Salinity Cove (3 book series) by Maya Nicole

Reverse Harems with Mermaids/mermen – Part 1

Greetings, you reading fiends!

Today’s post is a reader request, and I had a lot of fun vetting books this week!

I could only think of books containing a merman in the harem, rather than books/series specifically about merpeople. It was fun to expand my horizons, and I’m really excited to read some of these!

I think I’ll be reading Salinity Cove next. Maybe because it was the first sample I read, I had to convince myself to put it down. Actually, it turns out I had downloaded the entire book instead of the sample… So I’m already 30% of the way in. Oops.

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Do you have a craving for a specific type of Reverse Harem? Give me a shout, and I’ll add it to my list!

Be well, and happy reading!

P.S. I have kindle unlimited, I’m not accidentally buying books over here. 

A Daughter of Triton Complete Boxset: A Fantasy Academy Series by Aleera Anaya Ceres
A Daughter of Triton Complete Boxset: A Fantasy Academy Series by Aleera Anaya Ceres
Description from Amazon

What’s worse than being the smiling, obedient daughter of the greatest war general in Atlantis?

Being the only female chosen to attend an all male academy.

As one of the most prestigious schools on the island, Triton’s Academy caters to the big, the brawny, and the worthy. Only the most elite mermen are chosen to become warriors, protectors of Atlantis.

And I, Calliope Solandis, can’t figure out why the oracle chose me.

Nothing at the academy is like I imagined; it’s worse. But to fulfill a lifelong dream, I’ll face the brutal truth of a warrior’s training and test my body and mind in ways I never knew were possible. Neither the pain, the bullies, or even four annoyingly handsome mermen will dissuade me from making my father proud.

Because I will prove to everyone at this misogynistic school just how powerful a mermaid can truly be.

A Daughter of Triton contains all three sexy mer shifter books: Triton’s Academy, Triton’s Prophecy, Triton’s Legacy.

It is a Reverse Harem series with themes intended for readers 18 and older.

Thoughts from Paige

How do you feel about having a glossary at the beginning of a fiction book? I personally HATE it.  For some reason, it’s a huge pet peeve.  If I can’t figure out what’s going on from reading the book that you need to put a glossary in before I even start…. well. Like, put it at the back at least.  Okay rant done.

It begins with a poem from Nikita Gill, so glad to be introduced to a new poet.  It led me to this post, which I recommend.

Anyway…the premise of this book sounds interesting, and I will definitely be giving it a try.  But if I have to refer to that dang glossary because something isn’t explained well, I’m dropping it!

Salinity Cove (3 book series) by Maya Nicole
Salinity Cove (3 book series) by Maya Nicole
Description from Amazon

Jax, Morgan, and Blake swim their way into the hearts of every girl at Salinity Cove High. But not me.

They want to destroy me.

But I’ll teach them they can’t hold back the tide.

Because there’s one thing that’s for sure. They aren’t who they appear to be… then again, neither am I.

Thoughts from Paige

I didn’t need to make it through the preview to know I wanted to read this book.  It starts out with a bang, and I just wanted to know what the heck was going on.  I am not 100% sure this contains merpeople, but it appears to be the case, both from the covers and the hints I’ve gotten from the book.  At the very least, they are something related to the ocean, something more than human.  Can’t wait to give this one a read.  Bonus, it’s a complete series!

Update- I have blown through this series.  I am LOVING it! Bit of bullying and then she makes them suffer through their apologies.  That’s something that’s always a bit touchy with bully romance, I always want the MC to make them suffer. I definitely recommend this series! Still on the final book, but dang is it good.

Narcotize: House of Mermaids by TB Mann
Narcotize: House of Mermaids by TB Mann
Description from Amazon

Celestia, first born daughter of mermaid royalty, was ripped away from her loving mother. The conch shell birthmark on her shoulder guaranteed that. But it’s her power and dark family secret that keeps her an outcast.

A sentence to the Wicked Reform School is both a blessing and a curse even if the only way out is to graduate or die. Not great odds for someone who hates being wicked.

When an escape attempt goes wrong, Noah and Liam, two humans, rescue her. Or at least she thought they were human. Could everything she knows be wrong?

Not wanting her to be alone, Noah and Liam enlist their undercover partners, Jaxyten and Kairo to keep an eye on her. Alliances are key to survival. And the key to destruction.

To survive, the game must be played. If not, death hangs in the balance.

Together the five are ready to turn the world upside down and buck the system. But first they need to stay alive.

NARCOTIZE: HOUSE OF MERMAIDS is a reverse harem academy romance with a twist that is part of the Wicked Reform School world! At this reform school, you’ll discover wicked paranormals, wicked punishments, and wicked pleasure, like you’ve never read before! Preorder your copy to discover who will survive.

Wicked Reform School is a reverse harem paranormal new adult multi-author shared world series with unique stories featuring characters who walk the line of their paranormal laws.

Thoughts from Paige

Hmmm…. while the book fits the theme, I am torn about it. I read the entire sample, and if I wasn’t on a mission to read the rest of the samples this week, I would have continued reading it. However, I was super confused about the magic structure of our MC. Is she a mermaid? A siren? Both? are they all both? And how does her magic work? Something was thrown in about consent, and one of her guards was touching her without permission, but she was somehow okay with it because it gave her power, but then it didn’t… I had to re-read that a fair bit before I thought I had sort of an idea. I’m sure as I read more, I’ll understand.

Long story short, I’ll probably read this one, but it’s not top of my list at the moment.

Side note: THIS is the way to do a multip-author series! They have the series itself set as an author so that if theoretically any of the books become their own series they can still be all on the same series page on Amazon.  Way to go! Here is a link to the ‘author’ page (aka the fake series page that has all books in this universe listed). 

Siren's Catch: A Reverse Harem Tale (Ocean Enchantment Book 1) by Dakota Brown
Siren's Catch: A Reverse Harem Tale (Ocean Enchantment Book 1) by Dakota Brown
Description from Amazon

What happens when you piss off a god?

Let me tell you: it turns your life upside down.

Sirens destroyed everything I loved. My family, our offshore fishing business, and my life.

I swore revenge and made it my mission to take everything they had taken from me, killing them one by one until there was nothing left but blood in the water. Cue Poseidon, god of the sea, livid that I’d killed off the protectors of his domain.

Yeah. I might have screwed up.

Do I want to do Poseidon’s dirty work for him? No. Do I want to drag others down with me? Hell no! The problem is, I’m surrounded by these wonderful men who would die for me no matter how much I try to push them away. My biggest worry? They might have to.

This book is intended for mature audiences. 18+ readers only! It contains language and sexual situations. This is a mermaid themed medium burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why Choose? Harem members added as series progresses. Series will contain some mild M/M scenes.

Thoughts from Paige

WOW! I made it through the prologue and was all set to get the entire series. What a way to start the book! I noticed that the second book was released last year, but I couldn’t find any information about the third book. I hate starting series that look like they won’t be finished any time soon, so I am setting this aside. However, if you don’t mind a bit of non-book angst waiting for the next book in the series, this would be a great read! I liked the writing style and was as pissed off as our MC was at the end of the prologue.

The Siren Series (3 book series) by Kellie McAllen
The Siren Series (3 book series) by Kellie McAllen
Description from Amazon

Four sexy, shipwrecked divers, one mermaid princess running from her destiny, and a curse that threatens to destroy her only chance at the life she wants.

Destined to marry the gorgeous, high-ranking Kai and inherit the throne from her grandfather, Princess Coral is the envy of every mermaid in the shoal. But all she really wants is the freedom to decide her own fate.

When Coral runs away from her own wedding and escapes to the land, she knows the clock is ticking. She has five days before her human body will succumb to the curse that binds all mermaids to the sea. Overwhelmed by the harshness of a deserted island, Coral is ready to accept her fate and return to the shoal, but when she rescues four shipwrecked divers, Coral starts to understand why her mother was lured away by the human world.

When Coral is given the choice she always wanted, will she make peace with her destiny, or risk everything to forge her own path in a whole new world?

If you like the myth, adventure, and romance of fantasy stories by authors like Jaymin Eve, Bella Forrest, and Amy Bartol, you’ll love The Mermaid’s Escape.

This is a reverse harem, paranormal romance series appropriate for ages 18+.

Thoughts from Paige

I had to power through the beginning of this book. The MCs initial escape seemed to happen quite suddenly. I know the author was building up to it, but I guess I wanted more inner dialogue.

Anyway, this is a slight retelling of the little mermaid, so I will definitely be reading it. I love me some good fairy tale retellings.

This is a completed series. Yay!

Wicked Waves (2 book series) by Erin O'Kane & Loxley Savage
Wicked Waves (2 book series) by Erin O'Kane & Loxley Savage
Description from Amazon

From Book 1: Growing up beneath the firm grasp of the evil Kraken Queen is all Lyn has ever known. Under her harsh gaze, Lyn’s every move is watched and scrutinized, waiting for her to make a mistake. Should she place even a fin out of line, she will suffer the wrath of the Kraken’s Kiss.
Unable to endure the Queen’s envious stare any longer, Lyn escapes with the help of her only friend.
In her plight for freedom she flees to the one place she feels safe, her island. Unbeknownst to Lyn, two strangers await her there, determined to change her fate.

Meanwhile, a war between the underwater kingdoms escalates as the opposing princes continue to search for their missing mate.

Will Lyn find her freedom away from the tentacles of the Kraken Queen? Or will she forever be ensnared in the constant shifting of the twisted tides?

*Twisted Tides is the first book in the Wicked Waves Series. This is a medium burn, fantasy, reverse harem romance. This book is for adult audiences only. There will be an HEA at the conclusion of the series.*

Thoughts from Paige

The authors did a great job setting up the plot. 

Potential trigger: The Queen is a hateful raping b*tch. So it is only lightly touched on, but the Queen has a harem, and it doesn’t seem like they want to be there. But it is handled with kid gloves; still, a heads up to those who may be triggered.

I can’t tell if this is a complete series; does anyone know? There are two books released, the second being from September 2020. I didn’t want to read too many comments because I didn’t want to spoil anything. I’ll take one for the team, though, if none of you has read/knows if this is a complete duet. 

Mermen's Melody (Ballads of Cadarnle) by AJ Ryder
Mermen's Melody (Ballads of Cadarnle) by AJ Ryder
Description from Amazon

The sea is a dangerous and fickle mistress, and no one knows this better than Captain Loreley Blackmore. Orphaned after losing her father in the same storm that nearly claimed her own life when she was but a girl of fifteen, the ocean is both Loreley’s greatest love and her greatest fear. Having since made a life, and a name for herself as a pirate, Loreley has managed to put her past behind her save for one aspect…

The melody that has haunted her for fifteen years since her miraculous survival…

The melody imprinted upon her soul by her three destined mates.

Serving as both Loreley’s greatest source of comfort as well as her greatest source of confusion, the melody serves a far greater purpose than she could ever know. Unfortunately, a new danger stalks the sea, and it has set its murderous intentions upon Loreley and her crew.

Will Loreley find the answers she seeks before it’s too late?

Mermen’s Melody is a paranormal/fantasy, fated mates romance with multiple love interests.

Thoughts from Paige

The author writes in a melodic tone, think Robin McKinley for those familiar.  It has a flow to it and fits perfectly with the title of the book.  If you don’t like melodic prose (see what I did there…) then this may not be the book for you.

I’m not currently adding this to my TBR pile, but I’m including it because others may like this style. I’m just apparently not in the mood for beautiful prose.

Here is the third sentence of the book (which begins the second paragraph…)

quote from book

The Mermen's Captive: A fated mate paranormal romance (Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance Series Book 4) by Charmaine Ross
The Mermen's Captive: A fated mate paranormal romance (Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance Series Book 4) by Charmaine Ross
Description from Amazon

Dumped at the altar by Douchebag Derrick, I decided my best course of action was to go on the Hornbag Honeymoon cruise of a lifetime – alone.

What the hell was I thinking?

And just like any self-respecting woman, I got so drunk I fell over the safety rail and into the warm waters of the Pacific. Way to go Arielle. Although certain death was imminent, I was rescued not only by one sexy-as-sin powerful merr-king. His brothers also had their say in what they wanted to do to me.

Then colour me pink and call me surprised when they said I was their Fated Mate and that I was going to save their kingdom. Through bonding sex. That’s when I knew this was one big dream and it was my brain easing my way to the afterlife fuelled by my biggest secret sexual fantasy. Way to go brain.

But when I was abducted by a giant carnivorous octopus who digested people over the better part of a week, who was the pet of a psychotic megalomaniac intent on overtaking the world – and claiming me as his mate in the process – I knew I wasn’t stuck in some dream.

No, that would be a much better alternative. This was real and I was in trouble.

A loose retelling of The Little Mermaid in this why-choose humorous adult fairytale.

Thoughts from Paige

This appears to be a series of stand-alone books. I happened to like the sample and would have kept reading except that I had a few more samples to read.

The reviews seem to indicate the humor in this book is love it or hate it. I like to laugh and enjoy fairy-tale retellings (which this is!), so it’s working for me so far.

Saved by pirates (4 book series) by G. Bailey
Saved by pirates (4 book series) by G. Bailey
Description from Amazon

From Book 1:

The sea is lost, pirates are death.

Cassandra should have been killed at birth, like all the other mortals who were born with powers and who are hunted by the corrupt king.
The changed ones.
The mortals who started the war, lost the seas and killed millions with their gifts. Luckily for Cassandra, her father is on the council of her island, one of the seven rulers of her large town and has kept her hidden her entire life.
When she is seen for the first time, Cassandra has no choice but to run and the only place she can go is to the sea.
To the pirates and a certain death.

At least that is what she thinks is true. What she has been taught.

When she meets six handsome pirates and they take her on board their ship to save her life, she learns the truth about pirates and changed ones.

Cassandra learns that the only villain is sitting on the throne of Calais.

17+ Epic fantasy romance that fans of Sarah J. Maas/Holly Black/ Cassandra Clare adore.

Thoughts from Paige

Love the beginning of this book.  I’m torn between reading this or the Salinity Cove series next.  Decisions, decisions.

Although I’m not a fan of the prologue being from the END of a series, I am definitely intrigued enough to continue.  Also, I’m able to get a good understanding of the world through Bailey’s excellent world-building.

Claimed: Fairytale Retelling Reverse Harem Romance (Havenfall Universe) by Skyler Andra
Claimed: Fairytale Retelling Reverse Harem Romance (Havenfall Universe) by Skyler Andra
Description from Amazon

A kidnapped mermaid. Three spirited warriors. A realm in peril.

As the princess in the underwater realm, Nyssa has many responsibilities, none of which included an arranged marriage to the cruel, possessive and scheming army commander.

Desperate to escape the union at all costs and save the kingdom from his merciless ways, Nyssa makes a dangerous pact with the sea witch.

With the help of three mersoldiers who pledge their allegiance to her, Nyssa must track down a magical pearl to save her and her kingdom.

But staying ahead of the commander is a deadly game. One that threatens to tear her from the mermen claiming her heart, leaving her to navigate new emotional currents while keeping her head above, or below, water.

Mermaids, loyalty, passion and vengeance collide in this spellbinding romance that finds its ‘Happily Ever After.’ Note: Each book in the Haven Realm series is a standalone book.

Thoughts from Paige

I found myself grinning while reading the sample.  I’ll definitely be giving this one a read.   I will say that the italicized made-up swearwords did tire me out a bit, but I’m hoping they reduce further in the book.

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