Their Mountain Bride: A Mountain Menage Romance (Men of Lonely Mountain Book 3) by Kayla Wren


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Amazon Description

I’ve been sucked through a portal into faery along with five of the sexiest supernatural men. Now we have to work together to solve a series of puzzles before time runs out.

I’m a failed mage who’s been hiding out from the supernatural community for years when a hot demi-god from my academy days shows up on my doorstep. Emrys is calling in a favor so I can’t refuse, but one look at him, and I kinda don’t want to anyway.

I love my mundane life but I’ve sorely missed my magical community. Plus, keeping my broken magic secret means my dating options are nonexistent. What could it hurt to spend a few hours dipping my foot back into the supernatural pool for future fantasy material?

When my negotiation with the grudge-holding fae, Taneisha, goes south, what I’d thought would take a couple of hours suddenly turns into a multi-day quest. If we fail, the men’s heirloom legacies will be destroyed. I have no idea what she’ll do to me if we fail, but maybe these new marks on my shoulders are connected?

Hell’s bells! The first legacy on the line belongs to the panther shifter, Marcos. We’re on the clock and my magic is bursting under the stress, which never works out well.

How am I supposed to keep my broken magic hidden from these men, especially when they’re so protective and attentive, never taking their eyes off of me? At any moment I could slip up and show my magic for what it is: erratic and unstable. But I must keep my power in check or I’ll risk the wrath of my family when the secret is revealed.

The only option I have is to outsmart a fae at her own game. Here’s hoping those years strategizing as a dungeon master pay off.

This is book one of six in the Stolen Legacy series. This is an action adventure why choose steamy romance where the female main character has more than one love interest. Includes m/m.

Amazon Description

Rumor has it there’s a beautiful beast stalking the English countryside.

For hundreds of years, the Van Helsing family has searched for the creature Dracula, a demon of the night that stalks the shadows for hapless prey. Freshly returned from service in the Great War, Van Helsing heir Jonathan Wakefield finds himself in the English countryside on a hunch that the creature has taken a new form: the Lady of Harker Heights, Bianca Ivyshade.

Each year on All Hollow’s Eve, Bianca hosts an extravagant ball, and Jonathan has landed an invitation. He brings with him two other vampire hunters and his Great War compatriots: shy scientist Marcus Ryder and charming occultist Edward Shelley.

When a storm confines the guests to the manor for the night, Jonathan, Marcus, and Edward find themselves irresistibly drawn to the beautiful Bianca. And they soon learn that there are secrets hidden at Harker Heights—and perhaps even a greater evil than the vampiress herself.

Will the men escape with their lives? Or will they fall under the vampire’s thrall?

IN HER THRALL is a MMFM standalone paranormal romance featuring a powerful heroine and a group of passionate men straight out of a penny dreadful. Crimson Peak meets The Great Gatsby in this heated night at Harker Heights.

Amazon Description

Half kraken, half fae Environmental Police Agency enforcer Iolani Lionheart has everything a person could ever want—looks, money, family connections, power, more degrees and certifications than she can count…. Too bad that’s all anyone ever wants her for. Io is a fling, a means to an end, an asset to be used and tossed aside. Too intimidating, too arrogant and eccentric, she’s not someone you keep. But what her clingy kraken and indulgent fae natures want more than anything is a mate (or mates) to hoard.

After her most recent power-hungry lover betrays her, Iolani is fed up and desperate to get away. An ocean-side investigation in Florida sounds like a great way to get her mind off her moping and get some much-needed saltwater rest and relaxation. She might even find a fun partner to help her forget the latest disaster of a relationship. But of course, nothing is that easy.

The simple pollution case she’s investigating turns out to be more complicated that she had hoped, one of her exes returns to haunt her, and the cute water nymph barista she’s been wooing might be unable to accept Io’s fluid gender and intimidating family—just like so many others before her.

Would anyone blame her if Io just started eating everyone who pissed her off?

Amazon Description

Ira is a Fixer, a child raised and trained to “fix” broken fairy tales by an organization the Fixers refer to as DeadEnd. Because once you enter a fairy tale, there’s no getting out.

Ira has been assigned to Neverland. You know Neverland, where Peter Pan lived because he didn’t want to grow up. Neverland, with fairies and pirates. Neverland, which has consumed thirty-one Fixers before Ira and has been dubbed “toxic” by the Operators of DeadEnd. But Neverland needs to be fixed. It’s been toxic so long that every Neverland story in the real world is being transformed into something entirely not child friendly.

Ira comes from a long line of Fixers. Every female in her family for four generations had been Fixers. She’d been at DeadEnd since she was seven. And when she was assigned her world, Ira was ecstatic. She studied every rendition of Neverland, loving the new adult twists. She was psyched to see what was in store for her.

But when she enters Neverland by falling endlessly through the stars, she is not at all prepared for how dark and broken it is. There are some children, but the violence far outweighs the lighthearted, fun, make-believe world she’d imagined. And Peter Pan… well, he was not at all a child anymore.

She was equally disturbed to find that pirates, fairies, and mermaids were the least of her worries. And disheartened to discover that she has no idea what the true problem is. Where the toxin comes from. What had broken their fairy tale. Never mind how to fix it.

However, Ira was not at all disappointed to be surrounded by wonderful men. All of which were big, gorgeous, and interested – except for the elusive Pan. But who should she choose? Can she trust them? Will they help her fix their world, or are they only interested in climbing into her bed? And why was there a weird lack of women in Neverland?

Everything seems endlessly messed up and is getting less clear as she moves along. It isn’t for quite some time that she realizes the fairy tale she’s been sent in to fix has actually been infected by another…

**This is a full-length, new adult, reverse harem, dark romance novel with a ‘why choose’ ending, meaning the main character gets a happily ever after with more than one man. It contains magic, demons, shifters, cursing, explicit sex scenes, blood, murder. This is a MMFMM book with a STRONG focus on the woman (although there is some MM and MMF in here, too). This is a book 4 book series.

Thoughts from Paige

This is a polyamorous series, meaning that there are multiple relationships amongst an agreed amount of people.  Our FMC is not the nuclear of a group.  Instead, she is part of relationships with others, who are part of relationships with others separate from our FMC.  There is MM.  This was one of my first (I think) forays into a truly polyamorous read.  I liked it.  It's been a hot minute since I've read this series.  The book summaries make it sounds like there are four men in the harem, but it sure reads like a heck of a lot more than that.  I'm including it for that reason.

Amazon Description

“I suggest you focus your considerable talents and effort on finding another career path.”

From the moment those words left Agent Grant’s lips, I realized my dream of being a profiler for the F.B.I. was dead. All because I happened to come from a small town in the Midwest.

Seriously, that’s the only reason he would give me.

So I did what any sane woman with a heart full of rage and an Ivy League education would do.

Pack up what was left of my failed life and move back...

I don’t know what triggered the flags on my file, but you can sure as hell bet I will find out—even if it kills me.

Amazon Description

I’m not who anyone thinks I am.
But they all want to make me their queen.

Kidnapped from Earth six years ago, I'm used to hiding my true nature. I pretended to be bad at my studies while secretly helping the resistance against the City's cruel overlords. But now that my sister has taken the dragons’ throne, I’m in the spotlight. Not great for a Fae thief.

A feral dragon has chosen me as his mate, and he’s not alone. All kinds of beings think they owe me for rescuing them from prison. Problem is, I didn’t do that. My sister did, disguised as me. But I’ve got to play the hand I’m dealt... even if it means putting myself in the middle of all these handsome young men. Tragic, I know.

Maybe I’ll stop a brewing magical war. Maybe I’ll start it. Let’s find out.

Talon's Claim is the first book in The Fae Thief's Harem, a fantasy reverse harem FMMMMM series containing MM scenes.

Amazon Description

What do the mafia psychopath and mountain recluse have in common?

The ball-of-sunshine town librarian.

I never meant to linger on Lonely Mountain. Not when I have riches and power waiting for me back at home.

But the longer I stay, the harder it becomes to leave… until I can’t imagine life without the gruff mountain man attending to my every need.

What can I say? Once a prince, always a prince. And Beau Walker makes for such a good view.

There’s only one thing that could shatter our peace: our shared obsession with the town librarian.

That, and my brother’s discovery that I’m still alive.

Oh, well. Guess my Lonely Mountain vacation is over.

Their Mountain Bride is an MMF menage romance, where the villain gets his fairytale ending.

Amazon Description


So fall the Veil and war ignite,
so the Guardian rise and reunite,
Magics divided: Life, Death, Dark and Light.
With the Four side by side
and powers untied,
victory is theirs if they stand unified.
But if they should fail,
Despair and Destruction assail,
Chaos shall reign, and none shall prevail.

When Alex arrives for her childhood best friend’s wedding she is blissfully unaware of the reality in which she lives, but when her seemingly unrequited love is revealed, the world as she knows it is forever changed. She is thrust into a world of magic and monsters, legends and nightmares. Alex learns she has her own part to play in this new world, and with the help of her roommate, Jade, and the confusing yet handsome Ash, Alex must protect the balance between us and the Others.

Will Alex be able to bear this fated burden?

Will these men she's drawn to be able to put their differences aside and pull together?

Only time will tell.

But time is running out.

This is a fated mates, rejected mate, reluctant Alpha, medium burn, slow build, reverse harem (RH), paranormal romance trilogy with elements of urban and dark fantasy and horror. Contains potentially triggering material, including graphic violence, memories of abuse, and graphic death. 18+

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