could turn steel into pools of molten metal. The ones in the afternoon are even better but just…different. And the texts in the evening are so damn dirty I can barely sleep without putting my hands between my thighs. I’m addicted and agree to meet this Casanova of the text world. But what if it is three guys? How could I ever manage all three of them at once? Author´s Note: Triple Sext is a stand-alone reverse harem with a mixture of bullying, romance, humor, and even suspense. There are multiple partner scenes, so make sure that not only is your Kindle ready, but you have a towel nearby too as you read this standalone HEA.

Amazon Description

The three hottest hockey players on campus just asked me to tutor them…And I just declined.

But when they witness me literally fall flat on my face in front of my crush, they propose a “tutor with benefits” arrangement.
I’ll tutor them in chemistry so they can keep swinging their hockey sticks.
In return, they’ll tutor me in the kind of chemistry that gets my crush to notice me.

I should have declined again.
Instead, I agreed to their stupid arrangement.
And now three hockey gods are in my tiny dorm room, teaching me how to kiss and showing me their impressive stick skills in bed.

Zach, the dark-and-handsome right winger with a big heart and an even bigger…hockey stick.
Taylor, the sexy center with a chiseled jawline and piercing blue gaze.
And Cory, the scorching hot left winger who sends sparks up my spine with a single look.

I’m not the kind of girl hockey stars end up with.
I’m more the introverted, straight-A’s, bury-her-nose-in-a-book kind of girl.
And I never meant to fall for a player…let alone three.

Will my heart still be in one piece after this arrangement is over?
Or will three cocky hockey players break my heart?

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