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Romantic Comedy Reverse Harems

My friends,

I hope you are all doing well.

As I was working on this post the song Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo came on.  I can’t think of a more opposite song for this post. Do you all ever just feel like a good cry? For many years I would watch City of Angels and just sob.  

So, now that we are all in a sad mindset, let’s pivot to Romantic Comedy! The request was some lesser-known romantic comedy Reverse Harems.  I really wanted to include Chaotic by T.S. Snow, but I know I’ve referenced that one a lot and it’s well known.  So I left it off the list, but I’m not happy with myself.

Hopefully, you’ll find some lesser-known gems below and can enjoy a nice light-hearted read this weekend.

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

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