Hello Lovelies! This is going to be short and sweet up top so you can get straight to the books. This list contains reverse harem reads that do not contain any m/m. These books will feature the guys being all about the mc. I hope everyone is doing well, and reading their little hearts out. I know my tbr is a mile long. As always, Happy Reading! -Quare Eligere

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From Book 1: They were my bullies once.

Three boys I hated more than anything.

They made my life hell for a year--until I escaped their cruelty when my dad's job moved us away.

I've never forgotten them though. Never forgotten what they did. And I know they haven't forgotten me.

But when I'm offered a full-ride scholarship to the prestigious Clearwater University, I refuse to let old fears stop me from accepting.

Because I'm not the girl I used to be.

I'm stronger. Tougher.


And if West, Reese, and Trent think they can screw with me again... well.

We'll just see who breaks first.

This is book one of the Clearwater University series, a new adult reverse harem bully romance. It contains foul language and high steam.

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Ever make it your life goal to stay far, far away from sexy men who live and breathe vehicles? No? Just me? Most of my life has been spent hiding behind one of the West Coast’s most infamous players in the automotive industry. But when he unexpectedly dies and the family business falls under new management, I’m forced to step from the shadows. After being relocated across country, they demand I infiltrate the local street racing scene, find out who runs it, and aid in a takeover. I convince myself there’s no other choice. Failing to carry out these demands will result in the unraveling of my darkest secrets… the unraveling of me. Then, I meet them — the men who bring light into my otherwise spiraling dark existence. They are intoxicating, dangerous, and irresistible. And, as if things aren’t complicated enough, they’re my only leads to the underground world of fast cars and dirty money. Will I be able to unearth enough information to keep my secrets buried without losing these men who are quickly stealing my heart? Buckle up for Fast & Furious meets Driven in this high-octane, edge-of-your-seat Reverse Harem Romance!
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Fi has always known there’s something not quite right about herself. Not quite human. For as long as she can remember, Fi has been sensitive to other people’s emotions. So sensitive, she works a night job as a cleaner to avoid being overwhelmed by all of their feelings. After a night on the town goes wrong, Fi comes to the attention of the Academy of Avalon. The obscenely beautiful jerk of a man who comes to collect her confirms her suspicions — Fi isn’t human at all. But all is not as it seems in Avalon. Magic is dying, those who have it are hunted, and at least one person really doesn’t want Fi there. Fi also has to figure out how to deal with the insane magnetic pull she feels to some of the most gorgeous and magically powerful males at the Academy. What’s a little boy drama on top of an identity crisis? The Terrible Gift is book one of the Empath Found trilogy. It’s a fated-mates-with-a-twist, medium burn reverse harem. Suitable for readers 18+
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It takes more than one alpha to bring an omega to her knees. Claire has sworn off alphas, but when her investigation into the murder of her friend puts her in the sights of not one but three of them, her resolve is tested. Even as she craves their touch, she refuses to fall for them. They can have her body, but she'll protect her heart at any cost. Bryce, Joshua and Kaidan don't want an omega of their own, but they can't resist the mystery woman who breaks into their office. Her scent, her curves and her taste lure them, but they want more than just her body. It will take all three of them to play her at her own game and convince her to give them a chance. As they navigate their complex relationship, Claire's search for the killer alpha puts them all in danger. Can they come together to face the threat, or will their secrets and fears destroy everything they've found?
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So close. We were so close to getting free. A few more deals here. A few more nasty secrets there. All in the name of the cause of course. Then she walked in at the wrong place, wrong time. Should we kill her? Keep her? Making the right decision was critical, but we were literally at a crossroads. That’s how the top tier of Alpha Delta Omega inducted our unofficial fourth member. But we weren’t who we said we were. And danger threatened us on every corner. She should be very afraid of us. Or should we be afraid of her?
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As the daughter of Dracula, you would think I’d be born the perfect monster.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

As far as monsters go, I’m a screw up—if I’m not tripping over my own feet, I’m accidentally murdering someone (it’s a real issue, guys).

Left with no choice, Dad decides to send me to Prodigium—otherwise known as Monster Academy—to train me on how to be a better monster.

When bodies turn up on campus, I’m the prime suspect (not that I can blame them. I’ll be pretty suspicious too if bodies drained of blood show up right after Dracula’s daughter arrives).

With the help of my mortal-nemesis Vin, Van Helsing’s son

Frankie, Frankenstein’s son

Mason, Medusa’s son

And Jack (sometimes Hux), Dr. Jekyll’s son

I might have a chance of uncovering the truth.

If I’m not murdered first.

The struggles of being a vampire, am I right?

This is a horror comedy reverse harem with some dark elements. After all, you can’t have a bunch of monsters without some darkness. This is book one of a series.

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Three dangerous fae, two worlds at war, only one savior who can change their fate...I left my foster home and all the baggage of my old life behind for a new start at university, hoping that things would finally change for the better. That the terrifying nightmares, disturbing visions, and strange voices would stop. That I'd get to be normal.But it wasn't meant to be. Three of the most dangerously stunning fae warriors suddenly crash into my life and change my fate forever. According to them, I’m their savior.These smoldering princes insist I belong with them, to them, in the Wandering Realm, a place where love is lost, where war brews like poison, and where the once-powerful royals are hunted and slaughtered by the thousands.This is the world they want me to save. But among these monsters, there can be no salvation. Even the three fae princes sworn to protect me are keeping dangerous secrets. Ones that if I don’t unravel soon just might be the death of me…★ WHY READERS LOVE THE WINTER'S THORN TRILOGY ★"What an amazing read!!! I could not put this book down a and recommend you start this series if you haven’t already!!" ~ Madison"A fantastic story line that has you turning the pages until you totally run out. A must read!" ~ Jessica"This story whisked me away with fully developed characters, an amazing world, and page-turning action. The chemistry between Guen and Deimos is smoking hot on every page.Highly recommend this gripping, amazing novel." ~ Rowan"The men are hot as sin and part of what she was told was a made up world. The story very detailed and so smooth and easy to read, it just sucks you in and makes you apart of it. I highly recommend this book to everyone, it's an amazing read." ~ HayleeEXCERPT.“Some marry for those things. Others for companionship. And the lucky ones find their fated mates.”“Have you found your mate?” I feel stupid asking because I sound like I’m prompting him to pick me, and I want to retract my comment. I look away, but he steps closer and tilts my head up by my chin.“I’m looking at her right now,” he responds with a glorious smile. This gorgeous man who makes my breath stop can’t be serious.“You don’t need to say that.”But he’s leaning in already and his mouth touches mine. My body reacts immediately, softening against his, arousal surging through me in the span of a single breath.His thumb brushes across my jawline and down to my neck. He kisses me softly, our tongues sliding together, exploring each other. Deimos fills me with desire and an explosion of need. Everything about him is heaven.And the pulsing thump between my thighs reveals the thought that I have any sort of control to be a lie.Our kiss grows impatient. I’m drowning under him, and I slide my hands to the back of his neck, lifting myself to my toes to reach him. Just like during our last kiss, my heart is roaring in my chest, and the arousal is liquid heat between my legs. He has this way of captivating me. Is that what being his mate means?I break from him to catch my breath, our foreheads touching. His touch is cool against me as I’m burning up.“I’ve been waiting to kiss you again for days,” he murmurs. “You don’t understand how special you are, how beautiful.”“Maybe we shouldn’t do this,” I whisper, still holding on to the front of his shirt.“Why not?”“How can I be your mate? That doesn’t make sense. I'm nobody; you’re a prince. You live here, and I’ll end up going home to Earth.”“Finding your mate isn’t about logic. It’s primal and raw and instinctual. I want to show you that you are mine. That you will beg for me, and I’ll give you everything.”...Are you ready to read this scorching hot first book in the brand new Winter's Thorn trilogy. Free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription... Enjoy!
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Hide your magic.
Never admit that you're a witch.
And never, ever trust a hot guy with a gun.
...This witch is about to discover that some rules are made to be broken.

All sassy witch-in-hiding Mallory Serra wants is to go to work and live a normal life. After all, magic is illegal--not that she can totally control her powers, anyway--and any witch who's been caught casting spells is forced into the elite Academy of the Dark Arts, then drafted into the military after graduation.

Slinging coffee for cranky commuters is bad enough for Mallory, but actually being shot at? No, thanks.

But when a friend needs help, Mallory breaks her rules and performs one teeny, tiny spell. What could go wrong?


Matt, a hot-as-sin soldier, catches her in the magical act. Taken by the government, Mallory is forced to enter the Academy, where she's surrounded by three sarcastic, mouth-watering students teachers who are more interested in pushing her out of their special ops program than helping her succeed.

Until she learns their dirty little secret, when they have no choice but to give her a hand. Or several.

This book is part 1 of a 4 book series, and has more than a little steam with the romance. Happy reading!

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Everything changed when I crashed into a food truck. It all started with a brutal hill. An incline that I was determined to crest. One, long, punishing climb with my thighs screaming as I pumped the pedals for all I was worth. That hill could have been a metaphor for my whole life. I was climbing out of the crater left by a broken heart, ready to seize control again. Making it up that hill was a good first step. Then I hit the food truck. Enter Reese Riley, blond, gorgeous, stunning sapphire eyes and the kind of smile to set my blood on fire. No way he was real. With charm to spare, he walked me home and then asked me out. Then he introduced me to his friends—Briggs, Goran, and Dalton. Stunning men, all of them. Funny, too. They flirted, they teased, and they indulged. They were incredible, each of them, and they fit into my life like they’d been born to be there. I didn’t know whether to celebrate or to run like hell. Oh, and did I mention they were aliens? *Please note this is a reverse harem and the authors suggest you always read the forwards in their books. This is the first in a trilogy.
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She’s blind. And she’s being hunted. Aika Song must make an important delivery through the cursed Crimson Forest for her injured father. If she doesn’t, they won’t survive the hard winter. She fails. But she’s rescued by wolf shifters who somehow give her sight. There’s beautiful, funny Archer who can’t quite hide his pain. Grady who’s sullen and loud. And Thomas, their alpha, who mysteriously vanishes. Aika is desperate to get back home but finds herself entangled in her father’s secrets. He has enemies. So do the wolf shifters she feels a blooming fondness for.  And all their enemies are circling closer to their prey. With her wolves’ help, Aika will have to stay one step ahead if she’s to survive Winter’s Edge.
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I am a latent wolf shifter. Or so I thought. Then life as I knew it changed in a flash—or more accurately, an electrocution. I’ve woken up in a strange place, surrounded by strange people who hate me. They’re in the middle of a war, and I look like I belong on the wrong side of it. If that’s not enough to qualify as a really bad day, I now have wings and a strange animal to figure out, because it turns out that there’s not a damn latent thing about me. If I want to live, I have to prove that I’m not the spy I’m accused of being. Then I need to figure out how the fuck to get back home before all hell breaks loose. Too bad my animal has zero interest in working with me unless it has to do with the two hot assholes that lead this rebel group. I’m on my own, in a place I’ve never even heard of, with threats I don’t know how to defeat. And lucky me, I might as well have a rotisserie chicken living inside of me for all the help my newly discovered gryphon is. Perfect. Just fucking perfect.
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I was on the brink of death and they saved me. Strangers I'm desperately drawn to. Now their carnal magic is helping me survive. When I’m attacked and left for dead, the last I expect is to be rescued by the fae. Now they’re the only thing keeping me alive. Four men who’ve vowed to protect me. A priest in the ways of pleasure. The commanding warrior who makes my body sing. A stoic outcast with eyes of silver. And the human man I’ve loved from afar. Their touch offers pleasure I’ve never dreamed of, and relief from the curse that’s slowly killing me. But I’m running out of time. The rogue fae who attacked me is still hunting. Her only goal? My death. I’m falling in love with the men who saved me, but to be with them, I have to survive. Fevered is the first book in a steamy, medium-burn reverse harem fantasy romance series. No choosing, no cheating. Mature readers only!
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When the Elorsin brothers venture onto our estate in search of a mysterious bird, just in time to catch me on the wrong end of my master’s temper, they somehow also acquire me.

Acquire, kidnap, rescue – is there a difference?

Sure, four of the scariest immortals in existence may actually have saved my life, but blending in as a servant in the Elite training castle that I now call home is almost impossible with these four powerful, dark, and broken men focusing their attention on me - and it’s not always good attention.

Not helped when the trickster among them suggests playing a potion-prank on the psychopath currently in line for the throne. He shouldn’t be in line for the throne. Pax, aka Scary Kidnapper Number One, should be. But whatever or whoever tore this distant world apart, they did so with enough ferocity to leave Pax in a permanent foul mood - and the others aren’t much better.

Either my kidnappers, I mean rescuers, leave me alone - which will mean leaving me to be discovered by a king who has a nasty habit of sucking the life from his servants.

Or they claim me for themselves and protect me from an unstoppable prophecy, a secret slowly decaying the Veil - and each other.

If you’re ever in my shoes, I recommend revenge involving food and the boots of a certain growling alpha male, followed by kicking the nearest dethroned immortal prince in the balls.

⚠ Warning: laugh out loud funny with potential drink snorting. ⚠

This is a sloooooowburn fantasy series where Shade will develop her relationships with all of the Elorsins. Books 1-3 also available as a box set with reimagined and forbidden bonus scenes. There are trigger warnings in the front of each book. Book one is single POV, two & three have dual POVs, and five & six have multi-POVs.

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"I never thought my coven would turn their backs on me, I never thought I'd lose the only family I ever knew...” Born to the darkest witch bloodline to ever step foot in Louisiana, Salem Barrow is one of the most hated witches in the French Quarter. She's marked by the Goddess, Albina. Only she doesn't know. As the saying goes, a clueless witch is a dangerous witch; And clueless is exactly what Salem Barrow was. Betrayal has snatched Salem from her family, but she isn’t completely alone. With the help of two familiars, a fellow warlock, a hellhound, and a shadow walker, Salem taps into her dark heritage to exact revenge on those who have turned against her. Now, it's up to these men to keep her from burning New Orleans to the ground in her thirst for vengeance. ** Formally published under Jodie Szarmach
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I live with a pack of misfit shifters. Freaks. Rogues. Oddballs. Prey. Runts. Deformed. We're all welcome in Pack Aberrant. We aren't going to be winning any popularity contests, but our hodgepodge bunch is more loyal than even the strongest pred packs. I should know. I grew up in one of them. As soon as they realized I was different, I was despised, even by my own family. So I left, joined Pack Aberrant, and I've steered clear of alpha pred assholes ever since. Until my heatwave hits, and I accidentally jump three coyote shifters in a parking lot. Whoopsie. Once they realize what my animal is, they're gonna kick me to the curb just like every other pred shifter has. And my old pack? They come back to haunt me. I'm unwanted by the three hotties, threatened by my old pack, and to top it all off, I have to find a new job because I attacked a bank robber. Accidentally. Being a misfit really sucks sometimes. Author's Note: This was originally released as a short story in the Shifting Destiny anthology. It has now been expanded into a full-length novel. Puns still included. Addie's story is book one in the Pack of Misfits series. Every book will be a standalone for that character, but a continuation of the Pack Aberrant story. Book one is a reverse harem with multiple love interests with the main character. However, this is not a reverse harem series. Some main characters in this series will have monogamous relationships. *This is intended for ages 18 and older due to sexual content and strong language.
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Eight dominant men, one mouthy woman, an ancient curse. . . what could go wrong? Everything. Everything goes wrong. I'm Zahra Delsol, and this is my story.

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My name is Stella, and I am empty. I am broken. I am nothing.

The only thing I enjoy about my life is my job at the Tribune. My focus in both my editorial and my personal writing involves serial killers. Even my best friend doesn’t understand my obsession with them. No one does.

Until I meet them.

Until Lincoln and Edward come crashing into my life, setting a fire inside me and awakening parts of me I never knew existed. Lust, desire, total submission. Together, they make me feel alive. Almost whole.

Instantly I realize they’re both hiding something from me. Edward and Lincoln are not who they pretend to be—there’s a darkness inside of them, and it’s just like mine. Beasts waiting to emerge.

But their darkness is not the only thing stalking my thoughts. There’s a killer on the prowl, making his victims pray to their gods after he kills them. I call him the Angel Maker—and I, I just might be his next angel.

This is a why choose dark romance intended for 18+ readers.

***TW: This is a dark, psychologically twisted tale involving violence, stalking, and other topics some readers might find triggering. 18+ Be warned.***

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Have you ever felt like you don't belong, even among your own kind? Been scared to show the world who you really are? Well, join the club. I'm a werewolf, but one who’s been forbidden to shift by my father, the Alpha. My beast is locked away in a cage, one that weakens with each passing day. A fight that breaks out during training forces my beast to the surface, after so many years of keeping her hidden and my father has no choice but to reveal the truth about what I really am. I’m sent away from the pack for my own safety, running from the people I’ve known my entire life because of a secret I didn’t even know about. I’m not only a werewolf, but part vampire too. My mortal enemy. Does this mean my whole life has been a lie? How do I move forward and uncover the truth about who I am, when even my own blood is false? *This book is 53k long and contains coarse language, sexual situations and is a Reverse Harem (meaning one girl and multiple guys). This is Book One in the Blood series.
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Battle mage or magical engineer? Easy choice, right? Engineer, obviously.

I'm Charisma Carter, tech genius and nerd extraordinaire. I actually used to be Charisma Silverstorm, member of one of the six elite Arcane Families, until my family shunned me when I turned 18 because my magic wasn't strong enough. However, where I lack in magic I more than make up for with the tech I develop, if I do say so myself. Apparently I'm not the only one.

From the minute I received my diploma as a magical engineer, it seems like my world has turned upside down. Now, members of all six families are competing to get me to work for them. They're willing to use anything...from bribes to charm. It's not enough that the heirs to Arcane are walking sex gods, they also have a lot of money and exceptional magical skills.

As our paths intertwine, I have to try to stay true to who I am, who I've always been, and not succumb to their charms. But how can a girl resist when the future she always dreamed of is right at her fingertips?

This book is a reverse-harem romance intended for adult audiences.

Thoughts from Paige
I adore this series. The MC is brilliant, clumsy, totally an introvert, and so dang awesome. I love the rhythm each book has and feel so immersed in the world every time I pick up a book. Alas, only the first few books are out on audible, but I am definitely going to be keeping an eye out for them. I really liked the narrators as well, just an overall awesome audiobook.  We do get a pretty good idea about who may be in her harem, but it progresses nicely over the series.

P.S. I do realize I've included this series in quite a lot of posts.  Yes, it's one of my favorites. #sorrynotsorry

Amazon Description

From Book 1: Battle Mage or Magical Engineer?
Easy choice, right?
Engineer. Obviously.

I'm Charisma Carter, tech genius and nerd extraordinaire.
I actually used to be Charisma Silverstorm, member of one of the six elite Arcane Families,
until my family shunned me when I turned 18 because my magic wasn't strong enough.
However, where I lack in magic I more than make up for with the tech I develop, if I do say so myself.

Apparently, I'm not the only one.

From the minute I received my diploma as a magical engineer,
It seems like my world has turned upside down.
Now members of all six families are competing to get me to work for them.
They're willing to use anything, from bribes to charm.
It's not enough that the heirs to Arcane are walking sex gods,
they also have a lot of money and exceptional magical skills.

As our paths intertwine,
I have to try to stay true to who I am, who I've always been, and not succumb to their charms.
But how can a girl resist when the future she always dreamed of is right at her fingertips?

Authors Note: This book is a slow build reverse harem romance intended for adult audiences. It's the first book of a series and it contains adult language and sexual themes that are not suitable for anyone under the age of eighteen.

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