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Friends! We have our official winners of the Spread Some Love event! To enter the contest, you needed to write a review for a Reverse Harem book. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to spread some review joy this season!

All books reviewed as part of the contest are featured in this post. Thank you so much to: Lijhne, Srishti, Beth, Teri T., Kingy, Sham-Bam-A-Lam, and CakeQueen99 for taking time out of your schedules to write a review.

Miss the contest? No worries; it is never too late to spread the love! Leaving a review, even a short one, is so helpful to authors. So, if you have a few moments to spare as 2022 winds to a close, it would be so kind to leave a review for an author that has brought you some joy this year.
I wish you and yours a safe end to 2022. This will be the final post of 2022, aside from our standard best sellers post on Sunday. So happy new year, and may we all have a happy, safe, and peaceful 2023.

Be well, and happy reading!

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P.P.S I just noticed Amazon is now pulling ratings automatically from Goodreads.  Love it? Hate it? Seems to be a lot of changes in the Amazon book world lately!

Amara's Ascension: Gideon's Light Book 2 by Bethany Lacey
Amara’s Ascension: Gideon’s Light Book 2 by Bethany Lacey
Amazon Description

Traitors, criminals, outlaws.

Valhaine has fallen into the hands of our enemies.

We were betrayed.

Forced to flee to earth and seek asylum with the very people we have been killing for centuries. Our only option now is to journey to face my mother and try to forge an alliance with her kingdom… and hopefully unlock my memories while we’re at it; Azriel is pretty sure I will need my demon side to be unbound too, or we will be hunted and executed and our people will be enslaved and subjugated for the rest of eternity.

But there’s a new development in this war which just might bring it to an end. When we meet the Demon King, I find myself in the deadliest battle of strategy and will that I have ever experienced in all my time serving as the Archangel of War.

If we fail, there is only torment and death.

Consort of the Apocalypse: Book One by Morgan Robinson
Consort of the Apocalypse: Book One by Morgan Robinson
Amazon Description

Let’s see if we can finally free that demon inside of you, Mary.

Mary was content with living a mediocre human life. She had found a routine that included couch surfing, scamming, and a little bit of petty larceny. She never thought she would end up being one of the most powerful creatures in Hell.

While celebrating her twenty-first birthday, Mary thought she deserved a little fun, so she followed a sexy beast of a man out into the back alley of the club where she was celebrating. A few minutes of making out was all she enjoyed before three more men, just as sexy, emerged from the shadows. They said they were the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and she was a female of great lineage. After being kidnapped and forced to live in a mansion in Hell, they told Mary that she would have to compete to earn the title of their companion. They kidnapped her, and then they wanted her to want them? It was too crazy, but at the same time, Mary found herself falling for each of them.

Conquest, the protector, and source of neverending passion.
Famine, the sweet and innocent one that Mary wanted to corrupt.
War, the one who rarely took anything serious unless it came to pleasure.
And Death, the one who hated Mary and hated how much he wanted her.

Was Mary insane for actually thinking of falling in love with her captors? Most definitely. But the more she fell for them, the more she learned about herself and the power that had been hidden from her for so long.

This is the first in the Consort of the Apocalypse Series. This is a reverse harem paranormal romance with the occasional steamy scene. The story ends on a slight cliffhanger.

Thoughts from Paige

I read chapter one of the sample and had to force myself to stop to finish the post. The writing seems good, and the plot sounds absolutely delicious. I cannot wait to read this.

Update: This was originally published on Kindle Vella as a serial.  The book reads that way.  There is also jealousy and 'the other woman' trope.  Just FYI, I know some of you like that and others don't.

Twisted Desires by Addison. S Winters
Crazed Candy: A Twisted Paranormal Fated Mates Romance (Killers and Kings Book 1) by Leigh Kelsey
Amazon Description

ere’s a tip: don’t mess with the demon girl who kills people for a living.

The four self-proclaimed kings of Orchid Vale apparently never got that memo, and now my self care retreat is about to become a bloodbath.

This quaint village was supposed to be a break from my hectic life of death, gore, and high stakes ‘jobs’—that’s code for supernatural murder—but I don’t get a chance to enjoy even a fairground ride without the kings of Orchid Vale getting in my way.

Arkan, the ice cold wraith wants to break me. Joseph, the reaper gangster with a heart of gold wants to save me. X, the incubus maniac wants us to be a killer duo. But Taj, the prince of hell and the worst of them all, wants me dead. Apparently I killed his uncle. Oops.

The kings warn I’ll be lucky to leave Orchid Vale alive, even if their instincts say I’m their fated mate. But they’re the ones who need to watch out. One false move, and they'll find themselves choking to death.

They don’t call me the Candyfloss Killer for nothing.

Crazed Candy is a paranormal romance with psycho men, a badass FMC, twisted romance, and lots and lots of bloodlust. Demon criminals, a dark syndicate, a godlike hunter, and depraved, evil pasts fill these pages, but none of them are as deadly as Aveline Lachesi. This book is medium burn, with moderate heat, and multiple love interests.

Dark Arts Academy: Book 1 by J.R. Thorn
Dark Arts Academy: Book 1 by J.R. Thorn
Amazon Description

I'm Ayla Night, a regular girl with some seriously bad luck. When I receive a summons to the elite Dark Arts Academy, I know it has to be a mistake. I'm a human. A nobody. And yet... I have no soul. How the f-- did that happen? Once class starts, I manage to piss off all the major Clans just by breathing. The Pyros, the Necromancers, the Shades, and the Alchemists all want me dead. Because I'm a lost pupil of the Cursed Clan and it seems my luck is just about to turn. This book was previously published as Dark Arts Academy Episodes 1-53 in the Vella store. This is a reverse harem paranormal romance with steam, a snarky grimoire, and a badass FMC that will blow your mind. Dark Arts Academy is a self-contained series written in the Blood Stone Universe. While series can be read in any order, here is the recommended reading list: Seven Sins (Succubus Sins, Books 1-3) The Vampire Curse (Her Vampire Mentors, Royal Covens, Books 1-3) Fortune Academy (Books 1-9) Dark Arts Academy (Vella) Crescent Five (Books 1-3) Unicorn Shifter Academy (Books 1-3)
Jingle My Balls : A Gay & Merry LGBTQ Charity Anthology
Jingle My Balls : A Gay & Merry LGBTQ Charity Anthology
Amazon Description

Make the Yuletide gay with RHAA+ Anthologies!

This collection of holiday tales features characters and pairings from every hue in the rainbow as they celebrate the holiday season.

From hockey players to monsters to naughty tops and bottoms, the stories in this anthology are short, steamy, and full of holiday cheer.


Proceeds from this anthology will be donated to The Trevor Project.


Jingle My Balls includes stories from:

A.J. Mullican
Alisha Williams
Bailey Grayson
Bre Rose
Cassandra Featherstone
Cassandra Joy
C.E. Lashua
Iris James & Sullyn Shaw
Jenn Bullard
Katherine Isaac
Kris Butler
Maggie Bonnet
Miranda May
Rosa Lee
Serenity Rayne


**Please see inside for list of content warnings by story.**

Please note not all stories are complete some maybe samples of stories yet to come!!!
These stories will be RH, Poly and LGBT stories.

Save Spirit: Book Three of The Bound Spirit Series by H.A. Wills
Save Spirit: Book Three of The Bound Spirit Series by H.A. Wills
Amazon Description

Supernaturals are real, and seventeen-year-old Callie is the strongest of them all. As a Spirit Witch, she is a member of an ancient sect of witches that were wiped out millennia ago. She not only has control over the four elements, but also life and death itself, and she’s been tasked with maintaining balance within the mortal realm. No pressure.

At least her magic is finally unbound, so life should get easier and have a lot less exploding trees. Except, nothing is ever easy for Callie. Her magic wasn’t the only thing unbound. It’s getting harder to stay “just friends” with the guys—especially since they all seem interested in tasting her chapstick. Not to mention Felix, her incorporeal best friend, decided to reject his door to the afterlife. This means he either blinks out of existence or Callie figures out how to use her powers to break the one natural law all supernaturals can agree on:

The dead need to stay dead.

In this paranormal reverse harem, join Callie on her journey as she discovers who she is, where she fits, what matters most, and which rules are meant to be broken in this world of things that go bump in the night.

The Sainthood : A Dark High School Romance (The Complete Series) by Siobhan Davis
The Sainthood : A Dark High School Romance (The Complete Series) by Siobhan Davis
Amazon Description

A complete dark romance trilogy from USA Today bestselling author Siobhan Davis. Includes Revere, a BONUS NOVELLA set twelve years after the end of Reign.

Everything changed the night my dad died.

The night I met Saint, Galen, Caz, and Theo. Those manipulative a-holes set out to ruin me after our hot night together, but they didn’t realize you can’t destroy something that’s already broken. And it only works if the victim cares.

Which I don’t.

Because I’ve been in hell for years, and nothing penetrates the steel walls I’ve erected.

Until The Sainthood decides I belong to them and cracks appear in my veneer. Their cruel games, harsh words, and rough touch awakens something inside me, and now, I’m in trouble.

They draw me deeper into their dangerous world, until I’m in the middle of all the violence and gang warfare, tangled up in all the secrets and lies, and there’s no turning back.

Because they own me.

And nothing has ever felt so right.

I’m exactly where I should be.

But with enemies on all sides, survival becomes a deadly game with no guarantees.

And, sometimes, saints become sinners.

This box set is over 1,000 pages of binge-worthy dark romance and it is a complete story with an HEA. It contains the following titles:

• Resurrection – #44 in the entire store
• Rebellion – #21 in the entire store
• Reign – #8 in the entire store
• Revere (Bonus Novella) - 21k words in length

Due to mature content, this box set is recommended to readers aged eighteen and over. Contains enemies-to-lovers/bullying themes. May contain triggers for some readers. Please read the note at the start of the book. This version of Revere does not contain the Valentine's Day bonus chapter contained in the individual release.


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