Reverse Harems With Body Piercings – Part 1

Hey all! This post is brought to you by request for mc’s and/or harem members with a body piecing. Ohhh, I like this one. What exactly does this entail? Well, the mc, or one of the harem guys will be pierced. Could be the nose, the eyebrow, the nips, the peen, the vajungle, etc. Haha. Rest assured, someone will have a piercing to read about. *wink wink* You guys bring me such interesting requests. Keep em’ coming! As always, Happy reading! – Quare Eligere

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Wintertide (Shadow Isle Reformatory Book 1) by Everly Taylor & Melody Calder
Wintertide (Shadow Isle Reformatory Book 1) by Everly Taylor & Melody Calder
Amazon Description

Shadow Isle Reformatory where the good, the bad, and the worst are sent to be fixed. What no one tells you is the teachers don’t give two shits and it's more of a prison than an actual reformatory. The only thing we learn here is how to survive.

Being born of winter and ice, survival should have been no issue for me. There was one catch, I had no clue how to control it. I was a constant disappointment to my family, one they feared instead of loved. It didn’t help that my sister had it out for me and was determined to have me sent away.

My sister got her wish and I was sent to hell on earth, needing to figure out who to trust and who was my enemy. I found the most unlikely allies, or at least I thought I had until I learned that betrayal was right in our midst.

A druid, the son of Lucifer, a Lion shifter and the son of Jack Frost himself…. Who can I trust and who is ready to betray me, just as my family had?

*This is a reverse harem with sexually explicit materials. Not suitable for young audiences

Lords of Pain (Dark College Bully Romance): Royals of Forsyth University by Angel Lawson
Lords of Pain (Dark College Bully Romance): Royals of Forsyth University by Angel Lawson
Amazon Description

I never claimed to be a good girl, but I definitely never asked for this.

Killian, Tristian, and Rath.

These three men are a part of my past--one that I'd rather never look in the eye again. In high school, they knew my secrets and I knew theirs. They had power and I had nothing. The night everything fell apart, my stepbrother allowed his two best friends to take their rage out on me while he watched. While they laughed.

But what happened that night wasn’t my biggest secret. So I ran, planning on never coming back.

Three years later I’m standing on their doorstep like a stray. They’re more powerful than ever now, having risen to the rank of Lords at Forsyth University. But I’m still on the run and there's another monster chasing me down.

What could bring me back into their lives, their homes, and ultimately, their beds?




Killian, Rath, and Tristian aren’t the only ones who want me. There’s someone far more dangerous out there who's been stalking me since I left town the first time. Someone who makes the evil I know feel less dangerous than the evil I don’t.

But being their Lady is more than just fancy clothes and reputation.

I might be under their protection, but I’m also at their mercy.

And there's nothing a Lord loves more than taking control.

WARNING: This book is a DARK/BULLY romance. It contains graphic content of abuse and assault that some readers may be particularly sensitive to. If you have triggers or are even remotely unsure, please heed the note at the beginning of this book.

The Royals of Forsyth University Part 1:
Lords of Pain
Lords of Wrath
Lords of Mercy

Eirwen (Silver Skates Book 6) by Jewels Arthur
Amazon Description

Princesses are meant to be chaste and Queens are meant to provide heirs.

Thanks, but no thanks.

I want lose my virtue. Have my cherry popped. Get bedded. Bump uglies. Whatever it is you humans call it.

So I flee with my unicorn to Silver Springs, a magical town where nothing is as it seems.

There, a dark elf shows up to kill me. An incubus wants to devour me. A snake shifter wants to wrap me in his coils. And a wood elf from my childhood won't leave me alone.

Four men fall into my life almost as if by magic. Will I fall for them or will I be forced back to the land I fled?

Scroll up to read this Paranormal RomCom today!

Eirwen is a standalone paranormal reverse harem romantic comedy. It’s part of the Silver Springs shared universe and can be read in any order.

Eirlys (Silver Skates Book 7) by Jenn D. Young
Amazon Description

I crashed into Silver Springs fifteen years ago—literally crashed. The only reason I survived is by the kindness of a passing vampire who turned me. Now I live in a town filled with vampires, demons, angels and even shifters that turn into dildos. What the hell did I get myself into? My name is Eirlys, but please call me Lys. I run Triple E, the most hip happening coffee and café right next to Silver Skates. Magic goes awry and I’m left in the middle of a war with my neighbor and bitter enemy. Now I find myself mated to an incubus who was my best friend, the brother of my enemy and a reclusive foxy artist. Complete with squirrels, glitter in some unmentionables and one of my mates getting a certain part of his anatomy dyed blue. I’m going to win this war and take rank over Cider if it’s the last thing I do. But I think my new mates may have something to say about that…. Eirlys is a paranormal reverse harem romance. It’s part of the Silver Springs shared universe.
Claiming Her Beasts Book One by Dia Cole
Amazon Description

Family is everything, and I’ll do whatever it takes to support what’s left of mine. I’ll work double waitressing shifts seven days a week. I’ll even become the headliner at the local strip club. But I draw the line at accepting a drug lord’s indecent proposal. I’m not for sale. Unfortunately, the monster isn’t used to taking no for an answer, and his ability to manipulate minds makes him a formidable enemy. Luckily, I’ve got my sexy roommate and a dangerous shifter watching out for me. They’ll protect me from everything… except their dark desires. If I can survive these beasts, the apocalypse will be a cakewalk. *This is book one in a paranormal/dystopian series based on the rewritten and expanded Heaven in Hell series. Expect a kickass heroine and swoon-worthy beasts. FYI: This steamy and thrilling ride is not for the faint of heart and some content may be triggering to sensitive readers. Don't miss the complete Claiming Her Mates series set in the same post-apocalyptic world!
The Devil’s Sin: An Academy Reverse Harem Romance (Dramonia Academy Book 1) by Kira Roman
Amazon Description

Dramonia Academy was supposed to be a new start for my bestie. When we find out I’m not entirely Human, it becomes a new start for me as well. My dark past still haunts me, and when the most important person in my life is stolen from me, I lose myself in the pain. The father I thought had abandoned me offers me what I want most, power. A chance to rain Hell down on those responsible for all of this. The girl I used to be is gone. Dead, along with my heart. I’m alone in this fight. What I didn’t expect is to meet men who challenge me, tempt me. Comfort me. I didn’t expect to make a friend, in this sea of deception and hatred. I may be half Human, but that doesn’t mean I’m weak. What these people don’t know is I have nothing left to lose. Or so I thought. This is a Reverse Harem Romance for ages 18+. Contains adult content, and may be triggering for some readers.
The Magic of Discovery: Emerald Lakes Book One by Britt Andrews
Amazon Description

Growing up in Emerald Lakes, population six hundred and eighty-two, had been safe and comfortable. Running my own magic shop and making a living off my green witchcraft, I have no complaints. Sure, there’s my ex, who never understood the word ‘no’, but there’s also the lovable and eccentric townspeople who feel more like one huge extended family, and let’s not forget my boy-crazed Gran who keeps us all on our toes.

...But something has apparently been missing, and the stars take it upon themselves to correct the problem, dropping four sexy men at my door. Well, not literally. They move into the apartment above my shop, so I’m their landlord. Drawn in by these mages who blew into town on a work assignment, a whole different kind of magic starts to grow between us, but my powers are doing things they shouldn’t, and there’s also a pesky prophecy to unravel.

Strange, unnatural things are brewing in Emerald Lakes, and I can’t ignore the sinking suspicion that something life-changing is headed my way.

Discovering a whole new world of magic, I can only hope I don’t lose myself in the madness.

This is a full-length romance novel. There is MM content. It ends on a cliffhanger and contains brief references to domestic violence and other themes that readers may find triggering.

My Bloodline (Featherstone Academy Series Book 1) by KC Kean
My Bloodline (Featherstone Academy Series Book 1) by KC Kean
Amazon Description

“This world is death, it is corrupt, cut-throat and complete darkness. If you want any chance at surviving, I suggest you learn to see in the dark.” Featherstone Academy is like no college I’ve ever seen before. It doesn’t matter that I don’t want to be here, I’ll follow the rules or risk my life. I find myself thrown into a world of crime, represented by bloodlines I know nothing about, while the past I refuse to remember is forced into the present. I’m an ace now, along with four boys who come with curly hair, skull tattoos, big mouths and gentle caresses. Parker. Roman. Oscar. Kai. I don’t need the distraction when I’m lost in a sea of secrets, nearly drowning in the lies. With my hands drenched in blood, I’ll do whatever it takes to survive. My Bloodline is the first book in the Featherstone Academy Series and is a multi love interest story.
Grave Mistakes (Hellgate Guardians Book 1) by Ivy Asher
Amazon Description

It’s never a good combo to be broke and desperate. You do stupid things. Like accidentally sign your soul over to Hell.

When I interviewed for a new security job, I didn’t bat an eye that it was for a literal graveyard shift...headstones and all. I mean, at the hourly rate they were offering, who cares? I got this.

Turns out, I’m not guarding a graveyard like I thought. It seems I’ve just walked my broke ass into protecting a Gate to Hell. Yeah…I don’t got this.

Now I’m stuck in a terrifying new reality: a group of hot demons who act like I can solve all their problems, and a battle between good, evil, and balance.

This will seriously teach me to read the fine print on Help Wanted ads. Good thing this job comes with a scythe. Maybe I can use it to stop them from dragging my ass into Hell.

HATE: An enemies to lovers reverse harem romance (Madison Kate Book 1) by Tate James
HATE: An enemies to lovers reverse harem romance (Madison Kate Book 1) by Tate James
Amazon Description

“Madison Kate Danvers was murdered tonight.”  Those words changed my life, and not for the better.  They were wrong, of course. I wasn’t dead. But I was set up.  After being charged with a string of offences--and made an example of by my political minded father--I’m eventually released back into Shadow Grove with one thing on my mind. Hate.  Someone is going to pay for derailing my carefully laid out future. Someone is going to catch the full force of my hate. How very convenient that someone just moved into the bedroom down the hall from me. Archer D’Ath and his boys messed with the wrong chick and they’re about to learn just how cold Madison Kate’s hate can run. HATE is a full length mature college/new adult romance with enemies-to-lovers/love-hate themes. This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This is book one of four in the series.
Masked by Vengeance: A Superhero RH Romance (Vega City Vigilantes Trilogy Book 1) by A.J. Macey
Amazon Description

I always loved superhero stories, at least until I found myself living one. A wave of radiation washed over the Earth 22 years ago, changing a portion of the population. Less than an eighth of the world found themselves with strange powers, capable of doing amazing feats. Those affected were named Phenomenals. I am one of them. Orphan. Hermit. Phenom with blue lightning. After a case of heart-wrenching bad luck cost me the three people I loved most in the world, this was who I’d become, finding more comfort in the night with only shadows beside me. With my powers, I’ve hunted those who prey on the weak of Vega City as I bide my time and wait for the day I’ll avenge what happened to my brother. When an unexpected event occurs, my past and current life collide, and I find myself surrounded by five men who’ve decided to join me in the shadows. Can they help me in the hunt for what I desire most? Or will we be torn apart by the secrets surrounding us? Book 1 of the Vega City Vigilantes Series The Vega City Vigilantes series is a WhyChoose/Reverse Harem trilogy featuring MFMMMM meaning the female main character doesn't have to choose between her love interests. **This book contains references involving PTSD, death, violence, and other themes that some readers may find triggering.**
STAINED (HELLRAISERS of the Underground Book 1) by N.K. Stackhouse
Amazon Description

From USA TODAY Bestselling Author N.K. Stackhouse comes a new Contemporary Why Choose Mafia Suspense Romance Series that is sure to leave you questioning everything… You either hide from the Monsters or you become Them. Once upon a time, there lived a pure girl, who abided behind her safe sheltered walls. But catastrophe descends on those unaware. Once upon a time, there lived a girl who fled. fled from her school, fled from her home, fled from the only life she had ever known. But for while this broken Little Bird was left all alone, she stumbled upon a pack of vicious wolves, who played with death himself and had destruction flaring in their gaze. But instead of devouring her whole the second she fell the wolves decided rather to corrupt the last remaining sheds of her stained tattered soul. But why did this girl try to run from her scars? Now isn’t that the question we all want to discover. See the problem with running, is, that the only way to find freedom is the take on the Darkness and Win.
Haunts and Hotels (The Spirit Vlog Book 1) by Jarica James
Amazon Description

Why work a normal job, when you can travel the world doing what you love? Brea Manley decides to do just that when her vlog takes off. Using the money her stream brings in, she decides to quit her job, fix up an RV, and travel the world doing her investigations. She's not just your normal vlogger, though, she live streams her feed, bringing her viewers along with her. So, what does a person film when they aren’t a normal vlogger? Hauntings, poltergeists, and apparitions. That’s right- ghost hunting. That extra pièce de résistance on her feed is what keeps her in the number one spot for most subscribed paranormal channel in the world. When an invitation arrives for the biggest investigation of her career, she can hardly say no. The grand prize of ten thousand dollars, isn't something she can ignore. Now Brea finds herself up against the top investigation teams in the country, one of which is her self appointed rival. It might be a problem for Brea since he’s one of the hottest guys she's ever seen... except the picture perfect fantasy is ruined as soon as he opens his mouth. He thinks she's a fraud and isn't afraid to show it, and now that they’re meeting in person, his accusations only get worse. Between investigating the Finley Lodge, navigating opposing teams, and trying to win the prize, things are about to get...spooky. The Spirit Vlog Season one is now complete This is a contemporary reverse harem romance, Brea will not have to choose between her love interests. This book is intended for readers 18 and up.
Filthy Rich Boys: A High School Bully Romance (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep Book 1) by C.M. Stunich
Her Vampire Mentors: Book One: A Reverse Harem Witches and Vampires Royal Covens Novel by J.R. Thorn
Amazon Description

Four sexy vampires. One mortal-born witch. An ancient secret that will test them all. Activating a thousand-year-old curse sounds exactly like something I’d do. I’m not a very good witch, being a mortal and all, I’m not even supposed to have these powers. Or am I? When the four vampires I awakened stake their claim—ha, see what I did there?—they pose as the hottest mentors I’ve ever had to make sure I pass my initiation into the Royal Covens. They're supposed to teach me how to hide what I really am: a reincarnation of some ancient and powerful witch. Although, I think they're just telling me that to get in my pants. What my vampires don't hide is their hunger for me, both for my blood and my body. That dangerous kind of thrill is going to get me into serious trouble. Her Vampire Mentors: Royal Covens Book 1 is a medium-burn reverse harem romance and part of a completed 3-book series.
No Faerie Tale Love (Faerie Series Book 1) by Mercedes Jade
No Faerie Tale Love (Faerie Series Book 1) by Mercedes Jade
Amazon Description

The Wild Hunt. Six Fae warriors on the chase. An unruly, desperate target with weapons beyond teeth and claws who will give them the fight of their lives. That's me. I had been drowning with my head above water when they dragged me kicking and screaming to be reborn in their world. My razor wit couldn't cut them. My fleet feet couldn't outrun them. They stripped my glamour and peeled away the shadows hiding me. Now, I had no escape from their famished stares. Eloden burns to touch me. Orin mesmerizes my mind. Falin nibbles at my control. Aeric tempts me to take a sweet, forbidden taste. Kheelan chips at my frozen heart. And Dain binds them in darkness come to claim nothing less than my soul. I have to resist. There are no happy endings. ~~ Medium burn reverse harem Fae fantasy that amps up the heat in books 2 and 3 to flaming. There is a HFN at the end of the series. These books contains adult situations, violence and language that is intended for a mature audience 18+. Triggers include but are not limited to slight dubcon due to the fantasy world/culture, forceful and dominant alpha males, spanking, bdsm themes, mental health topics and allusions to suicidal ideation with no plan/attempt.
A Life Of Shadows (The Redemption Saga Book 1) by Kristen Banet
Amazon Description

Jump into the world of an assassin once called Shadow with the Amazon Bestselling series, THE REDEMPTION SAGA! Sawyer Matthews knows how to put one foot in front of the other, to keep moving while the nightmares haunt her, and her own failures taunt her. She's become a master at doing awful things with good intentions, terrible things for the sake of those who need her. She's long given up on being the hero, trying to find peace in no longer being the villain. When her past comes back and she finds herself caught by the International Magi Police Organization, she'll have to revisit her own personal hells and finally confront the very monster that made her what she is. The very monster that has already killed her once before. Will the “dead” Magi assassin Shadow finally come out of the dark to begin a fight for a redemption she doesn't believe she deserves? Or will her nightmares drag her back into the shadows that have defined her life? This is an Urban Fantasy reverse harem series of full length novels where the leading lady doesn’t have to choose from her romantic interests. This series will have M/M content. These books are rated for mature audiences, 18+ due to violence, language, and sexual themes. This series deals with several triggering topics including, but not limited to, suicide, child abuse, rape, and PTSD.
Charming Devils: A Bully/Revenge Reverse Harem Romance by Katie May
Charming Devils: A Bully/Revenge Reverse Harem Romance by Katie May
Amazon Description

Five years ago, they made my life a living hell. They teased me, abused me, and called me a witch.

Little did they know...

Now, I’m back for my senior year of high school. New hair, new style, new personality. I’ll no longer be the weird girl hiding in the shadows. Instead, I’ll embrace all of my darkness.

The goal?

Revenge on the boys—the men—who bullied me. The football star, the musician, the bad boy, and the class president. I’ll make them pay for what they did to me.

One spell at a time.

Buckle up, boys and girls. You’re not going to like me by the time this book ends. I never said I’m the hero of the story, did I? I’m just the crazy bitch with a voodoo doll.

This is a dark paranormal reverse harem romance with bully and revenge themes by USA Today Bestselling Author Katie May. All characters are over the age of eighteen. This book will contain strong language and sexual situations. This is a stand-alone!

The Secrets We Keep: Maven of Mayhem Series Book One by Mila Sin
The Secrets We Keep: Maven of Mayhem Series Book One by Mila Sin
Amazon Description

Contract killer. Adopted daughter. Sarcastic soul.
There are a lot of things to call me, but most just call me Rogue.
A name feared by the truly unforgivable who betray The Gambit, our leader King, and our extensive criminal network. After all, I may run the hitmen for the crew, but I personally only take on those who deserve it. I do have some morals left.
When I’m tracked down by a security team that wants me on their side, it’s an easy choice to unite and attempt to take down their corrupt bosses, and mine, too. So long as they’re willing to help me in return. Let’s just hope we don’t become the pawns in a game none of us were prepared to play.
The Secrets We Keep is a full-length (86,000 word) novel and is book one of the Maven of Mayhem Series. It ends on a cliffhanger so please be forewarned. This is a contemporary reverse harem romance/suspense series, meaning our leading lady has three or more love interests and does not have to choose between them to find her happily ever after. It also contains MM building throughout the series, past trauma in flashbacks, as well as some steamy scenes.

Lilac: An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance by B.B. Reid
Lilac: An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance by B.B. Reid
Amazon Description

I, Braxton Fawn, am the luckiest girl alive.
Or so the world keeps telling me.
Every so often, gods walk the earth. This time they came as musicians. When Bound loses its lead guitarist, yours truly is chosen to fill his shoes. From dive bars to the big stage, my instant claim to fame is nothing short of a fairytale. The only problem?
My new bandmates.
Jaded, gorgeous, and ridiculously talented—they’re determined to turn my dream into a nightmare. It’s no secret I wasn’t their first choice. I wasn’t even their last. The label wants a new image, Bound wants me gone, but I’ve got my own agenda.
To succeed I have to survive a world tour, public scrutiny, and idols turned enemies. But the biggest threat of all isn’t a meticulous front man, a narcissistic bassist, and a drummer with too many secrets.
It’s me.
Somehow, I must resist the temptation of Houston Morrow, Loren James, and Jericho Noble.
It seemed easy enough when I boarded their tour bus, but it only took one city for the lines we’d drawn to blur.
Only ninety-nine more to go.

Lilac is a reverse harem and standalone suitable for ages 18+.

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