Reverse Harem’s with m/m action

Hello, my friends.

Hopefully, you are all able to take some time for self-care.  And if your self-care involves Reverse Harems with some male-on-male action, this is the list for you!

A few readers have requested this theme, and I found myself in the mood.  Hopefully, you can find something new to read this weekend!

It does make me curious though, what do you all look for in the harem?  I’ve read some books that had true Poly relationships, but I tend to lean towards the ones that focus entirely on the FMC, perhaps with some MM but not a true poly relationship.  I guess it just depends on my mood though.  

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

P.S. My kiddo randomly brought Just A Phase from my bookshelf yesterday for me to read.  So if you are looking for a random book, my kiddo picks this one. 🙂

Amazon Description

It’s not everyday you get abducted from a strip club in only a thong.

While Naja had dreamed of someone rescuing her from her life, this wasn’t how she thought it would go. Sure, on the surface it was perfect. Her abductors were huge, hot and members of a race of supernaturals that were rumoured to be extinct.

The Manix. Even the name was terrifying.

But someone needed to update their definition of extinct, because they were cluttering up her kitchen, looking at her with desperation that had little to do with sex and everything to do with something more life altering. They insisted she held the key to their survival. They said she was an Omega and they needed to do all sorts of freaky things with her to ensure the continuation of their species.

Naja wasn’t against getting a little freaky, but there was a line a sane person wouldn’t cross, but the Manix? They jumped across that line with rippling abs and both feet.

However, the Manix were the least of her problems right now. Naja’s life was haunted by something worse than the boogeyman; a monster that leaves flowers on her doorstep like he was putting a tribute on her grave.

The Manix may be terrifying, but could they salvation from the very thing that’s chasing her?

Or will they be too late to save the only female Omega they will ever find?

Manix is a Reverse Harem Omegaverse Standalone with MPREG. Contains M/M goodness.

Thoughts from Paige

For at least 17 weeks this book has been on an Amazon Best Seller list. I've not read it yet, but based on the fact it's a bestseller I'd say odds are it is well written.

Amazon Description

This is our town. We are the ones who ultimately decide whether you live or die, so be careful what sins you commit.

We’re the Deadly Seven, the rejects, and we represent death to anyone who crosses a line we deem unacceptable.

When she shows up in our town like some innocent avenging Angel, we don’t know what to think…so we watch. And the more we watch, the more obsessed we become.


I’ve been on the run for the past four years. My Dad has done everything in his power to keep me hidden from the man who wants to destroy me, but you can only run for so long before you have to stop.

Officially in Witness Protection, this is supposed to be my chance to finally have a normal life…but nothing is ever foolproof.

If you think it is, you’re naive.

I know I’m being watched. I can feel eyes on me every second of every day. I don’t think I’m as safe here as they want us to believe…

*This is book 1 in a 4 book series that must be read in order.*
**Dark Romance with stalking, non/con, dub/con and much much more. Read TW before attempting to read this series!**
***This is a reverse harem romance where the main character ends up with 3+ men. In this case, 7. If that isn't your thing then this series is not the right one for you. This book will also contain M/M scenes.***

Thoughts from Paige

This book seems to tick a bunch of our recent requests, it has themes surrounding the seven deadly sins, a large harem, mm in the harem...

Amazon Description

Psychic priestess to arranged marriage to paranormal broodmare, that’s the route for women like me - I know there must be another option, and if I find it, I’m taking it, no matter the cost.

I want so many things I can’t have. To see the world, to kiss a lot of men (I don’t care if some are frogs), to lose all my annoying innocence.

But when you are as valuable as I am, there is no hope of that.

While pure I am a powerful priestess with a direct link to the goddess, when no longer pure I will be a golden goose who will pop out talented babies for the lord who owns me.

Being valuable takes all the freedom away. Fair enough, my cage is pretty, but I am throwing myself against the bars.

Then I am offered an out, a way to be free, and all I have to do is trust four strangers who say they have been sent to help me. I shouldn’t trust them, but I can feel them, and they don’t feel evil, they feel more complicated than that - the clever witch with all his knowledge that I want to suck up, the twin elementals, teasing and earthy, who have a world of experience to share, and the brooder in chief himself, the imperious dragon shifter with his burning gaze.

They make me hot, in my head and my heart. Their souls whisper to me of forbidden unions. I’ll take my chances with them for the opportunity to decide my own future, but I’m not swapping one cage for another, I’m holding out for more than that.

Secluded is the first book in a new paranormal romance series where the female main characters don't have to choose between love interests. Expect high heat with MM content from unearthly lovers who all bring something unique to their relationships - suitable for adults only.

Thoughts from Paige

I was totally sucked in after finishing the sample.  I immediately downloaded this book, it sounds amazing.

Amazon Description

I wasn’t always like this you know. I used to be one of those girls who was bubbly and people thought sunshine came out of my ass. That is until my best friend kissed me and then betrayed me with those same lips. I became ridiculed and bullied and my soul slowly died inside until I was a shadow of my former self.

But then my father introduced me and my brother to our family legacy and I became glad of the fractured, broken soul I'd become. In fact, I reveled in it. We trust no one but each other, blood is always thicker than water. Heaven help those that betray us. Because we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty....

This book will be dark poly. There will be MM and FF and various combinations. It will contain sexual situations that may make you feel uncomfortable. There will be drugs references and violence. You have been warned

Thoughts from Paige

almost held this book for an MM + FF post, but I've slotted it here since I've not gotten any requests for harems with that much action.

Amazon Description

Five years ago, the moon was destroyed in an asteroid strike, upending life on Earth as the planet became more and more uninhabitable. Two years ago, the viraxians arrived with a ship large enough to replace the lost moon. In exchange for saving Earth, they asked for one thing: human women.
Rayna is tired of struggling. She's tired of being hungry, scared, and alone. So she does what few women have been willing to do--she signs up for the viraxian breeding program. Assigned to three big viraxian males, Rayna expects nothing but a safe bed and regular meals in exchange for the use of her body. But when their straight-forward arrangement of convenience evolves into something more emotionally complex, Rayna and her males must fight to keep their newfound love.

Author's Note: Shared by the Aliens is an extremely high heat romance with sexual scenes involving one human woman and three alien males. It includes depictions of MF and MM within a group (MFMM) dynamic.

Thoughts from Paige

I do love me some good science fiction, excited to add this to my TBF. Forwarning though, this is labeled as science fiction erotica which generally indicates a high, boiling hot, level of heat.

Amazon Description

Raised by the strictest of parents, I was never allowed to enjoy my childhood.
A chance encounter on my high school graduation night leaves me with the greatest gift of my life but a conversation I overhear has me fleeing the only home I’ve ever known.

Ten years later and down on my luck, I run to the aid of my best friend, in a town with men I can’t help but be drawn to.

I find a supernatural world I never knew existed. With my relationship with these men growing stronger and my health declining, I find myself smack dab in the middle of a century old prophecy centered around the survival of magic.

When ghosts from my past resurface, my world is thrown into chaos.

Choices will need to be made, but will they be the right one.

*** Warning this is a medium burn paranormal reverse harem . The FMC will have multiple love interests and will not have to choose. This book contains MM relationships within the harem. This book is the first in a series and will not have a HEA at the end but will by the end of the series. This book does contain graphic sexual and violent scenes.

Amazon Description

I thought I was living the dream—until the fateful day I found my boyfriend in bed with my boss. As a professional copywriter, it was the tired cliche that hurt me the most.
What’s a big city girl to do but pack my bags and go solo on that Grecian cruise I’d booked with my ex. Who needs a man when you have tropical breezes, stunning vistas, and free cocktails with frilly umbrellas?

But thanks to a freak storm, I find myself washed ashore on a mysterious Greek Isle inhabited by 12 hotties determined to help me in any way they can.

What in the rom-com setup is this?

Somehow, I’ve ended up inside a famous Greek myth, tasked with conquering the very men I find myself unable to resist—despite their fur, fangs, tentacles, extra appendages, and extremely large…secrets of their own.

Danger lurks around every crumbling ancient ruin, but the longer I stay, the more I wonder if I want to return to my old life at all.

Here, I get to be the heroine of my own story, and it might just be time to rewrite history.

** Please note: This is book 1 in a duet (it IS 12 men after all) **

Herculeia is a monstrously mythic, medium-dark rom-com loosely based on the 12 Labors of Hercules, with many ridiculous liberties taken. And before my fellow history nerds get their togas in a bunch, I am aware that Hercules is the Roman spelling (it gets addressed in the book, trust.) For those wondering how weird this is gonna get in the sheets: Think monster shifters, who maintain fancy accessories in human form.

Includes MM (loads of it!)
Multiple POV

This book is meant for readers 18 and over.

Possible triggers:
Sweary dialogue
Naughty irreverent humor
Graphic sex, including kink and various edgeplay
Gore and violence
Trauma related to past death in the family, a bad breakup, and a magical shipwreck
Signature weirdness and medium-dark elements

In general, please do not read if you own pearls to clutch, or if you regularly ask to speak to the manager, as you and I will probably not get along.

Thoughts from Paige

I am SO EXCITED about this one! It comes out in a few days, so please don't hate me too much.  It's another one that ticks a bunch of the usual requests: MM, a large harem... okay it ticks two boxes. But still! I am going to be downloading this the second it's released.

Amazon Description

My run of the mill life is about to get frighteningly shook up.

Books and Monsters are my two favourite things. Well, Monsters in books, of course. It is my thrilling, sexy and scary escape from my boring life as a small town Librarian, with no friends or family to speak of. When one day a strange ripple goes over the town, bringing everyone’s worst nightmares to life, I’m confronted with the Monsters from my books and they are intent on claiming me as their own.

I quickly realize that reality is a far cry from fiction and these Monsters are out for blood. I need to send them and all the other nightmares back into the books, but can I solve the town’s mystery while trying to run from the very creatures who turned me on in my dreams? But am I running from them, or towards them?

This is a Monster Reverse Harem with dark themes but is insanely funny. Scenes of M/M included as well as sexy Monster action.

Thoughts from Paige

I have a soft spot for librarians.  Throw in a RH and some monsters and it is automatically getting added to my TBR pile.

Amazon Description

One day I’m working at a dive bar in downtown Los Angeles, and the next I have the undivided attention of a ton of supernaturals…
Including the Shadow Council. They’re a sexy as hell team of guys who are committed to protecting this realm, and their attention is squarely focused on me. You see, the realms between the worlds are closed now, and nobody knows why except for one thing. It’s all the fault of the Mordha.

And when it comes out that I’m the last Mordha on earth, well, it turns into open season on me. But a turf war in Los Angeles? Not on the Shadow Council’s watch. Soon, I’m on lockdown in their Hollywood Hills mansion, and what a group of guys to be in lockdown with.

Remy- the lusty werewolf
Sai- the worldly, no-nonsense vampire
Ruairi- the fire-haired fae prince
Bain- the mysterious incubus

The first guy makes me feel completely seen. One shares a connection with me that I can only begin to comprehend. Another aggravates in me in all the right ways. And the last, well, he arouses the darkest parts of my soul. The Shadow Council is tasked with keeping us all safe, but what will happen once they find out the truth?

That I’m the one who closed the realms.

The Shadow Council is book one in The Queen of Time and Thunder Series, a why choose paranormal romance series with a FMMMM relationship.

Thoughts from Paige

think this has some male-on-male action, but I cannot tell for sure.  The way the 'm's are listed after the 'f' usually indicates some male-on-male time.  This is also listed under bisexual romance, so all signs point to it having some m/m goodness.  Please let me know if I am miscategorizing this though!  And if you could make sense of this paragraph, A+ for you. 🙂

Amazon Description

I just killed the Chosen One.Guy deserved a crown. King of A**holes. No one is going to miss him.

That’s what I think for exactly two seconds before I know I’m screwed.

With a strange power brewing inside me, I have to outrun not only the human police but the Supernatural Council. Turns out the Chosen One was kind of important. Who would have guessed?

At least I’m not alone. For the first time in my life, someone has my back. Unfortunately, the hot vampire keeping me safe could quickly turn me into his late-night snack if he wanted to…
Shh, don’t tell anyone, but I wouldn’t even mind.

Can I get a hang of my powers before I’m arrested, killed, and/or eaten? Or will my adventure end before I manage to kick off these heels?
(Seriously, they’re killing me.)

TOUCHED BY DARKNESS is the first book (60,000+ words) in THE CURSED REALM series. This series is about embracing and exploring those dark, strange thoughts you never share with anyone. This is a Why Choose/ RH Paranormal Romance, so expect curse words (because there’s something about the intonation in them that no other words can emulate), multiple partners (from different races, backgrounds, colors, and flavors), steamy scenes (because I really like those), M/M scenes (yeah, it’s one of those books) AND a cliffhanger. Yeah, I know, I know, sorry. But! The second book is just around the corner, and you won’t even get all that mad.
If one of these makes you clutch your pearls, please, skip this book. Don’t force yourself. Go read someone else — thousands of amazing authors write exactly what you want to read.
If you like steamy paranormals with loads of action and a ragtag team that becomes family, this one is for you.
For adults only!

Thoughts from Paige

I am so intrigued by the book blurb! Killing the chosen one, I don't think I've read that before. Definitely adding this to my TBR.

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2 thoughts on “Reverse Harem’s with m/m action”

  1. oh this poll just reminded me of a book i tried to read and dropped because while they were doing “nasty stuff”, one of the guys told the other that the FMC could wait and then they left her alone at bed while they were s*cking e/o. I felt uncomfortable because of the comment and dropped it lol. I’ve read a lot of books with some M/M stuffs and I just accept it, even like it sometimes (poly relationship’s not really my thing), but the phrase was so random.

    1. I think that would bother me too! I actually struggled with the “The Queens Line” at first because I wasn’t used to Poly relationships in a harem. I went back to it and ended up quite liking the series, but I think I have to go into it knowing it will contain poly relationships. I definitely need things spelled out for me so that I don’t have any ‘cheating’ or ‘not being equally devoted’ vibes.

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